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Column #483 Jordanian darts fan visits Disneyland

Sunday, March 1, 2015
Column 483
Jordanian darts fan visits Disneyland

Perhaps you saw the recent New York Times human interest story about multi-billionaire Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his teenage son, Sa’adah (apparently a darts fan)…

In Amman, the father and son and the rest of their family settled into the comfort of their Royal Jordanian first class capsule seats and began the arduous near 20-hour flight to Los Angeles – before heading on to Anaheim for a weekend vacation at Disneyland.

After dinner was served (filet, caviar, wine – the works) and as the family was about turn their seats into comfy beds and settle for the night, the boy turned to his father and said…

“Father, this plane is really something…”

“Ah, my young Sa’adah, my pride and joy, indeed this aircraft is beautiful.  It glistens like when the sun strikes the blue dome and minarets of the King Abdullah Mosque.  If you are a good boy and study the Quran, someday I will buy you the Boeing Corporation.  Now get some sleep Sa’adah.    Praise Allah.”

A day later, when, finally, the plane landed at LAX, after collecting their luggage and passing through Customs, the family boarded a shiny stretch limousine for the drive to their hotel.  Again the boy turned to his father…

“Father, this car is big but…”

“Ah, my son, yes it is a fine automobile but, of course, you are most observant.  It is not nearly as wonderful as your uncle Amir’s $2.5 million Mercedes V10 Quad Turbo sports job with its body of white gold.  If you are a good boy and study the Quran, someday I will buy you a fleet of cars just like Uncle Amir’s.  Now sit back and enjoy the infidel wine country.  We will be at the hotel soon.  Praise Allah.”

About 90 minutes later, the family was registered and settled into their $1,500 a night suite at Disney’s 5-star Grand Californian Hotel and Spa in Anaheim.  Again, the boy turned to his father…


“I know, my precious Sa’adah, the hotel is a disappointment to me too.  It’s no bigger than the help’s estate back home in Amman.  We must be gracious.  It is only for the weekend.  If you are a good boy and study the Quran, someday I will buy you all the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  When you get older, you will be able to travel the world and never again stay in a trailer park.  Why don’t you go swimming?  Tomorrow will be a great day at Disneyland.  We will meet Mickey.  Praise Allah.

As the sun rose, and after morning prayers, the family made the final short trek of their vacation journey to the main entrance of Disneyland – that “magical, fantastical world where, for young and old, imagination comes to life.”  And there to greet them just outside the main entrance… was Mickey Mouse!  But not just Mickey – rather a gigantic, larger than life alive Mickey.

“Father!  Father!  Oh, my dear father.  It’s Mickey!  Please, please, will you buy me Mickey?”

“Ah, my young Sa’adah, my pride and joy, I cannot refuse.  If you are a good boy and study the Quran, someday I will keep all my promises.  I will buy you the Boeing Corporation, a fleet of gold Mercedes like Uncle Amir’s and all the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts – and much more.

But, yes, today, when we get back to the hotel, I will buy you…

…the American Darts Organization.


“Yes, my beautiful boy.”

“I’d rather blow myself up.”

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