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Column #5 Crowborough, East Sussex, England

December 1, 1995
Column 5
Crowborough, East Sussex, England

I’ve just arrived in London after spending the past week in the Wealden District — East Sussex, home of Winnie the Pooh. I’ve been conducting some business and, as usual, throwing darts in the evening. The past few days I’ve tried out a members-only establishment called the Constitutional Club in a small town called Crowborough. It is located off London Road across from a pub called the Cross.

This place has been around since 1900. For decades it was a gathering haunt for the local snooker hot shots. For the most part it still is — there are five snooker tables and nightly this is where most the action is. The club is steeped in history. Only six years ago did they allow women to walk in the front door. Last year was the first time a woman set foot in the snooker room. There’s a bar — a busy bar. But no food. For more than three decades the club has fielded one of the better darts teams in the area.

There are three boards. All top of the line, of course. Great lighting. The oches are brass. Around the throwing area are well used leather chairs. It’s an absolutely excellent set up.

Anyway, I’ve kept more than busy for the past few nights. And, despite four T80’s just last night, I’ve gotten whipped pretty good. There’s nothing they like here, I suppose, better than “thrashing” an American “bloke” at ‘0l. Their game is 501. They couldn’t figure out cricket strategy if their lives depended on it — so they won’t play it.

This has been a good time though. If anyone reading this ever passes through this part of the world I highly recommend giving this traditional British club a try. It’s an experience worth having, albiet in my case, a bit of a humbling one!

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