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Column #617 OUTRAGEOUS! The ADO has gotta GO!

Tuesday, September 8, 2022
Column 617
OUTRAGEOUS!  The ADO has gotta GO!

Yesterday, former ADO president David Hascup took no issue with current ADO vice president, Matt Stoner’s transparent reference to Howie Reed and others, no doubt me, who have long seen the ADO for the sham it is, when Stoner posted: “I just lump them in the group of people who owe the ADO money.”


It is the ADO board – a handful of people “elected” by a handful of people, most without a lick of business experience, that has been taking advantage of and taking money from players and leagues, FOR YEARS.

It is the ADO board that hasn’t made public how it spends what it rakes in, FOR YEARS.

It is the ADO board that didn’t file with the IRS, FOR YEARS, and ultimately had their status revoked.

It is the ADO board (when it was discovered substantial funds – funds collected from event surcharges and leagues – were missing from its coffers) that hasn’t disclosed what happened, FOR YEARS.

It isn’t Howie Reed or me or any older former player – all who once travelled the country to tournaments and supported the ADO – who “owe” the ADO.  It’s unequivocally the other way around.

The organization is a mess, has long been a mess and it is the ADO that owes the players and leagues AND THE SPORT it is supposed to “govern” a host of explanations.

That the sort of comment Stoner made and Hascup seemingly has no issue with is all the ADO has to offer when called out on their lies is just one more reason, among so many, why the organization should receive no further player or league support and deserves its place in the trash bin of failures.

The ADO made its own bed.  It’s long past time that darts in America needs to say “good riddance” and move on.


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