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Thursday, November 7, 2022
Column HR3787

The phone rings…

Howie Reed… this is Matt Stoner, Vice President of the ADO.


(This followed a communication Mr. Stoner sent to another individual…)

I have been informed there has been some type of overthrow of sorts and Howie is making all the final decisions for the Golden Age Reunion.  Howie needs to contact me ASAP if we are going to get this sorted out.   

There was nothing to “sort out”.

Mr. Stoner was misinformed…

Yeah, Howie needs to call me like yesterday because this whole thing is on the brink of blowing up in their face and the ADO will not be made to look like the bad guys.

A darter’s reply… 

Seriously?  Did I read that correctly?  I don’t know Matt Stoner, but he should do stand-up comedy.

Mr. Stoner, on the phone…

So, you, Howie Reed, are attempting to run a tournament at the only tournament the ADO runs? 

Howie: Yes, but… 

Mr. Stoner: I’m asking the question here!

(It’s always good to know who’s “in charge”!  So much for “sorting things out” with Mr. Stoner – that’s like trying to ask a question of the January 6th committee.)

Mr. Stoner: Unless you apologize for your bashing of the ADO and the money you (Howie) have cost them the ADO will not allow any events in the venue.

(For the record, the ADO sued me in the middle 1990s – some 30 years ago, possibly before Mr. Stoner was even born.  Apologize – that is impossible – due to principles, a term the ADO Board doesn’t understand.  Never apologize for telling the truth.  Never apologize for defending yourself – as in this case against a lawsuit filed by the ADO Board after they were (wrongly) convinced they could take me for a lot of money.  The case was settled – no money changed hands.)

I put down the phone after politely replying to Mr. Stoner (although I may have, or should have, questioned his intentions, or principles) and wished him a nice day.

Within an hour the ADO posted a statement.  All are encouraged to read it.  It would make Joseph Goebbels proud.  Some excerpts…

The ADO fiction.  What we heard was that Reunion “representatives” had contacted the Tuscany hotel in order to acquire an extra meeting room or two.  …we wouldn’t have had any issues with that, except that they claimed to be from “the ADO” and obviously expected the ADO to foot the bill! 

The FACTS.  We asked to rent a room and use the ADO’s existing bar so they would not lose revenue.  The Tuscany salesperson said she would call back.  She never did.  At NO time did the Reunion Committee ask the ADO to cover the bar cost nor did anyone on the Committee represent themselves as “The ADO”.  That is a lie.  

The ADO fiction We fully supported the original idea – and still do – but there is no way that we can allow an independent group (to) jeopardize the smooth running of an established world-ranked tournament!  Furthermore, we certainly will not allow them to procure ADO members’ funds for their own use.

The FACTS.  So, this “group” by accepting your offer of 1-6 boards on Saturday after the first round of your mix triples would jeopardize the smooth running of an established world-ranked tournament (and) we certainly will not allow them to procure ADO members’ funds for their own use.

A “world-ranked” tournament?  WDF world points?  A player garners valuable WDF points so they can pay their own way to Europe.

The Reunion Committee never asked for nor wants ONE DIME FROM THE ADO.  As the ADO runs the tournament, have they ever – in the past 20 years – published a financial statement for the members?

How’s that little problem with the IRS?

And finally, more ADO fiction.  Therefore, it is with great regret that we have to withdraw our initial offer of room, tables and dartboards for the use of the Reunion.

Well, actually, this statement is factual – not that the ADO ever wholeheartedly supported the Reunion, they have indeed turned their backs on the Reunion and the very players who supported the ADO from its very inception so many years ago.

But the ADO is mistaken if they think that without their support there will be no Reunion.

The ADO has absolutely no effect on the Reunion.  In fact, it is the other way around – it is the Reunion which will be delivering people to the ADO’s tournament, increasing bar and room revenue.  The only cost to the ADO is courtesy of which they have little.

The ADO, via Mr. Stoner, has used more stalls than the backside of a racetrack to throw a spanner in the works of the Reunion.

A while back, Russ Lopez contacted Mr. Stoner.  Mr. Stoner offered the Reunion the use of the ADO 800 number for reservations (like we needed his permission), tables in the venue and 1- 6 boards for a Saturday Blind Draw (the later as per an email from Chuck Hudson on October 16).

Then Mr. Stoner said, Now, (that) we have given you something you have to give us something.  Stop Howie Reed from bashing the ADO.

There it is sports fans.  Howie Reed is “Dr. Evil”.   

Russ called Mr. Stoner numerous times and received no reply.  The Reunion Committee attempted to rent a room and use the existing ADO bar.  Russ reserved (and confirmed) a hospitably suite.

Then, like magic…

Mr. Stoner finally called Russ “informing” that no suite would be available and accused the Reunion Committee, when trying to rent a room, of attempting to make the ADO responsible for the bar!

Again, from the ADO statement, …we wouldn’t have had any issues with that except that they claimed to be from “the ADO” and obviously expected the ADO to foot the bill!”  A blatant LIE – and they know it.  At no time did we ever represent ourselves as the ADO.

Perish the thought!

The Reunion Committee did acquire a suite.  I, Howie Reed, personally went to the Tuscany to check out the suite and see if it were possible to create a semi-private area using dividers.  The suite was in a separate building.

I asked if it could be moved.

I was advised of the procedures and took notes.   I then spoke with the gentleman in charge of facilities, asking him if dividers were possible.  I told him (Lance was his name) that Chuck Hudson suggested I speak with him directly.  

Afterwards, I immediately called Chuck to bring him up to date on my visit…

When I finished, he said, let me tell you what’s happening…   

I learned that Mr. Stoner had sent Chuck the following…

Howie Reed wants to open a bar at the Las Vegas Open – he’s trying to cut side deals and he told the Tuscany that Vice President of the ADO Chuck Hudson sent him.

Either Mr. Stoner was misinformed (always a good excuse) or he’s a BALD-FACED LIAR.  Even Vergas Sports Book wouldn’t take that bet.

The Dave Kelly Memorial Senior Open will be held Friday, January 20 at a Las Vegas darts venue.  The Senior Open is for Men 65-75.  There will be a Women’s 50+ event (no proof of age required) plus an Open Event for Men 76+ and women 65+.  The venue for Saturday’s “draw” event will be announced shortly.  

Mr. Stoner:  If Howie doesn’t contact me today, we will release our statement.

Good for them.

When asked to comment Dr. Evil, Howie Reed, said…

It just proves that no good deed goes unpunished.  We’re pulling in people that would never attend the ADO event.  They’ll bring money for rooms, beverages and food.

These self-appointed arrogant ADO “leaders” have forgotten that it was the geezers that helped build the ADO – which the ADO “executives” then p***ed away, turned into a laughingstock.  They are as irrelevant to darts as the WNBA is to basketball.   


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