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Column #633 Sanctuary forced to the brink of closure.  Forego a beer or two and help.  PLEASE!

Saturday, October 7, 2023
Column 633
Sanctuary forced to the brink of closure.  Forego a beer or two and help.  PLEASE!

Please consider this URGENT appeal to help save rescued street dogs from losing the only home they’ve ever known.  If you cannot help please at least share this!

The Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary in remote Northern Thailand has recently had a major benefactor pull ALL their support.

They gave next to no warning.

Saying they could no longer afford it, they yanked the sanctuary’s lifeline of support for rescues, veterinary supplies, urgent food, and medicine.  Can you imagine!

Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary was instantly thrown into grave danger of having to close.

Caring for often-injured dogs (who aren’t even included in any homeless animal counts) in an area so remote the nearest veterinarian is FOUR HOURS away, is critical!

Please, if you can donate at https://www.sangkhlaburianimalsanctuary.com– even $35, $50, $100 or more as a lifeline for the animals now, together we can help save Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary.

I have pledged to do everything – EVERYTHING! – in my power with the help of your generous support, to keep this haven of hope open now and into the future.

Please donate whatever you possibly can at: https://www.sangkhlaburianimalsanctuary.com.

For dogs like Mary, who was found on Christmas Day just lying in a busy walkway… Nursed back to health, if you visit Mary’s enclosure today, she will bring you a ‘gift’ of a leaf or a stone or a stick, to show her gratitude.

And Lottie, who was rushed to surgery after being found with her leg slashed by a machete.  


Or Sandy, who was dumped at the sanctuary gate emaciated, helpless, and lifeless, about to be viciously attacked by other animals. 

Right now, 25 dogs call Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary home.  It takes about $2,000 each month to cover costs, and I can’t bear to think that even one dog will lose safe shelter.

Is there any chance you might consider a gift today so we can save this small haven for street dogs – AND protect them into the future?  Your kindness will mean so much.


Just one last thing

Many, many other dogs in this remote area are helped daily through Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary’s regular spay/neuter clinics, emergency wound care, and lifegiving medicines.

Dedicated staff there also work tirelessly to match dogs with forever families around the world – including little Sandy who I told you about a moment ago.  She’s waiting to be adopted!

It’s unfathomable that any major funder could pull the plug on their support of such a place.  Even a modicum of compassion would have dictated a gradual separation so the sanctuary could make other arrangements.

But I give you my word, with your support now the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary will survive and thrive into the future.

Please donate as generously as you can at https://www.sangkhlaburianimalsanctuary.com (or at least shaer this post as widely as you can) – and thank you so much for your caring heart.

Dartoid (aka Paul Seigel)

Representing the Sangkhlaburi Animal Sanctuary (entirely free of charge)

PS: I am advised that the PayPal function is on the fritz.  Credit card donations are working fine.  Victoria Fawdry, whose name is listed at the donate link, is onsite as the sanctuary’s administrator – assurance that 100% of every donation will go to help the dogs).


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