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Column #619 Donald Trump is welcome on my darts team ANYTIME!

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Column 619
Donald Trump is welcome on my darts team ANYTIME!

Facebook went crazy on me recently.  Long story short – I lost three accounts and all my darts friends.  (Except for an occasional joke, I use Facebook for nothing but to stay current with goings-on in the wide, wide world of our sport.  Honesty, I wish there were another way because – let me put this diplomatically – Facebook sucks ass.)

After trying, trying and failing, failing to reach a live person at Facebook to figure out and fix whatever went wrong, I created a new account.  Then (of course) the original accounts reappeared – but minus my friends.

So, I began to invite people all over again.  Then, it seems, some of my friends weren’t really missing.  They were just kind of hidden.  Or maybe they were missing.  I honestly don’t know.

I contacted my Dartoid’s World webmaster, and he helped me straight away.  Or I should say he attempted to help me.  In crystal clear language, accompanied by screen shots, he explained exactly how to fix everything.  If I were 12 years old, I’m certain I’d have understood, all would be fine, and I wouldn’t be writing this.  My web guy won’t know what an idiot I am until he reads these words.  (Actually, he knows!)

So, I kept reinviting.  There are now three accounts in my name or sort of name: Dartoid’s World, Paul Dartoid Seigel and Paul Seigel.  There may be others – who knows.  I don’t know for sure to which account I have reinvited people.  I don’t know for sure from which account a friend may receive this.  I don’t know much.  But I do know what to do with 40 remaining: get ready to throw dozens of darts at the d1!

Early on in this exercise, a long-time real friend (not just an ether acquaintance) – someone I’ve known for nearly 30 years – reacted to my invitation with this text message: “Hi Paul, I will always accept your friend requests but I’m anti-Socialist Lefty Nutjobs, so I’m not sure you want to be in my friends list… lol.  I’ll leave it to your choice, my friend.”

This is verbatim.  I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.  I won’t share my friend’s or former friend’s name.  Doesn’t matter.

But I just don’t get it.  What does politics have to do with darts (unless you still support the inept ADO, in which case you should be indicted – talk about rigged elections!).  And by what measure am I a “Socialist Lefty Nutjob”?

Because I don’t support Donald Trump?

I don’t.  Asa Hutchinson – yes.  Chris Christie – yes.  Nikki Haley – yes.  And many others.  And many democrats – but not Kamala Harris or Robert Kennedy Jr.

Then, just a week or so ago, just after Trump’s second indictment was announced, this same person posted the following: “My support for Donald Trump continues to increase with every passing moment.”  In light of SO much this makes about as much sense, to me, as throwing your first dart at the t20 when you have 126 remaining.

Yet, I am the nutjob?

Here’s the thing…

I am far from a left-wing anything.  Or right-wing.  I have no wings.  I’m not a bird.

My degrees are in political science.  Way back, I was my campus chairman of the Richard Nixon campaign.  I interned for the Senate republican whip from Michigan, Bob Griffin.  I often attended the Watergate hearings and thought they were bullshit (until – see below).  I worked for the Republican National Committee.  I was the fundraiser for the Ohio and Missouri Republican Parties.  I was the fundraiser for Ohio Republican Governor Jim Rhodes.  I attended four Republican National Conventions.  I was the fundraiser for a Progressive Conservative candidate in Canada vying to replace Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.  I have organized large fundraising events with Nixon, George Bush and Ronald Reagan.  I have organized major donor events at the White House and Vice President’s residence (Naval Observatory).  And more.

I support a strong military.  I oppose de-funding the police.  I am not afraid of vaccines.  I think all humans should be treated equally.  I believe immigrants have rights.  I support a woman’s right to choose.  I think animals feel fear and pain and should be treated humanely.  I think climate change is real.  I believe politicians must protect Social Security and Medicare.  I believe more intelligent forms of life exist in the universe.  I hate liars, cheaters, thieves, pedophiles, the Yankees, bullies and beets.

If you insist on labeling me, what I am is a fiscal conservative (and, I suppose by most measures, quite liberal when it comes to social issues).  Fault me for any of this if you wish.  None of it has a whit to do with darts – or what I think of what you believe.

I think Donald Trump is a pig.  Fault me for this too.  It’s okay.

I remember as if it were yesterday the day Alexander Butterfield revealed the Nixon tapes.  I remember the almost immediate shift away from support for Nixon among republicans.  I remember the sudden and widely held feeling that the Sword of Damocles had fallen.  The end was coming and there was no stopping it.

Nixon was toast.  The truth was finally to be revealed.  It was.  Nixon resigned.

I won’t condemn my “friend” for their beliefs.  I wouldn’t dream of labeling anyone such as my “friend” did me, certainly without the slightest clue as to their politics.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Darts is about darts, nothing more, nothing less.  That’s the way it should be.  To a large extent, darts is something we can all enjoy, regardless of who we are or what we think about matters, however important, that have nothing whatsoever to do with the sport.

One of the wonderful things about our sport is that the community lives on snow-covered ground – we are equals at the line.  For the most part we are unaware of (and could care less about) what others do for a living, whether they are well off or not, what they look like, or their politics.  It’s just about the darts.

Most of my friends – long-time republican operatives – will privately admit to no longer supporting Trump (“he’s sucking up all the money… he tells lies about his lies… he cares about nothing but himself…his nomination will ensure a second Biden term”).  Many of my friends in darts still support Trump.  I admit to not getting it but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, can’t step to the same line.  Surely, it’s no reason to call each other names.

Again, darts should be about darts.

So, Donald Trump can join my league darts team anytime.  He can buy the beer.

Joe Biden can join too – if he can stay awake.

From the Field,



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