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Column #473 Never in a MILLION YEARS!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Column 473

So the ADO has posted the candidates for election…

Steve Brown and Carolyn Camp are unopposed. If I could vote I would be supporting both, not that an unopposed candidate needs much help getting elected to a volunteer position nobody else wants.

Four people (Tom Sawyer, Ron Peppers, Sue Russano, and Joe Hogan) have declared for the open vice president’s position. I do not know Russano so I can’t comment on her candidacy. I do know the others, not well, but I am very familiar with their contributions to the sport.

If I was able to cast a vote it would be for either Tom Sawyer or Ron Peppers.  They are both class acts.

I encourage those few who according to the ADO’s by-laws are permitted to vote to cast their votes for one of these individuals, or Russano. If according to the by-laws you are ineligible to vote (don’t feel slighted – only a couple dozen people in the entire world are allowed to vote – that’s roughly half as many people who have walked on the moon) I encourage you to urge your Area Manager or Regional Director to vote for the future of our sport.

The future is NOT Joe Hogan!

NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would I or should anybody who is able to vote support Hogan. He’s done nothing for darts, is not an original thinker by any stretch of the imagination, and has done little more than follow Laurette Meddis around like a baby duck for years while the ADO was being driven into the toilet. Only by-laws as archaic as the ADO’s would deem such an individual remotely “qualified”.

ADO president David Hascup is committed to fixing the ADO. To do so he needs a board that can be counted on. He deserves no less.

A vote for Hogan is a vote for much less.


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