Column #380 Erik McVay — EXPOSED!

Friday, November 13, 2009
Column 380
Erik McVay — EXPOSED!

After being informed of the post (below) made yesterday by SEWA’s Erik McVay and after more than a fair bit of internal struggle I have decided to break a promise I made almost two years ago – to never make public a behind-the-scenes discussion between the two of us. Promises should be kept. But I feel I have no option now but to set the record straight, once and for all.

Yes, I have written that McVay lies. The post below contains more of the same. It is flat-out untrue that he is not aware of the child molester who is a frequent poster on his website. McVay has been active in a series of private discussions with his moderators and has personally overruled arguments to ban the individual.

Yes, I have written that McVay is a hypocrite. The very fact that he promotes his website as “child-friendly” but consciously permits a convicted child abuser to wander about his property is confirmation of this.

These are just two current examples.

For months – because I was asked to do so – I offered advice on how SEWA might stay on the cutting-edge, stem the migration of members to other websites, and attract new visitors. My comments were provided constructively. They were forced upon no one. Again, they were provided only because they were directly requested by McVay.

In the end, McVay made it clear that as the “The Commandant, Owner, Sole Proprietor, Dictator and Elected Leader of SEWA” he is interested in input only to a degree, and that interest ends when he doesn’t agree.

Fair enough. I left. I have since been banned from the website – a curiosity really, since at the time of the ban I had not participated at the site for over a year. Nonetheless, I consider the ban to be a badge of honor.

What is not included here is an identification of the child molester or the 9-year-old little girl whose life he ruined. However, details from the National Sex Offenders Registry, have been previously sent to SEWA moderators.

So, McVay’s most recent diatribe is below. Following that is our old discussion.

Reach your own conclusions as to who is “bad for darts” but at least try to hold off on doing so until you know the full story.

From the Field,


Why Dartoid is bad for darts
Nov 12, 2009 11:45 am

I’ve been thinking a lot about Paul Seigal and his apparent feud with SEWA — despite our many attempts to recognize him and even give him his own special place to rant and rave in his vulgar tongue — hidden from everyone but the moderators of course.

I’ve also wondered why anyone really cares what an old man with gray hair who posts pinups of the ladies and uses generally vulgar and inappropriate language to promote one cause or another. Sure it can be entertaining, like watching a train wreck or one of those reality shows that people send video’s of their dog running into a wall. However, in truth is this what we want the image of darts to be? Childish ranting and raving about one alleged instance or another? Constant sexual imagery and innuendo which suggests at the least someone without much regard for others?

In his latest beef with SEWA Mr. Seigal, who’s eaten at my dinner table no less, rants and raves about a member of the site who may have been convicted, sentenced and served time for sexual assault or something similar (I personally have not read or seen the file on anyone).

What bothers me most about this is that it’s political more then anything else. On one hand you have the United States Constitution and Laws which I beleive strongly in and on the other hand you have some abomination thereof.

In the Constitution (I’m an American if you are reading this in another country) you have certain unalienable rights — that means they cannot be taken away by man or man’s government etc — and among those are things like:

Innocent until proven guilty. — In this case it’s possible the individual has been proven guilty however I question whether Mr. Seigal has in fact seen the persons name, email, social secutiry number etc of the login he’s accusing of crimes against humanity. Or is Mr. Dartoid doing nothing more then childish rumormilling over some wispered secret of crimes committed etc etc etc….sounds like a fairy tail of beer infused confusion often seen at a frat party and not the professional dart world we’d like to promote I’m sure.

Once convicted, sentenced and time has been served an individual is granted a return to society here in America, to once again become a part of it. Whether you like that or not, they are indeed free to use the internet and go to the mall. If on the other hand you feel that convicted sex offenders should not have these rights then our constitution allows a process to fix the problem by using the ballot measure process. However, the religious right and the wacko left both tend to ignore then and scream one crazy ranting or another with abandon. I’m sorry Mr. Double Out Shots but we here at SEWA actually beleive in the principles of this nation and when society through the legal process determines that a murderer, rapists or pickpocket is ok to return to society and become a productive member thereof we will respect that and not personally ban someone becuase of rumor and innuendo.

If on the other hand, you are aware of a convicted sex offender who is legally bound to stay away from websites where children may log in and they are here on SEWA then I would encourage you to stop acting like a child yourself and advise the staff — whom you know all too well — so they may take the appropriate legal action.

In the end I think reality is that Mr. Seigal (“I’m no longer reading SEWA or posting there becuase I hate the site but just a minute I thought I saw a post by Erik”) is nothing more then a drunken childish lout who has nothing better to do with his time then give darts a bad name and make as much noise as you, Ben and anyone else will allow him to make.

Me personally? I don’t much care becuase SEWA continues to be a friendly site that actually respects people rather then acting out fantasies based on debauchery and childish drunken rantings.

From the Internet
The Commandant

Let me begin by congratulating John Part on his third world championship. I hope to someday meet this man and personally shake his hand and convert him to the American faith.

Next let me extend an apology to all of you SEWA super moderator honcho people, and Blackhorse in particular, who I insulted with my post at SOD during John’s final match a few days ago. I should not have made the comments I made, publicly. I will expand on them a bit here, for whatever it may be worth.

I must say that, prior to reading through many of the threads here, I was not aware of one thing in particular about SEWA: that is what seems to me to be your overarching commitment to maintaining this site as a place where children can visit. This is a good thing and it distinguishes the site from most others. The unfortunate thing is that, at least in my opinion, this distinguishing feature (which I suspect would actually encourage traffic) is not aggressive promoted. If I was not aware of how very important and fundamental this philosophy is here can it be that surprising that others are not aware? I think you may find this worthy of some discussion and if I might offer a suggestion it would be to prominently brand the front page of the site in some way with some statement to this effect.

Had I been aware of this it would have obviated, at least to a minor degree, my belief that the site is over-moderated. Suffice it to say that, when in the “Dartoid” persona, I expect to be edited and often simply deleted.

However, while I now better appreciate that many posts are edited or deleted or moved here for well intended review – and that this is often motivated by a desire to keep the site clean and safe for all humanity – I continue to believe that the moderating goes beyond what is required in today’s wide-open society. I believe many potentially interesting discussions in the open forum are stifled as a result of this well intended motivation. Censorship even for noble reasons is a tough row to hoe. At the risk of slipping into the Dartoid mode let me recall my “Valentines are Fucked!” column. Yes I used a bad, bad word – but I’d submit the basic message was not so insulting, quite the opposite actually – and sometimes two opposites are a considerable positive. During the 1950’s a popular political button read: “Fuck Communism.” I wonder how many here have a problem with that?

Add to this the simple reality of the world today. Kid’s can watch Viagra commercials during the evening news. Pornography pops onto their computer screens. They can access Islamic Fundamentalist websites and watch people beheaded. The list goes on and on. I have a daughter – she’s grown up now but I have no doubt to this day that there was always a limit to what I could protect her from and that most of it was beyond my control anyway. Ensuring that a 13-year-old doesn’t read the word “Fuck” at a darts website wouldn’t have been and still isn’t anywhere on my list. My point is just there is a limit to value of the monitoring that is done here. I think it has gone beyond what is necessary or even sensible and that it has turned off participation. And even now, knowing the reason for deep review, or at least one of the main reasons, I don’t feel that much differently about it.

I stopped posting because of what I began to feel was the stifling of discussion – not because off-the-wall crap I posted was edited or deleted.

I stopped posting because I became worn down by the almost incessant self-promotion by some on the site – of themselves and the site. If SEWA is the best SEWA is the best. To announce it constantly turns people off, at least it did me. Somewhat connected to this, I became more and more put off by what seems to be the emphasis of the quantity of posts rather than quality. It was really this that was bubbling underneath as I typed my offensive words about Blackhorse. I think SEWA would be far better served to find a way to “promote” or “recognize” people on the basis of what their posts bring to the discussion and the sport. I always read what Karl Hartman has to say. The same applies to Steve Brown, Roger Carter, John Part, Dave DePriest, Charis Mutschler, Donny Joe and others – as I know their posts will be of value. But thousands of drivel posts by the same person – I just don’t see the point. I think it relegates the community to less than it can be and I think such posts, over time, turn people away.

I think that if you are honest with yourselves you will find it difficult to argue that, as I put it at SOD, there has been a “migration” away from the site over the past months. This is not to say that there are not tons hits/visits or whatever you call them, lots of new members, thousands of new posts… this is however to say that there are several former members who post infrequently, if at all now. The way to “measure” this is not by counting hits or new members but by counting up the number of former active or semi-active members who have disappeared. It’s probably a small number. It’s probably counter-balanced by new members who have come on board. The question I ask is: why have they left? I think you’ll find included some of the reasons above. I think you’ll find that by accepting that everything is not always good and wonderful and that SEWA is not perfect SEWA can become stronger. I think the last thing Erik needs is for people to tell him nothing is wrong with this site, even if nothing is.

I was involved in two discussions here that raised the ire of some, perhaps many – certainly they got me pretty pissed off. One had to do with Sid Waddell’s new book and image conveyed by the cover. The other involved a heated back and forth about how to promote the sport in America with a newbie named Mouser. Despite the emotions these two discussions raised I believe that such discussions, and those of a similar vein, attract participation and think there should be an effort to encourage them – not toss them in here, evaluate every word and phrase from atop some self-proclaimed ivory tower, and then hand down an edict to allow them to be continued or aborted. As long as serious personal attacks are not involved, or profanity or outright lies – I would encourage you to promote such discussion. I dare say that many of those who followed these two threads gathered more to think about than they ever will from the long-running “Person Below Me” thread, which is fun but perhaps, due to it’s title, inappropriate for this website!

Let me make one last thing perfectly clear. Some of us know each other. Some of us know each other well. Some of us have never met. I am not Dartoid. I am Paul Seigel.

Why I write the “Dartoid’s World” column or what I say in the column has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever contribution I may be able to make here. While the distinction between my pen persona and the real Paul Seigel may be a distinction that is difficult for those of you who do not know me to make, this is not my problem.

While I have met many people during my time around darts there are really but a small handful of them who I have gotten to know, and who have gotten know me, beyond the line. Those who do know me will confirm, I think, that my life outside of darts bears absolutely no resemblance to my life inside darts and the travels and experiences of the Dartoid character.

Make no mistake, I am not here to explain or defend Dartoid – Dartoid is his own “person” and he says and does what he says and does for a reason. Perhaps the person behind Dartoid has something of value to offer here…

The unfortunate truth (well, perhaps fortunate truth for some of you) is that I have very limited time to participate here and I have explained this to Erik. Probably it doesn’t matter anyway, as thanks to someone’s wisdom you have (or at least think you have) gotten me inside the tent to piss rather than outside!

Seriously, I’ll do my best. Also, rest assured that nothing discussed here will end up in a “Dartoid’s World” column. I know the fucker and just plain won’t let it happen.

Oh, and one other thing – can someone get me a good shot of Hillary Clinton? I’m looking for a January Double Out shot.


This is an excellent post that may just help everyone, including me, take a look at how SEWA is run.

I’m probably the biggest driving force behind the “children friendly” moderating and this is a political/philosophical/social view of mine that won’t change much.

Having said that, I should take a moment to go back to SEWA’s beginnings.

In the beginning two guys who used to argue on Dartplayer had many a deep discussion on darts here at SEWA. Karl Hartman and myself.

Mike Noble and I discussed the finer points of cricket pointing with the likes of Karl, WhiteHorse (sorry if I forget first names), ABA, Skiz and so many others.

David DePriest and I discussed professional darts and what it might take.

We talked about defining a pro, best way to take out various finishes, the mental game, the head games, the follies of local leagues, politics of tournaments and so much more.

These were good discussions.

Today, those discussions are fewer and further between but perhaps this is because in 5 years we’ve really hashed over things so much so that we’re well, hashed out.

How many way’s can Karl describe finishing on the bull? Or Mike explain point strategy, or Dave further the discussion on professional darts?

Indeed, the key may well be that the original two dozen (or so) members were the driving force behind SEWA and these members didn’t cuss, post pornography or say anything that might offend young visitors.

They hung out and worked on practice routines, discussed how to get good and worked at it hard.

Today, who is here to take over those discussions and further them?

There are some 2600 members here but where are the dozen or two that will drive the conversations for the next 4 or 5 years? Sure, we’ll all be here, and we’ll all join in, but perhaps it’s a matter of some new serious thinkers stepping up and driving home their thoughts.

The truth may well be that the minds that came together were strong willed, independent, professionals willing to work hard to get to an outcome — an outcome that many may have come to.

Me? I know how to practice 10 times better then before and could probably write a book on it. I know what it takes to get good because of these talks. My strategy is far better in cricket thanks to the likes of Steve Brown, David DePriest, Karl Hartman, Mike Noble and many others. My finishes are excellent and even in my crappy state of practice (none) where I suck, I still take out 100+ finishes now and again. So perhaps I’ve gained so much from the site that I need less to hammer out my points because doing so enables me to learn — I need to learn still, but need less of it and more practice — and I know it.

John 3x World Champ Part said it best.

So perhaps in the absence of all these deep discussions the insignificant banter began to take over. That’s ok too really, because the site becomes a place for people to socialize and when the need to really get serious arises, it’s still here.

Just my 25c for now


What typically is done is to keep one’s logo and name intact, exactly as is, while simply adding a defining tag line…

…a family friendly website

Or whatever.

But this may not actually be what is most important to SEWA — it just seemed to be my sense of things when I read through the posts here.

Adding a tag line is a major thing. It adds significantly to an identity. It defines you. It should be succinct. It should project what it is you want people to think of first when they think of SEWA. You should be sure you have it right.

Budweiser isn’t “the King of Beer” by accident (but you can be sure there are executives at Anheuser-Busch who wish they could turn back the clock and change the tag — as the company has worked hard in recent years to re-position itself as being in the entertainment industry and not just a brewery).

Are “family friendly” or a “the darts website where no innocent child will ever have to read a bad, bad word” really the key, the only, messages you want to project in a tag line — or is there something else about SEWA that is just as or more important?

To an extent, I think SEWA is losing its identity. What is SEWA — what really defines SEWA? Is it a local site? Is it some sort of a window to world of darts? Is it a place to go to seek out information about where to throw, how to throw, what kind of dart to buy, etc. – and to get quality advice? Or is it a place where a few people who know little, relatively speaking, have tons to offer (and who are chasing some sort of “honor” to be the leading poster) and where this group (which I guess sometimes seems larger than it really is because of their constant flurry of posts) spends most of their time talking about how all is wonderful, SEWA is wonderful, writing poems, playing games and putting people off?

All though I screw around a LOT, my primary interest in SEWA has always been simply to gain a sense of what people are thinking, what’s going on out there, to perhaps glean a new idea and eventually work it into something I am writing. I keep tabs on a lot of forums for this purpose. I’m interested in debate on issues. I’m am particularly interested in critical thinking (one of the reason’s I love to read what John Part has to say — and Karl Hartman). I have in the past found the SEWA community ideal for finding out quickly where to shoot in another city (and sometimes country). I pay attention to the discussions about out shots and alternatives depending on the situation. But this is just me… others have other interests and reasons for frequenting this website.

The question is, in better defining SEWA, if that is something that is needed or wanted: is “family friendly” really what is most important to get across? Personally, it wouldn’t attract me. It doesn’t hit my hot button. But I suspect it would attract many, many, many people — and that just might be what matters most to those who have been involved here since the early days.

SEWA seems to have grown in many directions kind of all at once — and become a little bit local, a little bit international, a little bit recreational, a little bit professional, a little bit technical… a little bit about everything about darts.

Perhaps the answer is a tag line more like:

…a faith-based porn site

Sorry, just kidding!

Try this:

… a family friendly window to the world of darts

This pretty much gets the message across that SEWA is a lot about everything to do with the sport and that children are safe from people like me.


Sometimes I feel this way and wonder what I can do to more clearly define what its identity is.

Perhaps “… a family friendly window into the world of darts.”

Certainly has a ring to it and I like it.

In honesty, I see SEWA this way:

A family friendly window into the world of darts where some of the best minds and best players in the darts world share their knowledge and thoughts. A place where the newest player can come to seek knowledge, add to the knowledge and meet people who play darts. A place to learn where to play and with whom to play. A place to get to know the pro’s and learn how they made it and what it took to maintain it.

A place to find out how to play, practice and compete in the sport of darts and a place to read entertaining articles and posts as well as in depth discussions.

In a short: The place to go for everything darts — that’s friendly for all.


I know there are Super Users, Senior Moderators and Moderators and basically understand the thinking behind the value of each to El Commandante and SEWA and those who visit. I guess it all works.

But I wonder something…

I assume that when there is a technical issue, Erik counts on a segment of people who actually understand technical stuff (are computer programmers or the like in real life) to give him professional and accurate advice or to help him solve a problem. I assume that on technical issues Erik isn’t going to waste his time or take seriously a comment or solution offered by someone who simply hasn’t a clue about technical issues.

I assume that Erik does the same when it comes to creative matters – like graphics for the website or patches or flights. He may take in comment (different people have different opinions on what looks nice) but I doubt he has people who know nothing about graphic arts driving this process.

I assume that when it comes to what is “politically correct” or “appropriate for children” Erik, like everybody, whether they admit it or not, has his own personal opinion of whether something is acceptable or not and simply agrees or disagrees when his values are supported or challenged by others.

If someone thinks “Fuck” is never an appropriate word to use someone else is highly unlikely to change their mind. If someone thinks “HILLARY HAS NICE TITS” is an offensive thing to say someone else isn’t going to change their mind.

“Ah,” one (such as KopRalph – who used to have a nice avatar but who mysteriously changed it, I guess in order to be acceptable to the throng of children who visit this website, or simply to suck up to John Part) might be thinking, “”Fuck” Dartoid. Here he goes again. Is this post leading anywhere?”

Corporations and non-profit organizations have boards that are organized into committees for similar purposes. There are various board committees — nominating committees, compensation committees, marketing committees, development (fundraising) committees, budgeting committees, investment committees and so forth all comprised of board members with professional expertise in these areas. They meet independent of full board meetings, work with and advise staff, and report at board meetings. Strong committees bring strength to both for profit and non-profit operations.

I wonder if something similar might be of more value to Erik and SEWA than the moderator, senior moderator and super user system, or at least as a partial adjunct to it?

If Erik turns to technical and creative people for technical and creative advice and implementation why not turn to people with marketing expertise in real life for marketing advice – rather than to wade through opinion from people who know nothing about marketing? Why not turn to people with branding experience for branding advice – rather than take in opinions from people who just have ideas?

Why not, instead of having moderators, senior moderators and super users, all who comment on pretty much everything, have certain special groups comprised of people who in certain specific areas have some knowledge of what they are commenting or advising on? Would this not save time and produce better results?

It seems that the main thing everyone does is pass personal judgment – debate whether some post or thread is appropriate for various reasons. I accept that this is necessary and that the place can’t be a complete free for all. I just happen to come down on the side of less moderation. But I am personally far more offended, at least at a darts website, by posts I feel promulgate misinformation about darts than other posts that some people, due to their own value system, might think are not appropriate for another person to read and which may cause children to become criminals and little old ladies to have heart attacks.

Might it not, for example, be more useful to have specific groups of people, with established knowledge, vet certain posts for accuracy – such as when a post shows up questioning the (suggesting the lack of… in essence disparaging the) value of the ADO or suggesting that we need to do to get darts televised is sign a petition to ESPN or stating, essentially, that all bars in England have a dartboard, and so forth?

Might it even be more legitimate than to have value based decisions determined by a mass of people who have their own values – to have such decisions debated and decided by a small group of people who deal directly with value based matters in real life? There must, for example, a darts playing lawyer, darts playing ethicist or religious councilor, dart playing children’s guidance councilor, or whatever somewhere among the membership on this website. Were it a group such as this commenting on value based issues I would be more inclined to consider their thinking.

What one person finds offensive another person may find appealing. Art posted something about hunting sometime back. Others responded enthusiastically and shared posts about animals they’d killed. This thread, to the best of my knowledge, remains open to the public today. Further, to the best of my knowledge, it was not even popped into the moderator’s forum for review. I find the discussion offensive. Many people find killing animals offensive. If I had a 13-year-old son I would much prefer that he ogled KopRalph’s old avatar than read a thread about the thrill of the kill. But I wouldn’t prevent him from doing either.

This said, I don’t find anything wrong with Art’s thread (except it might have gleaned more of a response had it been placed at a hunting website).

I use it only to illustrate the main point of this post: expert advice is of more value to more people than uninformed opinion.

Just as most people with technical computer or graphic arts issues are going to go to professionals, if I have a question about an out shot I’m sure as hell going to value the advice of a professional dart player over some guy who just posts at a forum.

People who follow the threads on this forum are going be less well served than they could be if moderation continues to be driven by ensuring that the moderator’s values are not offended rather than by efforts to ensure that information posted is accurate and not offensive to the sport of darts.


Instead of thinking of SEWA as a corporation, think of it as a sole proprietor ship.

I’m the proprietor.

As the Commandant I do what I want and choose to listen to whom I choose and don’t give much credence to committees (they all suck actually) and saying Hillary has nice Tits is no less offensive then saying Hillary — oh wait that’s political! I don’t much like Hillary if you haven’t guessed.

So here’s the scoop: I do what I want.

Admins/Senior Mods: Do almost all of what they want within reason.

Moderators: Do some of what they want.

SuperUsers: Occasionally get to do something.

But remember this is after all a dictatorship and not a democracy. I just let people choose to do things in a democratic way because it suits me at the moment.

Does this sound harsh? Maybe. But the site is mine and I’m the only one paying the hosting fees, etc.

So, the point is, this is all good stuff Paul and though I agree with some of it certainly and if I were to take SEWA to a higher level I would have to listen to you one heck of a lot more (and maybe I should or will) but for now SEWA is well, SEWA.

I don’t like people to cuss or make sexually inappropriate comments on my site. I do not want porn here or someone to say Dartoids tits are nice either.

But I haven’t made AmericanBaddASS change his nick either and I could care less what Kopralph uses as an avatar as long as it isn’t naked — the finger or whatever.

I want my son to come here and enjoy it here but I do not want the site R rated. G is more likely — or at least PG but I sometimes settled for M — it’s all in what I feel at the time.

Do people get carried away and banter around and make poems and say dumb things and pat each other on the back? Yes — do I care? Not really, as long as I can have a good discussion with Frank, or Karl on the finer points of darting.

I hope this makes sense — and I will add more later, but think of this as a Marine Unit. I’m the commandant and you are well, the private.


Mr. El Commandante, SIR…

Dictatorships have failed throughout the history of the world.

Despite the similarities in command structure between SEWA and the American military system, the American military system isn’t a dictatorship. Officers may report up the command but at the end of the day a civilian is Commander in Chief — and the Commander in Chief answers to the citizenry.

You may be the sole proprietor but that doesn’t mean that there would be a website if people didn’t log into to it.

Those who you have attracted as moderators and super moderators and super users may be entirely comfortable being told, essentially, that they may think they have some input but at the end of the day I would think that most people would be less than comfortable reading comments such as “This is a dictatorship, not a democracy” and that, despite their best efforts to provide input you will ultimately “do what I want.”

And certainly I suspect that if the broader SEWA membership were aware of this attitude they find other forums to frequent.

I find your response be downright offensive. You’ve told me to “Fuck” off without using the word “Fuck”. So perhaps I should say your response is “respectfully” offensive.

Remember, I didn’t ask to offer my opinion. You asked me to offer my opinion.

You write: “Do people get carried away and banter around and make poems and say dumb things and pat each other on the back? Yes — do I care? Not really, as long as I can have a good discussion with Frank, or Karl on the finer points of darting.”

I agree and disagree.

The banter and fun is fine by me too, to a degree — but compared to days gone by this sort of stuff, in my opinion, has inundated the site. As I said in a previous post — good discussion, new takes on strategy and so forth is what interests me too. But there is less and less of this each day. Barry French’s recent post about dealing with a 68 close was one of the few such posts in days. Steve Brown’s back and forth with the guy who maintains that American will never dominate the sport has been very interesting reading.

Again, I didn’t ask for this Erik. You knew exactly what you were getting. I think there was some value to be gleaned from the ideas I have offered.

And while others may, I have absolutely no interest in wasting my time doing what I was asked to do if I am going to be told to take my opinions — that were offered constructively and in good faith — and shove them.

Oh and one other thing — I don’t have tits.

Set a new date for our challenge match and win and I’ll prove it.


I think you didn’t quite understand me or my point my friend and that’s ok since I am slammed at work and it is hard to articulate.

SEWA would not be as busy as it is if I was a total “BEEP” and I don’t think I am, but when it comes right down to it, I’m the one with the last say always.

How often do i do that? Almost never.

You see, the post above was intended to make a point but to lead to another point where I show that in truth I am both a dictator and a politician of sorts.

I make the calls sure, some of the time, but I also set up my admins and moderators with the caveat that they can pretty much decide for themselves what to do.

When can they not? When it directly impacts the running of the site and its function. Otherwise I provide guidance like all good leaders do — and yes, I am a leader.

You see, it’s easy to come up with ideas and suggestions, but it is damn near impossible to implement them all so someone has to make the tough decisions and I do.

I am the elected leader also. Why? Because by coming to SEWA people vote. That’s kinda how I see it.

It’s simply a matter of understanding the difference between a website owned by one person and a business owned by many or a country run by voters.

Now, in all honesty, pure democracy’s fail utterly and cannot function — the founding fathers went into great lengths to argue that in the Federalist Papers and it is the core reason why today America is not a ‘pure democracy’ but rather a representative republic.

Is said representative republic elected officials run the country under one leader — an elected president (can you see where I am going with this?)…

On SEWA SuperUsers, Moderators and Admins are in many ways ‘elected’ by the active membership and I don’t interfere in that actually.

Someone name a time when all of my mods/admins etc. thought someone should be a moderator and I disagreed?

The only time I step in and make a change myself is if I see something I think is out of character and needs to be addressed: i.e. someone with valuable input is not being allowed into the discussions like this then I sometimes use the power of office to give them access.

What I want is to break down to the core of what SEWA is and then work up to what the overall site is.

So now I’ve broken it down: SEWA is a website that I own.


And you apparently decided to dismiss my point. I say “dismiss” because I have no doubt you did not miss it.

But that’s fine. It was offered in good faith. Whether you found any value or use in what I offered was something only you could determine anyway. That’s the way the world works.

What is distressing is to now understand what you’ve made so clear: that as the The Commandant, Owner, Sole Proprietor, Dictator and Elected Leader of SEWA you’re interested in input only to a degree, and that interest ends when you don’t agree.

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