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Column #667 – Darts in Paradise – What does it really cost (and what do you get)?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Column 667
Darts in Paradise – What does it really cost (and what do you get)?

There seems to be some misinformation floating about concerning the cost of Darts in Paradise – or maybe it’s just miscommunication.  There has even been a suggestion that the cost per individual is in the $7,000 range.  Not true.

To be clear: the total package cost for the tournament (room, all food and drink, all entry fees to main events) is $4,508.  This is for two people at $322 a night per person for the week.  Booking for less than the full week is not an option.  If two players share a room the cost is $2,254 each.  If a non-playing spouse or significant other is the second person in a room the total cost for two is still $4,508.  If a third party shares a room the cost for that individual is an additional $322 a night for the week or $2,254.  Hotel policy prohibits more than three people in a room.  Bottom line: again, the cost is $322 per person.

What does the package include?  A tropical setting at a 5-star all-inclusive oceanside hotel, NO ENTRY FEES to main events, installment payment plans, “Mr. Wonderful” Howie Reed as the MC, “The Voice” – the one and only Russ Bray as referee, attendance at exhibitions by world champions – John Lowe, Keith Deller and Paul Lim, EQUAL money for men and women, live music, real time streaming, side activities like evening cruises and visits to Mayan ruins, and more!

Have a look below at a quick slideshow overview of the tournament.  This was created and distributed by John Lowe MBE on June 1 and summarizes the week in just a minute or so.  John included this message:

Darts in Paradise today announced a massive incentive for darts players of both genders at their event in Cancun 1-8 June 2025.  The prize fund: $200,000, and more so – the payout to men and ladies in all events is the same.  Equality in Cancun – a first in the sport of darts, Ladies, this is certainly your opportunity that has been a long time coming.  All details of pay-out, events, dates, and how to book (incidentally you can pay over two years if it helps) are all in the video.  You can also go to www.dartsinparadise.com to lock in your participation and book your room in the fabulous Dreams Jade Resort by Hyatt, a 5-star all-inclusive oceanside hotel.  I will certainly be there.


Two other questions have been asked and answered but they are import so let me repeat:

Are payouts guaranteed?

The sponsor of the event, The Experience Resorts, is providing the funds which are held in the Darts in Paradise LLC Florida accounts.  Funds will be wired to winners on Tuesday, June 10, 2025.  Winners are responsible for their own tax obligation.

What if the tournament is canceled?

If the tournament is cancelled due to elements other than weather, participants will be refunded in full any monies paid to Darts in Paradise.  If the tournament is cancelled due to a major weather event such as a hurricane, it will be rescheduled to a later date consistent with most airline cancellation policies that permit weather-related re-bookings.

Stay tuned for future updates!  Exciting news is coming…

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