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Bye-bye, Jaco, Hello Cancun!  EXCITING NEWS about Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise”

Bye-bye, Jaco, Hello Cancun!  EXCITING NEWS about Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise”

…AND WELCOME TO THE NEW DARTOID’S WORLD WEBSITE!  After almost 30 years, we have entered the modern world.  AND our little guy riding on the dart has finally come to life!

We have been overwhelmed by your response to the inaugural Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” tournament and festival!  Indeed, the past few weeks counting down to the Early Bird deadline has prompted a much larger than anticipated response such that we suddenly have commitments to attend that far surpass the facilities available in Jaco, Costa Rica.  Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” tournament and festival is essentially sold out!

Rather than freeze the size of “Darts in Paradise,” we have decided to GO BIGGER – and relocate the tournament and festival.

We are pleased to announce that arrangements have just been finalized to greatly increase our capacity at a far better facility: the tournament and festival has been relocated to the award-winning 4-star Dreams Jade Resort by Hyatt in Cancun, Mexico.

This site offers a huge step up in quality, there are three times as many (and far better) rooms, it will still be all-inclusive, there will be no change in our advertised package price AND the total payout has been increased from $50,000 to $65,000.  We expect that Russ Bray, John Lowe MBE, Keth Deller MBE, Paul Lim (and others to be announced) will still be present in Cancun.

In order to upgrade your experience while keeping to the promised Jaco pricing, the dates have also been changed to June 1-8, 2025 (we have listened and agree that this should be an advantage to players who were finding it difficult to attend the “Darts and Paradise” event immediately on the heels of the Las Vegas Open – and this provides us and players a few extra few months to plan).  We have also taken notice of concern about airfares – there are five times as many flights a day (more than 500 total) from around the world into Cancun as compared to San Jose, Costa Rica – and the fares are significantly less expensive.  Finally, as requested by several people, we have added a mixed doubles event.

If, despite our notices not to do so, you made individual bookings directly with Crocs in Jaco, you will need to contact them directly, as we have no control over their individual refund policies.  PLEASE NOTE: Rooms MUST be booked through our website at dartsinparadise.com.  Players who book directly or stay off-site will not be able to attend the tournament, gain any admission to it or to ANY of the events associated with “Darts in Paradise.”

Early Bird is officially closed.  Those of you who have signed up for Early Bird will receive free tournament entry fees and will get first shot at the best rooms.  Stay tuned for official details.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will find these changes and all the new arrangements as exciting as we do.

Nos vemos en Cancun!




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