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Column #666 Darts in Paradise – Questions and Answers

Sunday, June 2, 2024
Column 666
Darts in Paradise – Questions and Answers

Following yesterday’s update on the Darts in Paradise tournament and festival some questions were raised – owing to their importance, this clarification is being shared immediately.  The matters yesterday were fair, as are any questions.  Do please note the clarifications below but also that these and many other matters are and always have been addressed at the Darts in Paradise website at www.dartsinparadise.com.

Two questions were asked more frequently than others in reaction to yesterday’s announcement of an increase to $200,000 in the total prize fund: 1) can players depend on the payouts and 2) if the event is canceled can players expect to be reimbursed for package payments?

As stated in the tournament and festival FAQs, the answer to both is affirmative, to wit:

Are payouts guaranteed?

The sponsor of the event, The Experience Resorts, is providing the funds which are held in the Darts in Paradise LLC Florida accounts.  Funds will be wired to winners on Tuesday, June 10, 2025.  Winners are responsible for their own tax obligation.

What if the tournament is canceled?

If the tournament is cancelled due to elements other than weather, participants will be refunded in full any monies paid to Darts in Paradise.  If the tournament is cancelled due to a major weather event such as a hurricane, it will be rescheduled to a later date consistent with most airline cancellation policies that permit weather-related re-bookings.

Additional questions arose (such as about cost, dress code, format) and were responded to by others.  And again, while I am confident most every conceivable question is covered at the Darts in Paradise website, one not so carefully worded question on a currently touchy subject was brought to my attention yesterday.  This matter (I will not state the query the way it was posed) was anticipated and is addressed in the FAQs, but to leave no room for debate:

Are there gender-specific rules for the event?

Men will NOT be allowed to play in women’s events (one must be born female to play in women’s events).  Women will NOT be allowed to play in men’s events (one must be born male to play in men’s events).

Along the way the oft-stated aim of the Darts in Paradise concept has been to offer something different, something unique, something that addressed many of the concerns players have commiserated about for many years – better payouts, longer formats, fair treatment of women, and more.  We have tried our best to do this – to create an experience – more than just another tournament.

We have regularly taken advice and will continue to, particularly at the event.  There will be a survey taken to gather more advice since the intention is to replicate the event throughout the Caribbean and eventually Asia.  Our commitment is to provide what the players want.  It is the players that know best.

So, as noted at the beginning, the foregoing is offered immediately because the questions raised yesterday were important.  But every question matters and deserves a response.  If you cannot locate an answer to a question you have at our website (www.dartsinparadise.com) don’t hesitate for a moment to contact me directly at Dartoid1@hotmail.com.

I hope this helps and I hope to see you in Cancun.  There’s real money to be made and a great time to be had off the line.  This is the real deal – if you think it’s a scam, don’t attend.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for a partner… Luke Littler, what do you say?

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