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Column #502 1,700 votes, and counting…

Monday, October 5, 2015
Column 502
1,700 votes, and counting…

Let me just say, first of all, that the past week has been very humbling. I know the outpouring of support – almost 1,700 votes, so far – has not been for me personally. I know the support so many have shown is a mix for a new and bright future for steel-tip darts and condemnation of the American Darts Organization. I am but a standard bearer for a new day for darts in America. Still, I am humbled and I thank all of you.

Technically, I suppose, the election is not over. Not surprisingly, the freakish ADO bylaws are silent as to an election date. They state only that “a call for candidates” (must occur) “no sooner than 90 days and no later than 60 days prior to the scheduled date for election,” which, of course, is meaningless unless a “scheduled date for election” is announced. It has not.

I declared my candidacy on October 1. I shared a platform. I shall continue to run on that platform. Once an election date is announced, assuming one is, I will, once the election is over, declare victory and begin forthwith to implement the promises I have made . There is one caveat: If any other candidate tallies more votes than me, I will graciously concede and wish them well. This is unlikely.

The self-serving bylaws provide that only 39 people are “qualified” and hence eligible to vote. So even if current president, David Hascup (who has declared – see below), receives all these votes, by my calculation I have already tallied 43 times more ballots than he can receive in a perfect world.

But I’ll wait. Fair is fair.

It is curious that on the day I announced the ADO published two statements. Generally they only publish (late) results for tournaments they don’t run.

The first statement, by Communications Officer Steve Brown, read in part, As many of you will have seen, Paul Seigel (aka Dartoid) has announced his intention to run for the position of ADO President.  As per ADO bylaws, Mr. Seigel is not eligible to run…  In addition, not everyone is eligible to vote. Only official votes (for eligible candidates) on official ballots will be accepted. As a matter of courtesy, we therefore request that you refrain from sending your email votes (as requested by Mr. Seigel) to the ADO General Secretary, via her private email account. 

NOTE: The email address I asked votes to be sent to, and continue to encourage them to be sent, is the email address for General Secretary, Carolyn Camp, which the ADO has publicized at its website: [email protected].

The second statement, from David Hascup, and marked “URGENT,” announced the result of a vote taken at the August board meeting – a “unanimous” decision to close the west coast office (a move encouraged in this space for ages). One must wonder why such an “urgent” announcement of a decision made many weeks ago was held for release until the same day as I declared my candidacy. Probably it was just coincidence.

Hascup went on to admit that although he is a year (nearly two years would be more accurate) behind schedule with the changes I wanted to make when I took over as President in January 2014 (and I blame no one but myself), we are finally moving in the direction that is needed to make the ADO an efficient – and viable – organization. Calling the closure of the west coast office (which incidentally does not include the removal of the office manager) a big step forward, he then, without naming me, accused me of spreading fabrications and lies about the ADO, declared his candidacy for another term and repeated Steve Brown’s charge that my candidacy is illegal.

Lest there be any doubt, let me be perfectly clear: I do not want to be ADO president, at least not long term. I am running to serve as ADO president for no longer than 120 days. The bottom line of my platform is to extinguish the organization and see an alternative replace it that will, finally, responsibly and respectably advance the sport of darts in this country. My plan is specific. It is detailed. It is not a collection of half-baked “we’re working on it” promises that continue to be unfulfilled.

And let me be clear about one last point: There is absolutely nothing in the bylaws, as silly as they are, that prevent me – or anybody – from declaring one’s candidacy, campaigning, and promoting a fresh agenda.

There is great stuff in the wind. A new organization. A strong movement that will see much closer cooperation between the steel and electronic genres.

Abraham Lincoln, the day after his election to the presidency, gathered in his office the newsmen who had been covering his campaign and he said to them, ‘Well boys, you’re troubles are over now, mine have just begun.’

I think I know what he meant. Lincoln may have been concerned in the troubled times in which he became president but I don’t think he was afraid. He was ready to confront the problems and the troubles of a still youthful country, determined to seize the historic opportunity to change things.

I am not “frightened” or concerned by what lies ahead (hell, I don’t have the IRS breathing down my back) and I don’t believe the majority of dart players are either. Together, we’re going to do what has to be done. We’re going to bring respect back to the sport in this country and improve opportunities for players at all levels. And we’re going to do it transparently and honestly.

Stay tuned to this space. Continue to vote. And thank you again for your support.

From the Field,



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