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Column #495 A Conversation with Mrs. Dartoid

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Column 495
A Conversation with Mrs. Dartoid – by Sherilyn J. Herkey, aka The Passionate Darter   

What was your reaction when you first realized Paul was so passionate about darts? I thought, ‘Seems safe enough… and how expensive can THIS be?’

I know Paul has previous writing experience… did you ever think his columns would take off and become as popular as they have? Not in the beginning. If you’ve read his early stories, you’ll understand. But as he began to grow as a writer I did believe he’d find an audience.

Do you ever just roll your eyes when he regales you with his dart stories? Yes…

Do you play darts as well, and why/why not? I do play, but only at home. And only because Paul’s invented a strip-darts competition.

Have you been on any dart adventures with Paul? Tell us about them! I’ve been to tournaments and traveled to many of the places he’s written about. We try to travel together whenever possible and when my schedule permits. But Paul is more nervous when he knows I’m watching him play, so after a short stay, I leave him to it.

How do you influence (if at all) Paul’s writing and what is your role in editing his columns? Does he run them by you for a sanity check? I always vet his columns for ‘political correctness’. For those of you laughing right now, let me just say – he seldom listens. However, I do edit, except for the columns he writes and posts when he’s rushed. For regular readers, it will be apparent which ones I haven’t touched! As for any influence I may have on Paul’s writing… excuse me now, while I laugh… it would be in suggesting ways to tie his columns into current events. And as for sanity checks, there is no such thing when dealing with Paul.

What are your favorite columns (why?) and have any (and which ones?) have gotten your blood boiling, so to speak? My favorite columns are those I deem most ‘literary’. Good, solid writing, as opposed to fluff and posturing. My favorites are the ones that reflect his passion about an injustice, his compassion for others and his eloquence. None have caused my blood to boil, but a few have prompted interesting discussions about things he’s said… and people he’s mentioned!

When I interviewed “Dartoid” for the Passionate Darter website he wrote the following, while out of town and many miles from home: The truth is: I have known my wife since high school. I thought she was perfect then. I think she’s perfect now. Sometimes, I amazed that she still puts up with me. Honestly, I am in Manila as I write this and she is home sleeping on the couch with my dog near the basement. This is because it is raining and the sump pump is broken (because I have procrastinated getting it fixed). She has to head into the basement every hour or so to tweak it or the basement will flood. She’s been doing this for the past two days. Oh well, I guess I’ll go out and throw darts. What is your reaction when he writes something like this? I laugh. And then, I think – anyone who has been married for 35 years and still thinks their spouse is perfect is either a moron or not paying very close attention. I suspect he says these things because, otherwise, who would stay home and take care of the dogs? And the sump pump disasters?

Paul is obviously passionate about darts. What other things in life is he just as passionate about? Me. Our daughter, Jami. Our dogs, Romy and Marky. Food. And having his shirts organized by color in his closet… his dart shirts, that is.

What do you admire most about your husband? His sense of humor; his persistence; his personal ethics, and… What’s that, Paul?… oh yes, his gorgeous physique.

How did you meet? We met when he tagged along with my sister to babysit for Jami. Paul was a skinny high school kid. I was older, and married. His relationship with my sister was short-lived. She dumped him. But he continued to visit me whenever he was in town, throughout college, and during the early years of his career in politics. He’d bring Jami gifts, usually stray kittens (we lived on a farm and I raised horses) and he’d sit and play word games with her for hours. When Jami was ten years old, I divorced her father. As soon as Paul learned about this, he called and asked me out – for New Year’s Eve… ON NEW YEAR’S EVE – and I turned him down. But he persisted and six months later I agreed to have lunch with him. The rest is history.

What can you tell us about the “softer side” of your husband? Are you referring to his beer belly? Oh, sorry. I must be cautious here as I don’t want to damage what I call his carefully crafted ‘Dirk Pitt’ persona (ref: the macho protagonist in Clive Cussler novels) BUT… okay, you’ve twisted my arm. He loves tiny kittens, puppies, and small children (only when they aren’t crying). Any further discussion of ‘soft things’ about my husband would prove far too embarrassing for him…

And is he really mowing the lawn in exchange for getting cable access for darts-programming? There are two questions here… Yes, he is really mowing the lawn. No, it was not in exchange for getting cable access for the darts tournament. If that were the case, the shiny new riding lawn mower would be a bit hard to explain.


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