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#HR142 Tony, Peter and David – the new Pep Boys?

Saturday, June 27, 2015
Column HR142
Tony, Peter and David – the new Pep Boys?

Manny, Moe, and Jack were four guys who started an auto parts store in the 1920s that became the huge success called the Pep Boys.  Four guys?  There were actually two Moe’s but saying Manny, Moe, Moe, and Jack didn’t sound right.  Yet, for every Manny, Moe, and Jack – or even a Larry, Curley, and Moe – there are guys with ideas that came to naught.  Steel darts in the USA has a highway paved to nowhere with folks who had good ideas and intentions but couldn’t  “get ‘er done.”  Many times not their fault.

Tony (Anthony Eugenia), Peter (Citera), and David (Irete) are the latest to enter the fray with the Championship Darts Corporation and the Championship Darts Circuit.  There was an old radio show that debuted new records.  After each tune, the host would ask…

“Will it be a hit or miss?”

That’s where the CDC stands today.  The question is whether Tony, Peter, and David will become steel darts’ version of the  Pep Boys or a one hit wonder like Derek and Dominos, who’s one hit “Layla” is still kind of neat.  (Editor’s note: Derek was Eric Clapton).

The results of their adventure won’t be gossamer-thin.  They’ll either have a 9-darter or a 35-dart “race to the ace ugly.”  Time will tell.

The CDC is a series of two-day singles events playing a PDC format.  Their second stop for events  #3 and #4 was Ypsilanti, Michigan – where 61 serious darts players lined up for a shot at money and points.  This two-day stay had a little extra interest, as players reaching the top 32 in points overall received invites to the $5,000 CDC Matchplay, scheduled for July 24th in Nashville.  Play will be the afternoon before the Music City Open.

The first event in Ypsilanti went to Jason Brandon when he took out Canadian Chris White 6-3.  After the match was level at two, Brandon took the 5th with a 17-darter for a 3-2 lead.  He extended the lead to 4-2 when he broke White with a keen 145-check.  White had the chance to break back in the next leg but missed at tops.  With Brandon up 5-2, both players held serve, and Brandon got the win.

To get to the finals, Brandon came from behind to beat Larry Butler.  Brandon trailed 2-5 when he ran off four on the trot, hitting a 138-check in the decider, winning 6-5.  Even though outscored, Chris White took out John Part 6-3. “You score for show and double for dough.”

D.J. Sayre had been so close in events #1 and #2.  He finished runner-up to John Part and Larry Butler in those outings.  One could write – so the ODC will – that Sayre was “knocking on the door.”  In event #4, he kicked in the son-of-a-gun.  He crashed through like a swat team at a crack house.  He won event #4 with a 6-2 win over Ralph McCool, where both players had some “stumbles” along the way.  Sayre righted himself for the win.  After both players held serve, Sayre broke for a 2-1 lead.  That advantage would become 4-2 before McCool answered with a 14-darter for his second and only other leg.

The road to the finals for Sayre had to go thru John Part, who he dispatched  6-2, averaging a respectable 95.8.  McCool had to get by Danny Lauby II, which he did 6-5.  The turning point was the 8th when McCool broke throw for the win.  After four events, D.J. Sayre leads with 46 points, followed by John Part (38) and Larry Butler (21).

One New York darter took the latest CDC event in Ypsilanti very seriously.  He made a “to-do” list before he traveled, checking each item in his travel bag.

  1. Shoes (check)
  2. Vodka (check
  3. Irish Whiskey (check)
  4. Game shirt (check)
  5. G-strings (check)

How’d he do?  Out in the first round of event #3 and lost to runner-up Ralph McCool in the second round of event #4.  G-strings?  Used for trolling, as he found himself with some time on his hands.

As previously stated, the Invitational Matchplay in Nashville is limited to the top 32, with a seeded draw.  What happens if some of the 32 don’t attend?  Their opponents will draw a bye.  This could cause some problems.

For the sake of argument, say that seeds 7,  9, and 10 don’t show.  The 8th seed then is in “Fat City.”  He or she gets byes into the round of 16, as 8 plays 9.  Eight’s next match would be against the winner of the 7-10 game.  But that’s a bye so “bye” moves to the round of 16.  Eight now plays “bye,” moving into the top 8 without firing a shot.  Could it happen? Yep.  Will it?  No.

Next time around for an Invitational, the CDC might consider closing the “invited players list” two hours before the event.  Then hold a “play in” for any open spots, but limit entry to only those who have played in other CDC events – and charge them.  Something for down the road…

The latest CDC Fantasy League standings have been posted (Fantasy League Standings).  The ODC has moved up to 21st place, just nine points out of the top 10.  The ODC wonders if points from the Invitational count in the overall standings and the Fantasy League?

The ODC’s Fantasy League position caused a skeptical editor to write, “Even the one and only Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed, is in the thick of it.  This proves it’s not just the Supreme Court decision-making process that’s mysterious.”

It’s always “dodgy” to make predictions.  Only the brave are stupid enough…

With steel darts on the wane, the CDC has one hell of a hill to climb.  Their first step has proven excellent.  This step though doesn’t get them on top of Everest or even to the first base camp.  It’ll be a long, hard climb with slips and stumbles along the way.

Will it be Manny, Moe and Jack or Derek and Dominos?  Stay tuned.

Been some time since the ODC has shared the “wit and wisdom” of the Sage of Sittingbourne, Dave Whitcombe.  Dave is the “governor” of a pub in the Motha Country.  As such, he tries to provide his customers with a motivational word of the day…

“Monday’s word of the day was ‘tits.’  It was so popular I extended it to Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the word of the day was “Minge” but I got so many complaints about changing it I have brought ‘tits” back for Thursday.”  As Meatloaf said, “Give the people what they want.”

The Sage also provides advice under ‘Dave’s tips’: “Today I will show you how to sell a rabbit to a person who’s deaf…”


Stay thirsty my friends.


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