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Column #425 Texas Darters to take on World Record!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Column 425
Texas Darters to take on World Record!

I’m headed for Dallas soon so, Debbie, take note: you can find me at Rob’s Billiards & Sports Bar in Ft. Worth (13930 Trinity Blvd.). It’s a classy joint with beer.

And darts.

Beginning at noon on May 5, Rob’s will be the site of the First Annual Charity Bull-a-Thon and World Record attempt.

Eight Americans – Chris Allen, Chris Helms, Les Twinam, Andrea Taylor, Byron Dossey, Davis Snider, Connley Litton, and Gordon Goodwin – will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for “The most Bull’s Eyes by a Team in 10 Hours” that was set in January of 2011 by a team in England, spearheaded by former world champion Bob Anderson.

The record currently stands at 1,505 double bulls. Yep, the little red bit.

I hit one in 1972.

These guys (and girl) are the real deal. American Darts Organization (ADO) president Helms and his partner, Rick Stephenson, recently placed first in the Men’s Cricket Doubles at the 2012 Bluebonnet Classic (this was their 43rd win together in a $10,000+ plus tournament since they began partnering in 1995). Twinam and Connley topped the entries in the Men’s 501 Doubles. And Andrea “She of the Impressive Last Name” Taylor won the Ladies 501 Doubles with Brenda Roush. Of course, Taylor is also one of only four women I have not insulted in 17 years of penning this column. Beware.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records the record for the most bull’s eyes scored in 10 hours by a team was set by Jon Watson, Bill Foot, Matty Wilson, Del Fox, Gary Ellis, Bryan Pidgeon, Sean Kerry, and Anderson at the Winnersh British Legion Club in Winnersh, UK, on January 9, 2011. The team raised approximately £10,000 (about $16,000) for Cancer Research UK and The Royal British Legion. It was quite an event…

According to Nick Price (aka Nikkiboy) at the popular UK-based Stars of Darts (Stars of Darts) forum the occasion was far from ho hum. “The darts players… made the final fifties with seconds to spare, sending watching crowds delirious. Richard Saunders, who organized the attempt, said grown men were crying like babies after the throwers notched up 1,505 centers in just 10 hours. It had seemed they would fall agonizingly short, with 189 bull’s eyes needed in the final hour, but the team met their required target with less than 30 seconds left on the clock.

Erik Lusk, organizer of the upcoming American attempt, expects more of the same. He reports that the shoot will be broadcast live via web feed on numerous web sites and covered by local media in the run up and during the event. Of course, yours truly will be keeping tabs on the action (unless Debbie shows up and wants to do Dallas).

As the momentum builds, Lusk is circumspect. “We’ve assembled a great team and I think we have a real shot at the record. Make no mistake, bringing the record to America and Texas, is our goal. But the most important thing – the motivation behind the event – is charity. This is about dart players giving back to the community.”

I took the liberty of contacting a couple of blokes who know a little something about darts, this sort of world record, and supporting charities. Their encouragement was immediate…

As part of the team that set the current world record, I know only too well just how much effort went into achieving this feat – not only for the actual players, but for the organizers and back-up team, who provide coffee and terrific vocal encouragement, and the callers, and score recorders too. I wish you all good luck, and hope that you are very successful in your attempt. Bob Anderson

Good luck guys on your world 10-hour bull’s eye attempt. It is a difficult task, I know, I did it a few years ago (October 27, 1994 at The Unicorn Tavern, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK) and my record for the most center bulls in 10 hours, retrieving my own darts, still stands (1,320). I can only say, keep going, even if you fall behind. Records are there to be broken, some will remain, but your intentions are positive, and I am sure you will reach your target. John Lowe

All of the money raised (the goal is $25,000) will benefit the Tarrant Area Food Bank (Tarrant Area Food Bank). Its mission is to eliminate hunger in Fort Worth and 13 surrounding counties by providing food, education and other resources to a network of partner charities and their communities. Since beginning to distribute food in October 1982 and with the help of thousands of volunteers and more than 300 partner charities, the charity has distributed more than 314 MILLION pounds of food and household products. The network feeds children, the elderly, the severely disabled, victims of AIDS and other chronic diseases, victims of abuse, the working poor, and the unemployed. Each month, on average, the network distributes food to 44,000 households and serves more than 565,000 meals and snacks.

Charity Navigator awarded its distinguished 4-star rating to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, noting that 96.6% of every dollar donated goes to program activity. This recognition is an honor that is conferred only to nonprofits that exceed industry standards and regularly outperform other charities. The ranking not only differentiates the Tarrant Area Food Bank from its peers but also demonstrates to the public that the charity is worthy of their trust and investment.

Lusk and his team have set up two types of sponsorship opportunities.

The first option is called the Player Sponsor. Prospective sponsors can pledge an amount based on the number of bull’s eyes the team hits during the world record attempt. Pledges will be collected during a two week period following the completion of the Bull-a-Thon. Each of the eight participants have the form on hand, so you can contact them if you wish to support the effort, or you can download and print the form by clicking on this link: Player Sponsor. The form can be given to one of the players or dropped off or sent to Rob’s Billiards & Sports Bar.

The second option is to become an Event Sponsor. As of this writing several have stepped up to the oche: Nodor (Official Dart Board), Lone Star Darts (Official Dart Supplier), Which Wich (Official Food Sponsor), and Shadow Fax Graphics (Official T-Shirt Sponsor). Support of this kind is needed to help ensure that all is properly organized and promoted so it runs smoothly come event day. In lieu of cash donations, Lusk and his team are also accepting item donations to raffle and auction off during the event. Of course, and Event Sponsor funds left over will be donated directly to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. The Event Sponsor form can be downloaded here: Event Sponsor.

To learn more about the Charity Bull-a-Thon and World Record attempt be sure to check out the Bull-a-Thon web page at Bull-a-Thon Web Page and their Twitter feed at Bull-a-Thon Twitter.

Remember, the World Record effort will begin sharply at noon on May 5 and end at exactly 10:00 pm. The eight players will throw in rotation for 10 hours. They may take breaks but the clock will not stop. Only red bulls will count. 1,505 is the record to beat. And all funds raised will benefit the deserving Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Meanwhile, I am thinking of a world darts record attempt on my own. I’d like to set the standard for the most games lost to naked women while stranded on a desert island for three years. I think that would be a record worth having.

See you soon, Debbie. You too, Andrea.

From the Field,



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