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Column #368 A Quickie Message to Dartoid’s World Readers!

Monday, July 13, 2009
Column 368
A Quickie Message to Dartoid’s World Readers!

Perhaps you have noticed that this website has been down for a while?

The cause was basically two-fold…

First, since I haven’t a clue what a “domain” is, I ignored the many notices I received to “renew my domain” and pay a small bill prior to July 8. My webmaster has now explained all this to me, called me a big damn dummy, and fixed things.

Second, there was the little problem with the Porn Police. I won’t go into the details. The good news is that the Dartoid’s World Double Out series will continue.

But there’s more…

Due to an unusual and unfortunate convergence of other events, I have, for the first time in many years, not thought about darts in many days. It is true.

After posting the first four columns in my annual series on the Desert Classic, I got sick. I’m not sure if the cause was beer-related or due to the amount of money I lost at the tables. In any event, I left the tournament but was too ill to make it all the way home and spent a couple of days hugging the porcelain in a Dallas hotel room.

Then, upon my return home this past Monday, I received a call that my father had passed away in Columbus, Ohio. So my wife, sister, and I have been busy for the past week sorting through various financial matters and handling funeral arrangements.


To those of you who were following my Desert Classic series and are unaware of the final result please accept my apologies for disappearing. In a stunning upset American Darin “Big Daddy” Young demolished fourteen-times world champion, Phil Taylor, 13-2. Young is currently relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas. He has a sunburned head.

To those of you who received word of what occurred in my life and were kind enough to send messages please accept my heartfelt appreciation.

To those of you who hang on my every word (translation: nobody)and even those, such as Portland’s Sam Kimpton, who don’t actually read my column but are compelled to trash what they haven’t read, please note:

I am back!

Dartoid’s World is back!


Be afraid!

From the Field,



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