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Column #328 A SERIOUS QUESTION from Dartoid

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Column 328

This is a serious question.

Trust me, if you can.

Feedback should be posted as a comment below (so others can piggyback off the ideas posted) and is required by Monday, August 11.

THE QUESTION: Assuming that a super-powered social networking system, unlike anything existing today, were created and embraced the goal of gaining darts wide US-based exposure, what sort of contest (if one were to be created) might be offered and what sort of recognition should accrue to the winner of the contest to, in your opinion, encourage masses of darts players of all types to gravitate to the website to enter the contest and/or cast votes for the entrants?

EXAMPLE: Players post videos of trick shots. People vote for the winner. The winner wins a spot on the next Survivor, is able to take a board and set of darts as their luxury item, and is guaranteed that in each episode footage of them talking about darts and throwing darts will be aired.

EXAMPLE: Models post videos/portfolios. People vote for the winner. The winner wins an all-expense-paid trip to appear daily as a walk-on girl during this year’s two-week long Ladbroke’s world championship.

Again, this is an absolutely serious question.

The examples are just seat-of-the pants examples to help get the concept across.

The aim is to gain massive exposure to help legitimize the sport of darts in the US.

Thanks for any input anybody has.

From the Field,



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