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Column #258 Jeffrey Russell

June 13, 2006
Column 258
Jeffrey Russell

I had a great time at the World Series of Darts and feel privileged just to participate – but would have liked to have done better. Next year I will!

— Jeffrey Russell

Nickname: Jeff
Date of Birth: September 12, 1968
Place of Birth: Dover, New Hampshire
Hometown: Dover, New Hampshire
Occupation: Inventory control specialist
Hobbies: Spending time with my son
Movie: Highlander
Television Show: CSI
Book: The Sword of Shannara
Favorite Night on the Town: Dinner and a movie
Meal: Lobster and steamers with ice cold Diet Pepsi
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Music: Metallica
Pet Peeve: Arrogance and lack of common sense
Worst Habit: Biting my fingernails
Weapon of Choice: 21-gram VOKS Helix SGs

I got involved in darts when I was twenty-four years old, pretty much by accident. I started playing at a friend’s house and then joined a league. That was the progression of things – and early-on league was really just a night out of the house. Darts was the only sport I seemed to be a natural at…

In 2002, I won the Bullshooter pro singles. Now I have just come off of a stage appearance against Mark Walsh (who is currently ranked number thirteen in the world) at the first World Series of Darts (WSOD). Walsh got me 6-4. So my game is still progressing – and I think it’s moving in the right direction. Some day I’d like to win a world tournament.

But darts isn’t my life. I live for my six year old son Stephen and to see him happy. Just imagine what it would be like to be six years old again! I like to say that the world is his – and that I’m just sharing it with him. If I’d have won the million dollars I’d have put away money for Stephen’s education. I’d have also probably opened a restaurant. I’d like to do that some day. And I’d have found a nice island paradise and spent time with my girlfriend Christine. We never run out of things to talk about.

Roger Carter is the guy I look up to in the sport and I know that many others do as well. Every time we have been at the same tournament Roger has always played great darts and been a great person. He is a class act. I think that’s very important – if darts is to get bigger in the United States, and that’s something I hope to see, all of us have to respect ourselves and the game and represent it professionally.

I feel the same way about life and my contribution generally. I got that from my parents and more than anyone else they are who I look up to most in the world. They raised six well adjusted, honest, hard working children on a limited budget. I hope that some day my son and others remember me the same way – as a good father, a good friend and a good man.

You asked if I have a nemesis in the sport, “besides you” – which is hilarious, since we shot at the same board during Friday Night Madness. Perhaps you forgot that I have witnessed your game!

Seriously, whenever I face Scott Wollaston it just seems that he can’t miss and I can’t hit. There’s also Ray Carver. He’s a great shot and being from the same area of the country as me we play each other a lot. I’m very competitive and hate to lose and he has really made me step up my game.

I’m trying to practice more and I throw league and a luck of the draw two nights a week. I’ve been throwing doubles with Charlie Sawyer quite a bit and also Cam Paine and Bill Scott. I’ll probably be in Chattanooga but definitely at the Seacoast Open and then the Long Island Fall Classic on Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ll definitely be ready for the 2007 World Series of Darts!


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