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Column #650 GAME ON! – LOCK IN YOUR EARLY BIRD DEAL and join Russ Bray, John Lowe, Keith Deller (and more!) at Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise”!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Column 650
GAME ON! – LOCK IN YOUR EARLY BIRD DEAL and join Russ Bray, John Lowe, Keith Deller (and more!) at Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise”!

 When I heated my home with oil, I used an average of 800 gallons a year.  I have found that I can keep comfortably warm for an entire winter with slightly over half that quantity of beer.

                                                                                                                – Dave Barry

Happy New Year!

Suffice it to say even Dave Barry would be happy to attend Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” – it’s being held in the comfy tropics in winter and all the beer (and more) is FREE!

So much GREAT STUFF is going on in the world of darts…

Hopefully, this message finds you recovered from New Year’s Eve revelry, the excitement of the Luke vs. Luke world championship final (congratulations to BOTH, also to young Luke for winning the Bahrain Masters, Jim Widmayer and the ADO for a successful Las Vegas Open and the CDC’s Peter Citera for forging a partnership with ALT Sports Data and advancing the opportunity for all of us to wager on darts competitions).

Also hopefully, this finds you filled with anticipation to escape next winter’s cold and get toasty at the inaugural Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” $50,000+ long format (payouts equal for men and women) steel tip tournament and festival (January 21-27, 2025) in beautiful Costa Rica.

We’ve said exciting announcements would be forthcoming about this “tournament wrapped up in a vacation wrapped up in a tournament” – and today they begin!

Russ Bray, John Lowe and Keith Deller – are all confirmed to attend.  Russ will call the quarter finals on.  John and Keith will host exhibitions.  All three (and others to be announced) will be present to hobnob with players, tip a few and participate in the luck of the draws – you could draw a world champion as a partner.

The facility can now be confirmed (pending attendance figures, it could be changed to accommodate turnout).  As of this writing, we are set to call “Game On!” at the all-inclusive seaside Crocs Resort and Casino in Jaco, Costa Rica. If the term “all-inclusive” is unfamiliar to you, let there be no mistaking its meaning: ALL MEALS AND DRINKS ARE FREE (including alcoholic beverages).  And this benefit kicks in the moment you are picked up by van at the San Jose airport for the ride to Jaco – there will be free beer on the van(s), as many as you want.  Our tournament and festival website is now live at https://dartsinparadise.com.  Regular updates are posted at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61554144967923.

The value of just the all-inclusive nature of this event is extraordinary, easily $1,500 – what you would normally pay to eat and drink IS ON US!  Dartoid’s World and our partner, The Experience Resorts, are footing the tab for all food and drink!  Any vacation to the tropics that’s not all-inclusive during the winter high season (without the added benefit of a darts tournament) would see vacationers constantly shelling out for food and drink.  But not Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise.”

Careful tournament scheduling will ensure there’s no lack of opportunities for fun and adventure when you’re not standing at the oche.  We’re planning excursions to the rainforest, to water sports (including ocean cruises) and to close-by (just ten minutes) Adventure Park (here there is a crazy fun zip-line, ATV trails, horseback riding and more – and there will be dartboards setup in the lunch area!).  The 5-6 block main drag in Jaco is bustling with activity – small restaurants and bars, many with dartboards. Or you can just relax with a drink by the pool or on the beach (we’ll join you!).  All this is being arranged so players can make it back for exhibitions and the luck of the draws.

Of course, there will be live entertainment and the tournament will be streamed.

Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” will simply be one-of-a-kind – unlike any dart tournament and possibly any vacation you have ever attended/taken – it is being planned as a tournament and vacation experience all rolled into one fabulous week in the tropics – all at a package price, during the busiest time of the season, that cannot be equaled.  The cost is $320 per person per night or $2,250 per person for the entire package for the week – inclusive of lodging and all food and drink.


Early Birds get the best deal of all and there is still time (beginning February 3rd) to secure these benefits – choice of the best rooms and free entry to all main events. You can lock in your deal today by clicking here: https://dartsinparadise.com and following the Early Bird links.  Then:

  1. Enter your personal details
  2. Input your credit card

It’s as simple as that.  Your card will only be charged once 100 Early Birds are subscribed.  At that time, you will be charged $250, which will be applied to your package when you select your room.  Early Birds get a 24-hour head start (on March 2, 2024) to select the best rooms first.  Since all room packages are the same price, it pays to commit early.


Apart from your initial $250 deposit, it is not necessary to pay the full event package fee up front – our partnership with a company called Uplift allows installments to be made for up to a 24-month period!  That’s works out to about $3 per person a day – less than the cost of breakfast at McDonald’s.  And, yes, you read that right – if you take the 24-month installment option, you literally have until a year after the tournament to pay!

In 30-plus years of traveling the world I’ve never experienced anything close to what Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” has on tap.  And there is just so much more to be announced in due course.

So, get in on the Early Bird action – secure your preferred room and free entry to the main events on February 3rd by clicking to our website at: https://dartsinparadise.com. Just follow the Early Bird links.

Thank you so much for your incredible support, enthusiasm and understanding as we work to make this dart tournament and vacation experience an unparalleled success.  With many more exciting surprises to come, Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” tournament and festival promises to be an unforgettable experience for darts enthusiasts and those who enjoy a combination of thrilling competition and leisurely exploration alike.  We are confident that Jaco, Costa Rica, will offer a remarkable setting for fierce competition and unforgettable memories.

Spread the word.  Join us at our inaugural event.  You will not be disappointed.

From the Field,





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