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Column #645 Dartoid’s Darts in Paradise – DON’T MISS OUT ON EARLY BIRD DEALS!

Saturday, December 23, 2023
Column 645
Dartoid’s “Darts in Paradise” tournament – DON’T MISS OUT ON EARLY BIRD DEALS!

Interest in the inaugural steel tip Dartoid’s World “Darts in Paradise” tournament and festival is exceeding expectations.

Time is running out to qualify for terrific Early Bird deals.  Don’t miss out.  To be notified of these special deals just click here: https://dartsinparadise.com/survey/.  It only takes a minute.

Planning continues at a furious pace.  See the current flier…

Russ Bray is on board.  World champions.  With a $50,000 payout, exciting side events, celebrities, live music, excursions and nonstop fun for everyone, “Darts in Paradise” has it all!  So, join us in January 21-27, 2025 in the vibrant town of Jaco, Costa Rica. There’s lots of exciting announcements to come.

So, watch this space!

Or follow us on Facebook at “Dartoid’s Darts in Paradise”.  Or keep an eye on our website (still under construction) at https://dartsinparadise.com.

BUT BE SURE to sign up for Early Bird notifications at https://dartsinparadise.com/survey/.

MERRY CHRISTMAS – and best of luck to everybody still in contention in the world championships!!

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