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Column #HR369 Unexpected Consequences

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Column HR369
Unexpected Consequences

The world’s deluged with individuals using “unexpected consequences” to explain lack of common sense and stupidly.  Oil prices rise and so does everything else – that’s common sense, not unexpected consequences.  The Old Dart Coach chewing a red licorice rope breaks a tooth – that’s an unexpected consequence, with a touch of stupidly.

“The Legend”, Russ Lopez, has announced that the Reunion for Golden Age Darters will be held January 20-21 in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Hotel/Casino in conjunction with the Las Vegas Open.  Rooms are $129 per night.  Reunion events will be announced later…

Common Sense.

The ODC posted a column listing famous darting duos.  That brought the following“How about me (David Miller) and Pucillo (Danny).  We won every major tournament in the country, some more than once… I’m crushed you left out the Duck.” Was this an unexpected consequence?

No, stupidly.

Antoine Dominique (call me “Fats”) Domino Jr. was born in N’awlins in 1928.  Antoine was a singer, song writer and rockin’ pianist.  His 1955 hit “Ain’t That a Shame” could have been a C & W chart topper if he’d added a dog, truck, train and jail to the lyrics.  Every teenage brokenhearted lover could relate:

You made me cry, when you said goodbye 

Ain’t that a shame 

My tears fell like rain 

Ain’t that a shame 

You’re the one to blame.   

In 1940, Rose, Stock and Lewis wrote “Blueberry Hill”.   In 1956, Fats Domino released it, and the rest is history.  

I found my thrill 

On Blueberry Hill 

All have their personal Blueberry Hill.  In Las Vegas it’s a popular breakfast spot.  You can visit the actual “hill” in both Texas and Alaska.  Of course, by far the most popular Blueberry Hill was in the back seat of everyone’s parent’s car.

On Sept 8, 1972, with $10,500 in borrowed money Joe Edwards opened Blueberry Hill in two small St. Louis storefronts.  Besides the name, two constants have remained through all the years: a jukebox with 2,000 records (all changed weekly except not Fat’s Domino’s “Blueberry Hill”) and a rack of dartboards.

Last weekend, Blueberry Hill held its 50th annual dart tournament – the longest running in the USA.  The premier event has always been 301 D/D.  Framed photographs of past winners adorn the walls of the dart room.

For the second week in a row, Gavin Nicoll gave older darters a lesson in playing 301 with a double start and finish.  Not yet 21, his play was a throwback to the good old days.  In 7 matches he went 15-1 in legs with his opening trip to the oche yielding a score in 10 of 16 legs.  One could write should one be so inclined that “Gavin found another thrill on Blueberry Hill.”  The ODC was so inclined.

Nicoll’s 4th match against Jason Derby failed to provide a score after 3 darts and he fell behind when Derby got on with 38.  Nicoll must have been angry as he then went T60, then T41 out.  That’s a 6-darter with two doubles!  Nicoll took the title with a 3-nil win over Steve Hilger who missed 6 finishing doubles in 2 legs.  Grit and determination proved decisive.

Nicoll’s photo will grace the wall joining 49 others – none of whom is his dad, the late Timmy.  As with Gavin’s first victory last week, no doubt his dad was cheering in heaven yelling “That’s my boy!”.  Grandad Bill Sr., who never let an opportunity slip by, chirps (to Timmy), “How come you never won it?”  Grandpas are different.

The CDC held a Memorial Tournament in Canada in memory of 9/11 (one would have thought the event might have been held in the USA, which was attacked)…

Danny Baggish had a Lawrence Welk weekend with “a-one-and-a two-and-a-three.”  Baggish’s 7-3 win in event #10 over Stowe Buntz punched his ticket for a return trip to the Ally Pally for the PDC World Championships.  Canadian Dave Cameron will also make the trip as the top CDC Canadian.

Of more immediate focus for Baggish is the Jack’s World Series of Darts Finals in Amsterdam where he will face-off against Ryan Joyce in the opening match.  A win will place Baggish against Dimitri Van den Bergh who was just defeated by Peter Wright (8-6) in the final of the German Darts Open.  Van den Bergh leveled at 3 and then built a 5-3 lead which Wright erased with a run of 3 for a 6-5 advantage.  Van den Bergh would level at 6 with 12 darts – only for Wright to turn out his lights in 15 and 13 darts.

Also on his way to Amsterdam is Leonard Gates who won the US Dart Masters in New York.  If he doesn’t have to count, he could stop South Africa’s “Dancin’” Devon Petersen in mid-step.  A win and James Wade awaits.

Critics of Fallon Sherrock must be over the moon – as her “sweetheart” draws have come to an end.  In Amsterdam she’ll face Peter Wright.

For some darters an “unexpected consequence” is, when left with 48 and going for the fat 16, hitting t16.  For others, it’s “hey, I hit a triple”.

Jacob Taylor, who won CDC #12 had both an “unexpected consequence” and what should have been an “expected consequence”.  With 60 remaining and going for the fat 20, he hit a single 1.  Probably unexpected.

Later, needing 60 again, he went for the fat 20 again, hitting another single 1.  Should have been “expected”.

Darters the world over are mourning the passing of Craig “Dusie” Dusenberry last week in Southern California.  The suddenness of his passing has all asking questions and his longtime partner Sandi is understandably in complete shock. To write that Dusie was “interesting” would be an understatement…

His demeanor was that of a quiet man, taking everything in while storing it.  He said little and drank never – he let his darts do the talking.

The ODC, with partner Wayne Roewer, played Dusie and the late Bob Martell in the finals of the Golden Spike Bar shoot in N’awlins following the New Orleans Open.  If memory serves correctly, the ODC and Wayne won 4-3 – just in time, as Roewer’s back and legs were giving out from carrying the ODC.

Dusie shook hands saying “nice game”.  He was that kind of man – always a gentleman in a game where too many are rough around the edges.

Dusie was a true treasure to all that knew him.  God bless him.

Stay thirsty my friends.



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