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Column #HR368 Streisand & Redford, Umberger & Karpowich, Kramer & McGinnis

Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Column HR368
Streisand & Redford, Umberger & Karpowich, Kramer & McGinnis

What in the Sam Hill is going on?

Streisand & Redford in the same headline as great darting duos?

Reitan-Green & Hopkins, Karpowich & Maloney, Lim & Sinnaeve, Verrier & McDonald (Cricket only) – and Reed & Parsley would also qualify.

Remember those darting duos?

Thank Streisand (a stretch at best) as she sang “Memories” in the movie The Way We Were starring Streisand & Redford.  Only in Hollywood’s make-believe world would one be asked to accept that Redford had the “rigid digit” for Streisand.


Light the corners of my mind 

Misty watercolor memories 

Of the way we were 

Last weekend, memories of the North American lived in what’s left of the Old Dart Coach’s mind.  The North American, forever joined at the hip with the Sahara, was a meeting place for the entire darting world.  Like Cheers, everybody knew the names.

There might have been one or two darters playing in Washington last weekend that remembered those days and nights at the Sahara.  One Canadian posted, with photos from D.C.: “Saturday night shenanigans!”  At the North American every night was Saturday night with “shenanigan” stories lasting a lifetime.

There was the “A” Bar, right off the escalator on the right, where the elite and non-elite met for beverages and hijinks.  The “A” Bar (named by Sandy Cain) was the resting place for the likes of Lowe, Lazarenko, Wilson and Brooks.  The bar was under the control of Richie who served beverages, deciding who would join the party.

One night, there was only one seat open at the semi-circle bar.  A gentleman sat down and asked for a beer…

“Do you know John Lowe”, asked Richie.

“No”, the man replied.

“How about Cliff Lazarenko?”


“That seat’s taken, sir.”

There was a historic drinking match between Cliff and Jockey.  They matched each other drink for drink.  About 2:30 a.m., the beleaguered bartender Richie had to call it a day.  He informed the drinking duo of his plans…

“Then give us 23 White Russians”, the duo answered.  With the 23 White Russians set before them the pair set the record straight: “No, that’s 23 each”.

One lady claims the Old Dart Coach taught her “a shot of Schnapps and a Bud Light” was the perfect darting drink.  Probably this is true as the ODC never tries to hide a great discovery.

Hopefully last weekend in D.C. will provide lasting memories – that’s definitely true for one person.  When you achieve your first big singles win no one can take that away.  It’s forever.

Not yet 21, young Gavin Nicoll, son of the late Timmy Nicoll, got his first major singles win (Cricket) in Washington.

In the semifinals, Nicoll faced off against world class Alex Spellman.  Spellman had won the ’01 singles over David Walsh 6-2.  Nicoll was down 1-nil as Spellman produced a 17-darter, finishing SB and DB. In leg 2, Nicoll was down 268 to 234.  With three darts he closed 18s adding 2 more for 36, then a “Dead Bull” to level the match.  Nicoll would take the third leg, and the match, in 17 darts – his last dart being DB.

The final against Bruce Robbins had an ending not often seen, a first for the ODC.  Nicoll came from 1 down to lead 2-1 in the race to 3.  Robbins would level in 30 darts when Nicoll could manage only 2 SBs – as Robins hit 3.  The final leg saw them even at 360 points after Robbins eschewed closing 20’s, needing one, to us 9 darts to score 75 points drawing even at 360.  With one dart, Nicoll nailed the “Dead Bull” for the win.

Dad in dart heaven must have shouted “That’s My Boy!” as granddad beamed.

Young Kaden Anderson should remember last weekend too as he secured the #1 spot in the CDC Jr. rankings.  He won 7 of 12 Tour events and 6 of the last 7.

He did it in style defeating former #1 PJ Stewart 3-0 in the semifinals.  Anderson closed out the win in 14 darts (60, 121, 115, 105, then 100-out in 2).  In the final, Anderson would lead Ethan Marshall 1-nil when a scoring and finishing drought arrived unannounced.  He fell behind when he failed to close with 15 darts from 20.  Andersen regained command 3-2 with two legs that he closed – 72 in 2 and 40 in 1.  Marshall forced a decider which Andersen finished in 2 from 62.

Anderson will lead the USA Team to Gibraltar for the Jr. World Cup in November.  But first, in October, Anderson is off to England for a development tour event and the Winmau World Youth Masters.  Busy times ahead.

Kaden’s not the only young darting star in the family.  Sister Kenzie, either younger or older that Kaden depending on whose asking, can also toss the tungsten.  If she continues to play, she and her brother will make a formidable mixed duo.

Umberger/Ney-Karpowich level?  Don’t count eggs before the hen is laid.

The Old Dart Coach was drawn back to January 2020.  The Legend, Russ Lopez, came to visit the recuperating ODC.  Upon arrival at the Casa, Lopez whined, “I’m hungry”…

The ODC knew a Mexican restaurant/bar where the bartender was his pal Sandra-Sandra, a true daughter of old Mexico.  The memory surfaced when The Legend posted that his wife, Ms. Billie, just picked up a new Mercedes-Benz SUV.

On to liquid lunch with Sandra-Sandra, Lopez was driving his wife’s “old” maroon Mercedes-Benz.  It was a pleasant day in Norte Las Vegas with the door to the establishment open…

Sandra-Sandra watched as we pulled up, walked in and sat down.

“That your friend?”, she asked.


“What does he do?”

“I think something in construction?”

“Yea, right.  I’ve never seen a Mexican driving a Benz that wasn’t a drug dealer.”

Note to Ms. Billie: “Don’t let The Legend drive.”

For the young darters out there a quick note about memories….


Light the corners of my mind 

Misty watercolor memories 

Of the way we were 

When you’re older those shadows become crystal clear images in color on a giant TV screen in the mind.  Savor those times.

Stay thirsty my friends.



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