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Saturday, June 18, 2022
Column HR349

This is the day that eight teams will be singing the Huey Lewis tune, “This is It” for all the others.  Or Dinah Washington’s “What a Difference a Day Makes.”  For fans of the TV series Yellowstone, it’s the day they roundup the baby boy and perform the ultimate equipment change.

It’s 1:00 PM in Frankfurt – and 4:00 AM in Las Vegas.  The Old Coach is singing the 10cc hit, “The Things We Do for Love.”

For the first time ever in World Cup History, all eight seeds advanced to the quarter final on Sunday.  Most did it with ease, but Wales, Australia and England were all extended to a double decider thereby winning 2-1.

The most spectator play by far was the Netherlands 2-0 romp over the Republic of Ireland.  Danny Noppert led off with a 4-1 beating of William O’Connor where he averaged 99.53 while allowing O’Connor only three attempts at a double.  It was one of those “you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet” when Dirk van Duijvenbode then pounded Steve Lennon 4-1 with an average of 110.64 – by far the highest of the week.

Teams that glided through 2-0 were Northern Ireland (over New Zealand), Germany (over Denmark) and Belgium over Poland.

Two teams tried to play some games with their lead off player.  In both cases it almost worked…

Latvia, against England, started their #2 Nauris Gleglu against Michael Smith.  He got drilled 4-0.  That left the #1 Latvian player Madars Razma to face James Wade.  As he sometimes does, “The Machine” stalled when up 3-2, losing the next two in 18 and 17 darts to force a doubles – which England led from the start, winning 4-2 to take the match 2-1.

Portugal also tried to steal a doubles win by putting Vítor Jerónimo, the worst player in the history of any Cup including an athletic cup, against John Henderson with predictable results.  John Henderson averaged 75.15 winning 4-0 with the hapless one never getting to an out.  He did get to within a 2-dart range once.  #1 Jose De Sousa was a 4-3 winner over Peter Wright where no serves were broken.  To the surprise of almost no one Scotland then hung a 4-0 ass kicking on Portugal in the doubles for the 2-1 win.

With apologies to Wayne and Rusty, Australia looked terrible in winning 2-1 over Sweden.  Whitlock got up 2-nil against Johan Engström, then got the “walk arounds.” Engström went up 3-2 but then couldn’t punch out 100 with 3 – waiting on 40 as Whitlock finally hit d6.  Whitlock won in 14.  Damon Heta, like Whitlock, got off to a 2-nil lead.  Larsson would draw level in 13 and 23 darts – the latter a gift when Heta missed 4 doubles.  They would get level at 3 when Larsson used 18 for the 4-3 win. The Aussie’s took the doubles 4-1 for the 2-1 victory.

The Old Dart Coach saw a post from Sweden’s sweetheart, Ms. Annette Richardson, featuring a shelf with many bottles of wine on it.  The post read, “Home wine delivery the – best invention since sliced bread.”  Ms. Annette was prepared.  With the results for Sweden, it probably turned into a “Whine and Cheese Party.”

Belgium over Poland 2-0.  Belgium was very impressive in their 2-0 win.  Dimitri Van den Bergh continued his level of play from last week when he took a Euro title.  Krzysztof Ratajski got by the USA on a broken wing but this time both were useless as he lost 4-1.  Kim Huybrechts struggled early against 18 year-old Sebastian Bialecki, then steadied the ship for a 4-2 win.

Semi and Final on Sunday:

The semifinals will again be played two singles and a double if needed for 2 points.  The final is four singles and a double if need for 3 points.

#3 Netherlands vs. #6 Northern Ireland.  The wooden shoe guys are by far the best pair entering Sunday.  If you wonder why they keep coming up with great players you might consider that the recent Dutch Open drew 2,000 entries in the Open Singles.  The ODC likes them a lot, not only to be in the finals but to win.

#2 Wales vs. #7 Germany.  Wales has not been consistent.  Gerwyn Price needed a couple of Ton+ checks to keep them alive.  Clayton is not playing well.  Upset alert.  Germany is playing well as Cements seems to be coming round.

#4 Belgium vs. #5 Australia.  Dimitri Van den Bergh and Kim Huybrechts are playing well while the Aussie duo has yet to show what they can do.  Heta especially seems to be feeling the pressure.  Whitlock isn’t the “Wizard” for a full match.  Belgium to win 2-0.

#1 England vs. #8 Scotland.  The ODC is going with Michael Smith and James Wade as Wright is “spotty” and Henderson has let the pressure get to him.

Evening Session – semi-finals:

No one’ is going to beat the Netherlands.

England will squeeze by Belgium in a match they should lose.


Netherlands in a romp.

See ya tomorrow

Say thirsty my friends.



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