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Column #HR341 Why “Oscillation”?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
Column HR341
Why “Oscillation”?

Dart politics.  Boring?

A UK dart fan questioned the ODC’s coverage of the WDF.  “You (The ODC) obviously have a gripe with (the) WDF on historical grounds.”  The thinly veiled implication (accusation) was that the ODC had not treated the WDF fairly.

Even if true, and it is not, it doesn’t require any sort of archival long view to be completely disgusted with the WDF Executive’s irrational childlike woke banning of Anastasia Dobromyslova.  All one needs is a brain and sense of what is decent and fair.

Sports rewards “super stars” while often ignoring the “blue collar type.”  The “Blues” oscillate between very good and good, without notice.  James Wade is one of those guys.  Wade has won almost every major title except the World Championship although he has reached the semifinals 4 times, including this year).

The really good James Wade was on display before 8,000 lubricated fans in Dublin singing in the key of ugly for Premier League night 12.  Wade’s opening match seemed a daunting task as he faced an “in form” Michael van Gerwen.  Wade rarely shows emotion except maybe with a “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” look after a stray dart…

MvG collected a T29 (T19, d18, d18) to level at 1.  van Gerwyn then missed five doubles and fell to 1-3.  Wade would extend his lead to 4-1 in 11.  van Gerwen gained a leg in 11 with back-to-back T80s.

Using 12 darts, MvG leveled at 4 with a T30 out (T20, T18, d8).  The crowd swung behind MvG.

They then fell silent as MvG missed one from 16 with Wade at 56.

Wade was greeted with boo – which grew louder when he missed d20.  But he nailed the second d20 and turned to the crowd with the “Unicorn Yankee” look – arms outstretched.

Wade’s couldn’t close the match, failing at T41(T20, T19 – but missing the d12 and allowing van Gerwen the opportunity to close from 24.

The decider was ugly but ugly counts.  Wade prevailed ending it with 24 (12, miss, d6) after MvG missed a pair from 16.

MvG would get a measure of revenge in the Austria Open on Sunday.  After breaking MvG for 3-2 lead, Wade held at 4-2 – thanks to MvG missing 3 from 20.

MvG held and it tightened to 4-3.  With the darts, Wade was poised to move to a 5-3 lead, looking at 86.


MvG powered a T70 finish and retained the darts for the 6-5 win.

Michael van Gerwen would defeat Danny Noppert (8-5) for his second Euro Tour title of 2022.

There are unconfirmed reports that both Gary Anderson and Peter Wright will come before the “Disciplinary Board” for “Telly Porkies” – which the PDC turned into headlines…

Anderson feeling positive ahead of crunch clash with Smith”  as well he should have.  Michael Smith was the only player without a PL win.  Missing nary a out and wining 6-2, Smith’s victory propels him out of the PL cellar.  Michael Smith is an oscillator.

Very seldom average, Jonny Clayton usually starts slow picking up “old mo” during the match.  Smith built a 4-1 lead in 15, 14, 12 and 16 in the semis but with a run of 5 (15, 14, 14, 11 and 15) Clayton surged to a 6-4 win. 

“Wright vows to stop ‘stupid’ tinkering ahead of crucial period”  Wright lied.  Last week, using gold darts, he was up 4-3 over Jonny Clayton but lost 6-4.  With silver darts and facing Clayton again, Wight was even at 2 with a keen T41 exit in 15.  Clayton again took off winning 4 of 5 for a 6-4 win.  What darts will he use next week when he faces Anderson?  Maybe brass as, after all, it’s Anderson.

James Wade would reach the finals with a ridiculously easy 6-1 win over Gerwyn Price – with a 114 average and a 10-darter.

Jonny Clayton was different matter…

Clayton opened a 5-3 lead and was heading to win when he missed the “Red Bull” from 81.  Wade capitalized on the opening and erased 8 after Clayton missed a dart at tops.

All Hail, James Wade.

Mother’s Day is Sunday so there’s no room for a child to oscillate.  Two teenagers had great weekends.  Well, only not teenager… The Queen, Deta Hedman, danced to celebrate winning the Danish Open for the 6th time.  She added to her WDF points lead over Beau Greaves.

Many top ladies played the PDC Women’s Series.  Lisa Ashton booked two wins, increasing her Series-leading earnings to £5,600 which assures her of a #1 seed in the Matchplay.  Tina Gulliver and Fallon Sherrock each collect wins.  Laura Turner, known via PDC TV as the voice in the commentary box, vaulted herself into the Women’s Matchplay in Blackpool with a pair of runners-up on Saturday.

Youth was served at both the Women’s Series and the Cleveland Extravaganza 2022.  Irelands 19-year-old Kate Shelton had done little until the final event on Sunday.  She reached the finals, eliminating Australia’s Corrine Hammons 4-2 only to face Fallon Sherrock.

Shelton fell behind 3-1 before taking a lead 4-3.   Sherrock leveled in 16 darts, calling on a decider.  In 15 darts Sherrock wanted 70 with Shelton on 122. No problemo – d18, d18, dead “Red Bull.”  Thank you.

Shelton lost the final 5-2 to Lisa Ashton, finishing the Series #11, only £151 out of the Matchplay.  If someone drops out, she’s in.

Now to the Mistake on the Lake…

Cleveland had an outstanding field but a high school student from Maine stole the show.

Aaja Jalbert won the girls singles – not a shock.

Then came the Lady’s 501 Singles.  Jalbert made it to the finals by beating two top players in Marlise Kiel (ADO #2) and Canadian Trish Grzesik.  The final against ADO #1 and WDF #5 Paula Murphy was a struggle as Jalbert trailed for the first time in the weekend 3-1.  Then came a 4-leg run with finishes of 20, 82, 54 and a 76 in 15 for the 5-4 win.

Consider Ms. Jalbert’s dart achievements at this young age.  In 2020, she was scheduled to represent the USA in the cancelled America’s Cup.  She’s captured 5 youth titles and will be visiting the World Masters for the third time.  Note to Europe: We’ll see your Beau Greaves and Kate Shelton and add Aaja Jalbert.

Most honorable Editor questioned why the ODC had used the word “oscillate” or some variation thereof so often in this effort…

The ODC replied, “The word was given to me by a lady friend.  When asked if she wanted credit she replied, ‘Buy me a beer when you see me.'”

Using male darter logic: “…the more use of the word equals more beers equals no telling what may happen.”

Stay thirsty my friends.



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