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Friday, June 25, 2021
Column 600

It been more than 18 years since the American Darts Organization has shared a financial report.


With all the social media discussion recently (and the Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed’s recent column) about whether that ADO has filed for bankruptcy (and the “defense” by some that the organization has no obligation to share its finances with “non-employees” – whatever that means) it’s worth noting that those who promulgate such an argument are (how do I put this diplomatically?) smokin’ the fucking drapes!

There are at least two reasons…

First, the ADO bylaws require (or used to) an annual financial disclosure (maybe they changed their bylaws – it’s not as if they followed many of their rules in any case).  Second, as an IRS designated charity they are (or were until their status was revoked) required to file an annual return (of course, it’s old news that they didn’t for years – hence the revocation).

The bottom line: while with (possibly) changed bylaws and (possibly) no status with the IRS a technical argument MIGHT be made that the ADO, currently, has no formal requirement to disclose finances, one would think that even the organization’s most ardent supporters would appreciate that the organization has an ethical and moral responsibility to share how funds are spent with the leagues and players WHO FUND THEM!

Don’t buy into the sleight of hand, tapdancing, bullshit and lies.  Educate yourself!  The ADO magic show has been headlining for years.

What follows is old (from 2014) but possibly worth your time to read.  If you’re a league and still paying ADO dues – you’re out of your mindYou’re being ripped off.  If you’re a player planning to attend an ADO “sanctioned” (whatever that means these days) tournament where a couple dollars of your entry fees go to support the ADO – don’t attendYou’re being ripped off.

Leagues and players: you’ll benefit no less by sending your money to Bernie Madoff (and he’s dead!).

The ADO is and has long been an embarrassment to the sport in this country, and beyond.  It weasels money from leagues and players in gives them diddly in return.  STOP supporting the ADO.  They do not deserve to exist another day.


Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Right now, smoke is billowing about the private ADO “empire” like at Hamas House on a crisp mid-summer’s eve.

There are embers too.  Lots of embers.  And there’s a crowd around the campfire…

A few are trying to keep the embers cool, attempting to stop them from bursting into a raging fire.  What do they want to hide?

Others are pounding my e-mail in-box with information about ADO goings-on.  The information – much of it still not corroborated – is astonishing.

It has now been 24 hours since I sent the following message to the ADO’s chief financial officer, Lloyd Hoover.  I also posted it to the Darts Discussion Group so that others – particularly ADO officials – would be aware.  There has been no response, not from anyone in authority.  Perhaps Hoover is on vacation.  Perhaps his e-mail is on the fritz.  Perhaps he has been told not to reply.  In fairness, 24 hours isn’t a lot of time…

August 5, 2014

Mr. Hoover…

Respectfully, as CFO for the American Darts Organization might I ask that you e-mail me a copy of the most recent financial statement for the organization?  I am working on a column for September 1 and would like to refer to the most recent numbers available.  Thank you.

Paul Seigel (aka Dartoid)

When more than one person knows a secret – or many secrets – it is only a matter of time before everybody knows.  The money trail is often illuminating.  How much is the ADO taking in?  How are they spending it?  Why won’t they say?

Are funds missing?

Again, my e-mail is buzzing.  Some of those who ADO officials may think – may have long thought – are protecting secrets, and friends, are not.

My aim is not to bring the ADO down.  My aim is to see it fixed (and I still firmly believe that current president, David Hascup, is trying).  But I fear his efforts are being thwarted by some of the very people with secrets to hide.

Let me also be clear: I also have no reason to believe Lloyd Hoover has anything but the best of intentions.  I do not know him, but I am told he is an honest stand-up guy.

I feel the same about Hascup.

But if the ADO cannot be fixed, I submit the organization should be dismantled and reconstituted via fair and representative elections with a governing body and squeaky-clean financial transparency – which represent all the dues-paying members (not just the handful who chase points) and leagues the way they should expect to be represented.

For background, take a moment to read the following two columns:

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Then, if you care and have information, I encourage you to get it to me.  Your name will be held in the strictest confidence.

My e-mail address is: [email protected].

From the Field,



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