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Column #HR263 BetVictor PDC World Cup of Darts – Final Day

Sunday, June 9, 2019
Column HR263
BetVictor PDC World Cup of Darts – Final Day

The final day promised much and delivered. It was a day to remember!

Quarter-finals (format: two singles best of 7-501. If tied, doubles best of 7-501. First to 2 points advances to the semi-finals)

The quarter finals saw another seed sent home – Australia, the #8. That left only two seeds remaining. The strategy of playing the number two player first backfired for Austria. Playing Zoran Lerchbache, he lost. In the doubles lead off he played equally as bad.  It was too much to overcome. Canada may have raised a controversy – pronounced CON TRAY VA SEA by the Brits that refuse to believe that us Yanks have improved the language – with the exclusion of John Part from their team. Jim Long was nervous from the start losing his singles, that was there for the taking, to Jermaine Wattimena. Long did provide a light-hearted moment when left 5. He did the 3, stepped back and laugh with the crowd then coolly nailed the double 1.   

Japan 2-0 over New Zealand:  Japan led from start to finish as New Zealand’s #1 Cody Harris was sent packing. Japan will have to improve on doubles when they face Scotland in the semis. 


Japan 2-0 (New Zealand)

Seigo Asada 4-1 over Cody Harris.

Haruki Muramatsu 4-3 over Haupai Puha

#2 Scotland 2-0 over Belgium: Workman like, especially Peter Wright, when he found himself down 2-1. He put together a pair of 11 darters for the 4-2 win and a 110 average.


#2 Scotland 2-0 (Belgium)

Gary Anderson 4-3 over. Kim Huybrechts

Peter Wright4-2 over Dimitri Van den Bergh

Republic of Ireland 2-1 over #8 Austria:  Steve Lennon leading off for the Republic of Ireland after falling behind nil-1, leveled and then added a 106 check for 2-1 up. He never relinquished the lead winning 4-1. The Mensur Suljovic vs. William O’Connor singles promised to be a barnburner. It wasn’t as the 115 average of yesterday’s William O’Connor turned into the 85+ O’Connor.  This was the first quarter finals match to go to doubles. O’Conner who was horrid in losing his singles found redemption as he took all 4 outs in a 4-0 route over #8 Austria


Republic of Ireland 2-1 (Austria)

Steve Lennon 4-1 over Zoran Lerchbache

Mensur Suljovic 4-0 over William O’Connor

Doubles: Republic 4-1 (Austria)

#4 Netherlands 2-1 over Canada: Michael van Gerwen jumped out to a 3-1 lead that he couldn’t hold as Dawson Murschell came back for the 4-3 win.  van Gerwen was 3 for 22 on doubles. Jim Long laid an egg in his match against Jermaine Wattimena – but he had his chance to hatch it.  Down 2-1 and 3-1 he took 96 to get time 3-2, then missed 3 to extend the game losing 4-2.  The doubles was all Netherlands.


Netherlands 2-1 (Canada)

Dawson Murschell 4-3 over. Michael van Gerwen

Jermaine Wattimena 4-2 over Jim Long

Doubles: Netherlands 4-2

Semi-finals (format the same: two singles best of 7-501. If tied, doubles best of 7-501. First to 2 points advances to the final)

#2 Scotland 2-0 over Japan: Gary Anderson led off for Scotland like the 1/6 favorite he was. Then at 3-0 Asada took out 127 which he followed with 48 to narrow it to 3-2. Granted, he got his shot at 48 after Anderson on 105 went 25, double tops and saw his third dart caress the double top dart and hit the d1. Peter Wright was workmanlike in disposing of Haruki Muramatsu 4-1.


#2 Scotland 2-0 (Japan)

Gary Anderson 4-2 over Seigo Asada

Peter Wright 4-1 over Haruki Muramatsu

Republic of Ireland 3-1 over #4 Netherlands: Michael van Gerwen, who sometimes plays like a human, struggled to beat Steve Lennon. He did have a 136 check in leg 1. If the Netherlands gets to the final van Gerwen will have to play like van Gerwen.  The 115 average of William O’Connor returned as he had an easy time beating Jermaine Wattimena which included a 13-darter. “Whoa Nelly!,” what an ass-kicking the Republic of Ireland laid on the Netherlands in the doubles!  Steve Lennon (averaged 109) and was brilliant all day, took out 131, 128 and set up William O’Conner with T35 to leave 40 which he erased to win the match. Bye-bye to the 4th seed.


Ireland 3-1 (the Netherlands)

Michael vs Gerwen 4-3 over Steve Lennon

William O’Connor 4-1 over Jermaine Wattimena

Doubles: Ireland 4-0

The Final (format: 2 singles best of 7-501. Then, a doubles best of 7-501. If no team reaches 3 points then reverse singles until a team gets 3 points) 

#2 Scotland 3-1 over the Republic of Ireland: So far, Cinderella’s shoe seemed to fit the lads from Ireland. Steve Lennon continued his great play by beating Gary Anderson 4-2. Anderson’s 2 wining legs were both 85 – 15, triple 20 and d5.  Peter Wright took advantage of O’Connor missing 2 that would had given him a 3-2 lead. At 3-2 Wright finished it with a 13-darter. Scotland won a run-away doubles 4-0. It was a team effort as Peter Wright took 3 outs with Gary Anderson finishing it off it a 76 check. Just a win away – a reverse win for Peter Wright over Steve Lennon and Scotland would claim the World Cup. And so it was: Peter Wright with a 4-1 victory over Steve Lennon gave Scotland their first World Cup.

Recap: Scotland 3-1 (Republic of Ireland)

Steve Lennon 4-2 over Gary Anderson

Peter Wright 4-2 over William O’Connor

Doubles: Scotland 4-0

Peter Wright 4-1 over Steve Lennon

FINAL thoughts:  The Republic of Ireland took out #1 seed England and #4 Netherlands. They did GREAT.  But they ran into a Scotland team that rose to the occasion.  The cream is always on top. For the first time in World Cup history the name on the trophy won’t be either England or the Netherlands. Not only does Scotland get their name on the trophy but each player banks a neat £35,000. The lads from the Republic of Ireland can buy lots of Guinness as each player gets £20,000.

The PDC does a great job of tweaking the World Cup to make it better. Walk on girls would be a plus.  Want to bet that next year’s tweak will include the addition of a female to the teams? Will that make it better?

Shirley, you jest!

Stay thirsty my friends.


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