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Column #HR262 BetVictor PDC World Cup of Darts – Day Three

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Column HR262
BetVictor PDC World Cup of Darts – Day Three

As the Old Dart Coach predicted England went out without firing a shot. The Republic of Ireland with William O’Conner averaging 115 advanced to the quarter finals – O’Conner took out Rob Cross 4-3.

For the USA it was another disappointing World Cup; they did nothing and went down to 2-0 to Austria.

North America’s hopes now rest with “Oh, Canada” as they took both singles 4-3 to move to the quarter finals tomorrow.

Singapore had a disappointing showing just two days after eliminating Wales.

Afternoon Session (2 singles (if tied at 1, then a doubles – best of 7-501 decider)

New Zealand 2-1 over South Africa:  South Africa played their second player first. Kiwi Cody Harris romped against Vernon Bouwers* 4-1. That left it up to #1 Devin Peterson to get a win over Kiwi Haupai Puha* to send it to the doubles. Captian Dancing Devin went through Haupai Puha like the wind off the Serengeti winning 4-2 which set up the doubles decider. With Bouwers going first SA* was always in the hole. New Zealand wins and moves on to play Japan.


New Zealand 2-1 (South Africa)

Singles One: Cody Harris 4-0 over Vernon Bouwers

Singles Two: Devon Petersen 4-0 over Haupai Puha

Doubles: New Zealand 4-2 South Africa

Japan 2-0 over Singapore: Japan wins the battle for Southeast Asia supremacy, almost without a fight. Japan’s Seigo Asada* using 12 match darts in the final leg won 4-3.  Asada, with 3-T80s, was cruising along, up 2-1, when Paul Lim took out T60 to level. Lim would go up 3-2 but then lose the scoring touch in a very “un Lim” way.  With the darts Harith Lim would win the opening leg.  Haruki Muramatsu was a scoring machine (3-T80s) winning 4-2. Japan to play New Zealand in the quarters.


Japan 2-0 (Singapore)

Singles One: Seigo Asada 4-3 over Paul Lim

Singles Two: Haruki Muramatsu 4-2 over Harith Lim

#2 Scotland 2-0 over Sweden:   Gary Anderson led off against farewell player Magnus Caris*.  A 4-0 win for the slimed down Anderson, two stones lighter, who was hitting on all cylinders. A sketchy Peter Wright beat Dennis Nilsson 4-2. Scotland to play Belgium next.


#2 Scotland 2-0 (Sweden)

Singles One: Gary Anderson 4-0 over Magnus Caris

Singles Two: Peter Wright 4-2 over Dennis Nilsson

#7 Belgium 2-0 over Germany: Germany had he hometown fans rocking, rolling, drinking and singing. After the match they were mostly drinking, and silent.  Kim Huybrechts faced Germany’s Martin Schindler. “O Nelly” what a match!  At 2-2 Schindler used a pair of T80s for 3-2. He started the next leg T80, T20 but squandered it, losing. At 3-3 Schindler squandered 5 match darts allowing Huybrechts to hit double 5 for the 4-3 win. Germany’s Max Hopp needed a win to advance against Dimitri Van den Bergh. It was a slaughter as Van den Berg laid a 4-zip whipping on Hopp. Down 3-nil, Hopp finally hit a T40 which Van den Burg answered with T80, T34, T39 and out. Belgium will play the Netherlands next in the quarters.


#7 Belgium 2-0 (Germany)

Singles One: Kim Huybrechts over 4-3 Martin Schindler

Singles Two: Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 over Max Hopp

Evening session

Canada 2-0 over #5 Australia:  Canada’s 23-year-old Dawson Murschell caught Simon Whitlock doing a “walkabout” beating him 4-3. Two of Whitlock’s legs came with 126 checks while Murschell was looking at a double.  Jim Long sent Canada to the quarter finals in a scratchy game defeating Kyle Anderson 4-3. Both players had match darts but Long’s double 5 did the job. Canada next meets #1 Netherlands.


Canada 2-0 (#5 Australia)

Dawson Murschell 4-3 over Simon Whitlock

Jim Long 4-3 over Kyle Anderson

#8 Austria 2-0 over the USA: Zoran Lerchbacher opened against Darin Young. It was a finger painting by a 3-year-old – NO style points but Lerchbacher notched the win 4-1. One of the TV commentators mentioned that Mensur Suljovic must have had a table booked for the top of the hour.  Suljovic averaged 114. He went through Chuck Puleo like corn through a seagull.  Puleo didn’t play badly; in fact he played fine – never missed a double abeit he never got to one. Austria will now take on the Cinderella team from the Republic of Ireland.


#8 Austria 2-0 (USA)

Zoran Lerchbacher 4-1 over Darin Young

Mensur Suljovic 4-0 over Chuck Puleo

Republic of Ireland 2-0 over #1 England:  A nervous Michael Smith battled but got no breaks from the board. Tied at 3 against Steve Lennon he wanted 82 when the outer bull rejected two darts.  Steve Lennon took advantage for the 4-3 win. William O’Conner, playing maybe the greatest darts of his life, dismantled world #2 Rob Cross 4-1. O’Conner had 4 T80s in 5 legs. First time the Republic of Ireland gets to the semifinals. They will face Austria.


Republic of Ireland 2-0 (#1 England)

Steve Lennon 4-3 over Michael Smith

William O’Conner 4-3 over Rob Cross

#4 Netherlands 2-0 over Poland:  Michael van Gerwen had all he could handle with Krzysztof Ratajski. Tied at 2, MvG took out 123 for his first lead. He finished it with a 138 to leave 40 which he erased for the win. It wasn’t vintage van Gerwen but good enough. Tied at 1, Poland’s Tytus Kanik opened with T80, T80 as Jermaine Wattimena sat on 284. When Kanik missed 8 at the double Wattimena stole the leg. “The fat lady was singing.” Netherlands now meets the surprising team from the Great North.


#4 Netherlands 2-0 (Poland)

Michael van Gerwen 4-2 over Krzyszt Ratajski

Jermaine Wattimena 4-1 over Tytus Kanik

Tomorrow – the first session (4:00 a.m. west coast and 7:00 a.m. east coast) will be the semifinals with the same format:

New Zealand vs. Japan:  As well as Japan can score, they have a good chance to send the Kiwi’s packing.

#2 Scotland should make short work of Belgium although Belgium’s Kim Huybrechts is playing well. But the team of Anderson and Wright should be too much.

#4 Netherland vs. Canada. Canada plays well but Jim Long has those nervous moments and the Netherlands can take advantage of them. Netherland into the finals.

#8 Austria vs. the Republic of Ireland. Austria will be favored but look for the upset.

Evening Session (10:00 a.m. west coast and 1:00 p.m. east coast)

The finals will be played as two best of seven leg 501 singles matches, with both nations nominating the order in which their players play the first two matches, followed by a best of seven legs 501 doubles match. If no team reaches 3 points, then singles matches will be reversed and played again.

Take #2 Scotland and #4 Netherlands to meet in the finals…

…with the Netherlands coming out on top.

Stay thirsty my friends.


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