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Column #HR232 PDC World Cup XIII – Day 3 Round up

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Column HR232
PDC World Cup XIII – Day 3 Round up

The lunchtime menu at the Eissporthalle promised some delectable delights. As it was, there appeared nothing more than appetizers. Served, but of course served with large quantities of “Golden Elixir.” The evening session promised a full main course. It delivered as advertised to the largest crowd of the tournament… which came to cheer on Germany. They weren’t disappointed.

Germany 2-1 over Northern Ireland. When Northern Ireland’s Daryl Gurney throws darts he looks like the guy that gets up in the morning and stumbles to the front porch for the paper. His “ho hum” attitude worked for a 4-0 whitewash against Martin Schindler that stunned the crowd to silence. Thanks to Brendan Dolan mucking up a 64-out Max Hopp got a shot at 16 and erased it (wining 4-3) sending this one to the doubles…

In 2017, these two teams met in the first round where Germany got a 5-4 win sending them to round 2. It was an ugly game both on stage and in the crowd. For the second year in a row Germany sent Northern Ireland packing, this time 4-2. The reason? According to Wayne Mardle, “Northern Ireland lost their bottle.”

In other matches:

#5 Wales 2-1 over Switzerland. Three time Swiss champ Alexander Fehlmann got a 4-3 win over Gerwyn Price to give the Swiss hope for the upset. Unfortunately Andreas Bless was the hole in the Swiss cheese, losing 4-0 to Jonny Clayton. The doubles had Fehlmann (two T80s and a T40) playing without a partner. The result was predictable as Wales moves on with the 4-1 doubles win.

#4 Australia 2-1 over Spain. Kyle Anderson 4-1 over Toni Alcinas. Go figure. It took 12 darts for Anderson to hit his first double but he found himself down only 1-0. Then 4 on the trot gave him the win (including the first 170 check of the tournament). Thank you. The double decider went to the Aussies 4-3. At 3-2 up the Aussies squandered 8 darts from 87 to force the 7th leg. They escaped.

Japan 2-0 over Canada. Seigo Asada 4-3 over John Part. Asada missed 4 darts at 32 to go up 3-0 and instead found himself down 3-1. Asada clawed back to level at 3 and then took the decider on 32 for the match when Part’s scoring completely deserted him at 3-1. That was followed by eight time World Cup competitor Haruki Muramatsu going through Dawson Murschell like a dose of salts 4-0. Singapore’s Harith Lim gave some advice that Murschell might heed: “Before you start celebrating you better do something.” Murschell spent the introduction dancing on stage. His dance was “Flossing” – which looked to the ODC a lot like “dry humping” (a term he discovered on the 9th grade Hay Ride at Castlemont High School in Oakland). Both he and Murschell had pitiful performances.

Scotland 2-0 over Brazil. Peter Wright waltzed to a 4-1 win losing only the second leg to Diogo Portela in 12 darts. If Wright waltzed then Gary “Gary, Gary, Gary” Anderson strolled. winning 4-nil over Bruno Rangel. The shellacking of Brazil sets up a match with Japan on the morrow. If Wright and Anderson retain their form they should advance over Japan but it will probably be a struggle.

#7 Belgium 2-0 over Finland. Kim Huybrechts had his way with Marko Kantele 4-0. Huybrechts, who holds the record average for the World Cup at 121.97, was nowhere near that but then he didn’t have to be. Dimitri Van den Bergh is the reigning World “Yute” Champion. He looked anything but when he missed 7 darts to win the first leg against Kim Viljanen. Then he ran of 4 on the trot for the 4-1 with an average over 100.

#2 England 2-1 over Singapore. World Champion Rob Cross got a lesson in darts from Paul “The Great” Lim, losing 4-3 in great match. With the match level at 3 Cross left 8 while Lim sat back at 233. A T80 by Lim made Cross’s double more difficult, so he missed. Lim took out 53 with double top averaging 102.24. Dave Chisnall leveled the match with a 4-2 win over Harith Lim to send it to the doubles decider. England took the doubles 4-2 to setup a date with Belgium tomorrow.

#3 Netherland over South Africa. Michael van Gerwen gave Mr. Liam O’Brien a taste of the best today winning 4-0. Raymond van Barneveld followed suit by (also) laying a whitewash on Devon Petersen 4-0. Neither broke a sweat.

Tomorrow’s lunch time Quarter Finals could provide a surprise or two…

If there are any surprises it won’t be when #1 Scotland meets Japan. Scotland was the book maker’s favorite at the start but has fallen out of favor. They’ll have no trouble with Japan. Although the Scots might lose a singles they’ll still advance 2-1.

#5 Wales and #4 Australia will meet to make it to the quarter finals. If there’s an edge it has to be with the “Shrimp on the Barbie” guys as Whitlock and Anderson have the experience plus they’ve been more consistent. Jonny Clayton is the weak link for Wales. The Aussies have none. Australia wins.

#2 England and #7 Belgium is a real conundrum as both teams have been up and down more than a yo-yo. England a weak #2 seed. The match probably hinges on Belgium’s reigning “yute” champion Dimitri Van den Bergh paying well. England’s Dave Chisnall is susceptible to pressure while Rod Cross is feeling the pressure. Take Belgium for the upset.

#3 Netherlands vs. Germany. The Old Dart Coach was tipping Netherlands from Day 1. Now, the bookies have joined in. To reach the Quarters Germany put their second best player, Martin Schindler, first figuring that he would lose to the best, then Hopp would beat the second best and they’d win the doubles. Worked like a charm against Northern Ireland. Netherlands isn’t Northern Ireland. Against the crowd, Netherlands rolls.

The evening session will stage both semis and the final…

The semifinals will continue the 2 singles one double format. The final will be played best of 7-501 singles, best of 7-501 doubles, then best of 7-501 reverse singles. The first team to 3 wins.

If you’re a betting person bet someone else’s ranch on a Scotland vs. Netherlands final.

Scotland will see off Australia and the Netherlands will bid England farewell.

The winner will be the Netherlands in a barn burner final.

The day started with just a bit if controversy (incorrectly pronounced by the Brits as “CON TRAV IS SEE) when the Old Dart Coach incorrectly judged the start time to be 1:30 a.m. Las Vegas time. The up side was, while up and ready, he discovered that porn was available on the internet at that hour.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Stay thirsty my friends.


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