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Column #HR231 PDC World Cup XIII – Day 2 Round up

Friday, June 1, 2018
Column HR231
PDC World Cup XIII – Day 2 Round up

On the second day of World Cup XIII the Eissporthalle was an almost chocker block full in anticipation of Germany facing Sweden. The beer sellers were busy as the match was scheduled next-to-last. Clever fellows. (The Eissporthalle’s primary function is to play home to the Löwen Frankfurt of the DEL ice hockey league should that question ever come up at a cocktail party.)

The Old Dart Coach’s tournament bracket saw him go 7-1 missing only the Japanese 5-4 upset of #8 Austria on Day 1. On Day 2 he went 7-1 again. 14-2. How about that? As they say in the betting trade, “Not too Chablis.” While the losers in this round take home $1,993.82 the winners are assured $5,315.28 even with a loss next out. Just a little Brie to go with the Madera, my “dear-a.”

Singapore 5-3 over New Zealand. The Singapore Sling is a drink invented at the world famous Raffles bar. The Singapore Slingers are Paul and Harith Lim. New Zealand was sailing along with a 2-nil lead when the effect of the Slingers set in. Then Paul Lim used two T40’s and Harith another to get a leg back. That evolved to 4-2. It only became 4-3 when the Kiwis had 5 at a double. Paul placed the umbrella in the drink when “The Great” Lim erased 68.

Finland 5-2 over Greece. Every concert or sport event has a time when there’s a pause for the cause. The Finland-Greece match was a root canal without Novocain although Finland’s 116 check for the win was neat.

Northern Ireland 5-4 over Poland. Northern Ireland overcame 6 missed doubles in the opening leg and then went down 3-1 and 4-2. They got back to 4-3 when Daryl Gurney tossed 174 to leave 16 which Dolan took out. Poland had one match dart at bull. In the decider Dolan scored T40 leaving 101 which Gurney erased with T19, bull, double 16.

South Africa 5-3 over Hungary. The only reason the Devon would be dancing was because Liam O’Brien provided the music. O’Brien was BRILLIANT. What this rookie did was take out 160, score T40 to leave 40 and 32, and then for good measure hit the match dart. A star is born as Devon sucked.

Belgium 5-4 over the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland was in total control, up 4-2 at 48, as Belgium’s Dimitri Van den Bergh was showing the effects of being a rookie. He was in the outhouse with Kim Huybrechts who played great. Then den Bergh arrived at the penthouse with a T30 check followed by a pair of T80s and a bull check – the first of the tournament. The T30 turned the match around. At 4-4 den Bergh, a former world youth champion, threw 125 to leave 36 which Huybrechts erased after William missed the T70 on the bull for the match.

England 5-3 over the Czech Republic. It was a workman-like performance for England. Dave Chisnall played well but world champion Rod Cross was just average. After England led 4-1, with the darts they stalled in mediocrity. A Chisnall 134 check got it done. But a win is a win is a win.

Germany 5-3 over Sweden. The first 6 legs all went with the darts. Tied at 3, Martin Schindler came alive with a 126 check (T19, T19, d6) which he followed with a T80 in what was then the decider, which he took out for the win,

#3 Netherlands 5-0 over Gibraltar (in under10 minutes). Gibraltar was like the one-legged man in an ass kicking contest or the javelin catcher in a track and field event. MVG was MVG and Barnet was pretty darn good.

Saturday’s when the game changes- two sessions with two singles, 501 – best of 7, and a doubles 501 – best of 7 (played should there be a tie at 1 each). Trying to pick a winner off a country’s doubles performance is like estimating the value of the house by the size of the tomatoes growing in the back yard.

With a 1:30 p.m. Frankfort start there’ll be a 2:30 a.m. wake up call in Las Vegas, then a quit nap before the second session at 11:00 a.m.

#5 Wales (Gerwyn Price & Jonny Clayton) should be a big favorite when they face off against Switzerland. The fly in the ointment for Wales was the horrid play Jonny Clayton in round 1.   The Swiss duo (Alexander Fehlmann & Andreas Bless) advanced not for what they did but because of what China didn’t do. Wales will only stumble if they look ahead. They won’t. Wales advances.

The #4 Aussie duo of Simon Whitlock & Kyle Anderson was darn near perfect when they sent Hong Kong home 5-1. The veterans from Spain (Cristo Reyes & Toni Alcinas) came from 2-0 down to beat Russia 5-4. Reyes was scoring and Alcinas was a doubling machine. Look for this one to go to the doubles. Australia squeaks out a 4-3 doubles win to move on.

Seigo Asada & Haruki Muramatsu from Japan have to be sky high after their cliff hanging 5-4 win over #8 Austria as they averaged 92.74. Austria’s seeding was due completely to Mensur Suljovic. He got no help from his partner. Seigo Asada was absolutely world class. Canada, (John Part & Dawson Murschell) was never pressured in their walk in the park against Italy. Japan will prove difficult for the only North Americans left. The Rising Sun shines as Japan advances.

#1 seed Scotland best not be looking beyond their match with Brazil. While the Scottish won easily over the USA (5-1) Gary Anderson was having double troubles as he has want to do. Anderson’s susceptible. Doubt that Brazil (Diogo Portela & Bruno Rangel) can win 2 singles to get to the doubles. Scotland advances.

Second session…

#7 Belgium (Kim Huybrechts & Dimitri Van den Bergh) vs. Finland (Kim Viljanen & Marko Kantele). You have to make Belgium the big favorites here especially if the “real” den Bergh shows up. Might well be a 2-0 rout for Belgium.

#2 England (Rob Cross & Dave Chisnall) vs. Singapore (Paul & Harith Lim). England’s Rob Cross hasn’t won a tournament since he captured the world championship. Whichever Lim gets him has great chance for a break through. If it goes to doubles take Singapore. Sometimes you have to follow your heart. Take Singapore.

Northern Ireland (Daryl Gurney & Brendan Dolan) vs. Germany (Max Hopp & Martin Schindler). Edge here should go to Northern Ireland on experience but the crowd will give Germany a lift as Schindler’s play is on the spot. But he can sometime go off the boil. Crowd disappointed as Germany falls to Northern Ireland.

#3 Netherlands (Michael van Gerwen & Raymond van Barneveld ) vs. South Africa (Devon Petersen & Liam O’Brien). This one’s a total blowout. There’ll be dancing but it will be the Dutch “Dream Team” moving on. probably 2-0.

For those that took the “over” on 10 singings of “Hey Baby” – you fell one short. Bummer that.

Stay thirsty my friends.


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