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Column #492 CDC Fantasy League Update

Monday, June 15, 2015
Column 492
CDC Fantasy League Update

If I threw in the towel the first time I hit a triple one or five I wouldn’t be the incredible dart player (translation: bullshitter) I am today.   It’s this philosophy (“Never give in,” as Winston Churchill famously admonished) which leads me to update you today on the CDC Fantasy League…

… rather that admit defeat.

This update is long overdue.  Indeed, were it not for technical problems with the database, there would be no need for an update.  From the beginning, I was confident the standings would be published (as I promised) within a week of the inaugural CDC weekend in Ohio at the end of May.  I was wrong – but we were all over the triple one and five, and I was just certain the standings would be ready to publish within days of the promised date or within a week.  Or two weeks…

I was wrong again.  And again.

I apologize.

To all of you who entered, I am grateful for your patience.  The problem will be solved absolutely as soon as possible, and standings will be regularly and timely published from that point forward.  The data is safe – your entries are safe.

Information technology/website/internet gurus, Adam Hartz and Kelly “Rags” Ragland, are working together to solve the glitch and assure me we are now, finally, right on the triple twenty wire.  Thank you, Adam and Rags!

Do please let me fill you in on and remind you of a few points…

Part of the problem stems from the extraordinary response.  865 entries were received – from all around the world.  Interest is high, and building daily, as the CDC tour edges closer to the second two event in Ypsilanti, Michigan this weekend.  But the response was overwhelming.  We hoped for a large entry but not in our wildest imagination did we expect the number of participants to exceed a hundred or so.  Understandably, I think, this put heavy pressure on the system.

Although the rules specified a limit of one entry per individual, several people entered multiple times, so the database had to be cleansed.  If you are one of these entrants, rest assured that your first entry was accepted.  After de-duping, the final entry list appears to be in the 700+ range.

Although ineligible, some tour card holders submitted teams.  These entries have been left in the database, if for no reason other than it will be interesting to see if the tour card holders are as good at gambling as they are players (Fortunately, Mark Goodwin is not a current tour card holder!).  Tour card holders will not be eligible to win any of the prizes.

Although the high-paid employees of the CDC and Dartoid’s World were ineligible to enter, some did.  They are bums.  Their entries will be reflected in the standings, but they also will not be eligible to win prizes.

Finally, there were some entries that were just plain screwed up.  Some people selected more players per each of the six groups than the four per group allowed.  Others submitted incorrect email addresses.  Someone calling themselves “Caitlin Dircks” submitted an entry (this individual was disqualified just because it was too freaky to think about).  These entries have been declared invalid.

Once the standings are published, it is likely there will be entrants tied.  This does not take on significance until after the final standings are tallied at the end of the tournament.  As a reminder, here is the tiebreak rule…

The tiebreak for this contest will be the final tour points results for each “team” for Group SIX.  If still tied, then totals will be examined progressively backwards: Group FIVE, Group FOUR, etc.  If STILL tied, a count back of each event will be used – i.e.: total points in Event 8, Event 7, Event 6, etc.  (If multiple duplicate teams are selected and no tiebreak is possible, the first place prize will be prorated accordingly.)

The Fantasy League first place prize is $500 and a set of signature darts of the winner’s choice from either Larry Butler, Chris White, Cali West, Chuck Pankow or Gordon Dixon.  Second through fifth place will receive a set of the remaining signature sets.

Thank you again to everybody who entered the Fantasy League, the players, the CDC founders for bringing the tournament series to life, and Adam Hartz and Kelly “Rags” Ragland for all of their work to sort out the database issues.

We will make this work.  For all of the delays, I again profusely apologize.  I accept full responsibility.

The moment standings are ready and posted at Dartoid’s World, you will receive an alert similar to this (generated by Constant Contact using the email address you submitted with your entry).  If you do not want to be contacted please just opt out, and your request will be respected.

From the Field,



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