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Column #461 WELCOME Jamie Barron and Jambo’s Darts!

Tuesday, April 14, 2014
Column 461
WELCOME Jamie Barron and Jambo’s Darts!

It’s been a long time coming…

I’ve been searching for years…

The search has ended.

I am thrilled to welcome a new columnist to Dartoid’s World – Jamie Barron.  Beginning today, his column (Jambo’s Darts) will appear regularly at this site.  Just look to the right and scroll down.  The column will also continue to be appear at his blog at www.jambosdarts.blogspot.co.uk.  Take a peek at either location to get a first dose of this kid’s talented writing.

The Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed, and I look forward to corrupting him!

Seriously, Howie and I are going to be hard-pressed to produce copy as strong as Jamie’s.  He is that good.  And he’s just 15 years old!  I don’t believe I have ever come across anyone who writes so well at such a young age.  It’s not surprising that Jamie aspires to be a sports journalist.

Jamie hails from Yorkshire, England.  I think this is where they make the pudding that isn’t really pudding.  We “met” at the popular Stars of Darts forum (http://www.tsod.tv/forum) and began to correspond.

Here, in his own words, is his story…

Throughout my life I have loved most sports and football was my first passion as I played for my local team and school from a very young age up until last year and I am also a huge fan of Manchester United.  My love for darts stems back to when I was around 8 or 9 and I bought a magnetic dart board that I would play on occasionally! Then when I moved to my new house, I put a dartboard up in my room and I have always enjoyed playing the game.  Up until early last year, I used to play darts every evening.  My hope is to succeed in either playing or writing about the sport.  

Nowadays, I go through spells where I will play lots but then won’t pick up a dart again for many months.  I try to play as much as possible and play webcam darts occasionally but I am not really very good and a 45 average is about my peak!  In the future I would like to invest more time in the sport and hopefully join a local pub team when I am older. 

I first started watching darts on the TV one World Championship around 2010ish and I really enjoyed watching the darts occasionally. However, I first started gathering a real interest in the PDC darts during the 2012 World Championship as I followed Andy Hamilton throughout the tournament to the final and ever since I have been his biggest fan.  My other favourite players are Peter Wright, Phil Taylor and Robert Thornton.  I then decided to start my blog this year after being advised to do so by a teacher who recommended that writing a blog would be great experience. 

The rest is history (that’s a cliché Jamie – never use it!)…

Jamie has published a series of insightful entries about this year’s Premier League and has lots of fresh  ideas in the works.  Since he is currently studying for a host of GCSE exams he may not be able to be as frequent a columnist as he would like until July.  However, Dartoid’s World readers can be sure to find Jamie’s weekly musings on the Premier League as it marches to a conclusion during the next several weeks.

It should be noted that Jamie’s parents have reviewed the Dartoid’s World website “in depth” and have approved his joining the team (apparently they missed the Double Out shots and bad language).  Jamie expressed minor concern that he “knows absolutely nothing about darts in America or American sport” and I assured him this is no problem… neither do Howie or I.

In return for Jamie’s column and, eventually, lessons in high-level conker strategy Howie and I hope to teach him something about women, not that we know anything about that either.  Nobody does.

This reminds me – we are looking for one more writer to complete the Dartoid’s World stable.  If you know of a Hooter’s girl who can throw a dart and spell please contact me (and send photos).

WELCOME, Jamie Barron, to Dartoid’s World!

We’re delighted to have you aboard.

From the Field,



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