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Column #423 Bullshit at the “World’s Top Darts Forum”

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Column 423
Bullshit at the “World’s Top Darts Forum”

Sometime back, the following post was made by one of the senior moderators at The Website That Shall Not Be Named – which today bills itself as the “World’s Top Web Forum.” Probably the principals also think the world is flat.

I copied the post and saved it. From time to time I pass it in my documents file. I am always amazed…

The poster has been playing darts for just six years but claims to have once hit five 180s in a row, thrown several perfect 301 games, a couple of perfect cricket games, and a couple of 11-darters. He also claims to have scored a couple of holes in one in golf, bowled a few perfect 300 games, and scored a few perfect hat-tricks in soccer.

The poster does not mention whether he has pitched a no-hitter, run a sub-four-minute mile, sunk a hundred consecutive free throws, won an Olympic gold medal, or slept with all the women Tiger Woods did but he probably has, in his whacked out mind.

I share the pathology and “wisdom” of this senior moderator to illustrate just one more reason why the “World’s Top Darts Forum” ain’t even close.

In fairness, the poster makes no claim to his ability to write so I have edited his post slightly for spelling and punctuation.

Gotta go. Phil Taylor’s on the line and wants my advice on technique.

From the Field,


I have been playing darts now for about 6 years. (I’m) not a competition player but I do play a couple times a week on average. I have won my fair share of league titles etc.

(I got to thinking): How bloody hard is a perfect 501 in steel tip?

I have a couple of cricket perfect legs and a bunch of perfect 301s (double in, double out). In practice I have actually hit five 180s in a row. (I) haven’t gotten close since and that was a while back. But that’s beside the point.

I have played countless legs of 501 and have mustered a couple of 11 dart legs. I have only ever hit a perfect 501 in soft tip. I have heard of a few people hitting the perfect games in the City of Houston but have never witnessed one.

Perfect 8 dart cricket games would seem to me to be a more unlikely thing – different targets and the dependence on the person not scoring more then 25 for the 8-darter to (be possible). Yet I have done a couple.

I can say I have looked at maybe a handful of opportunities in practice or otherwise at the 9-dart 501. I had thought it was just a matter of time. But now I am starting to think it’s a real measure of dedication and ability in the game of darts.

The focus it takes to hit the 6 perfect first darts seems to take away from the ability to then start moving around the board for the close. The hardest combination out being 180 (3 x t20), 171 (3 x t19), and 150 (3 double bulls). So, yes, there are a bunch of ways and I understand that. But going on the premise that the t19 is only used as a cover shot, the 3 dart finish is a tough moving around the board combination. You’re either d12, d18, d15 or double bull outing. All of which have a tough medium deviation or toughest smallest target.

So how hard is a perfect 501?

Coming from a guy that has hit a couple of holes in one in golf, has a few 300 games in bowling, and a few perfect hat-tricks in soccer this is one perfect I don’t think I can hit just playing recreationally.

If I ever get a chance it will be a t20 t19 d12 and I would have put in a couple of years of daily practice and tournament travel.

(I) would love hearing from those who have done it and just as much people who have come close.

I have heard of playing 321 practice games but pretty much nothing regard(ing) the elusive 9-darter apart from practice, practice, practice.


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