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Column #527 Some excitement. Some disappointments.

Friday, December 23, 2016
Column 527
Some excitement.  Some disappointments.

As readers may have gathered, Dartoid’s World experienced another hack of some kind November. All is now resolved and we’re back to normal, or abnormal, depending on your perspective. The hack has been traced to either the Russians or the ADO.

Of course, all attention is on the PDC world championships. The combatants are sorting themselves out in the early stages. After the three-day holiday break action is certain to move into high gear. It’s great stuff, albeit disappointing and grossly unfair that North America is provided just one spot in the competition. I’m tipping Phil Taylor to win the thing for the 17th time. He’s the greatest ever. He’s the most experienced.

And I am just worn out looking at Michael van Gerwen’s bald head.

As exciting as it is that the PDC is returning to Las Vegas in July, it is equally disappointing – an insult – that they have chosen to partner with an organization that has monumentally less experience, contacts, and long-term credibility (in both the steel and soft-tip arenas) than so many others. Had the PDC asked for my advice (as the ADO often does) I’d have recommended Rob Heckman or the CDC boys. This is not to suggest I will not attend, and play. The event is a fantastic opportunity for darts in North America and should be embraced by all.

Of course, it’s also disappointing – but not surprising after all these many years – that we are now just eight days away from again not having a proper financial report from the ADO.  December 31st will mark 14 years since the ADO has shed light on how it spends league dues and tournament entry fees.

Coming during the next three days will be a series of columns written by Charis Mutschler who has been hobnobbing with the players and journalists from the press room at Alexandra Palace. It’s insightful, inside commentary and will hopefully help fill the void in play from Christmas Eve through Boxing Day.

Finally, from yours truly, appearing in this space in early January will be a column about darts in Cuba. All I am able to say, or clarify, at this point is that the rumor I played Fidel and beat him, causing him to mortally stab himself with a dart is categorically false.

Merry Christmas to all.

From the Field,


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The Diary of an Unhealthy Dart Throwing Slug

The Diary of an Unhealthy Dart Throwing Slug

Dartoid and I have been friends since the early days of the old North American Open. I have watched him compete and count myself among the many who enjoy reading his column. But more than any of his columns this little book struck a cord with me. While I doubt that the ideas, or any others for that matter, will help Dartoid’s game, many of them are principles I now practice. They are presented in Dartoid’s unique humorous easy-to-read style and are certain to improve your health and the way you feel and throw. ~ Jerry Umberger