It’s A Funny Game, Darts, Life

You have got to love a book that has references in its early pages to Ernest Hemingway, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Primo Carnera and the immortal Joe Louis. As someone who has for nearly thirty years tried to elucidate my passion for tungsten projection by reference to modern literature, pop music, the Bible and the classics, I salute Dartoid and heavily recommend this book to aficionados, backpackers and Joe General Public. Eat your heart out W.B. Yeats. Just as bullfighting got its Hemingway and baseball its Malamud and Roth, now darts has got its Yankee Boswell. This book will be the first thing I pack when once again I pick up my microphone and go a-commentating. ~ Sid Waddell

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Author of the column that since 1995 has been featured by Bull’s Eye News, the American Darts Organization’s (ADO) Double Eagle and numerous other darts publications and websites around the globe.