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Monday, December 11, 2023
Column HR440 

A “deep” subject…

The WDF hosted the Lakeside World Championship last week.  Beau Greaves, as the Old Dart Coach predicted, coasted to another World Championship with an easy 4-1 defeat of Aileen de Graaf.  During Greaves’ run to the title she would score 11 sets, losing only 1. On the men’s side Andy Baetens defeated Chris Landman 6-1 to become the first Belgium to win the World Title (with an asterisk).

To the surprise of no one with a working brain the event drew controversy (pounced Con-Trav-Is-Ty by those in the Motha Country).  One posted, “Was watching the Lakeside darts. Turned it off. Went in the kitchen to watch my wife iron.”  How hurtful.  

For the first time in ages the USA fared well.  New ADO President Jim Widmayer started the run beating Patrik Kovacs (2-1). In the top 16 Widmayer had no trouble sending Scotland’s Mark Barilli packing with a convincing 3-0 (3-0, 3-0, 3-2) win.

Next up for Widmayer was New Zealand’s John Tata.  He derailed the Widmayer train 3-0 (3-1, 3-2, 3-2).  Widmayer said during a recent interview, “I don’t play CDC darts because they don’t care about their players.”   Funny – a CDC player reached the quarters.

Leonard Gates sailed through his first match against Brian Corbett 2-0 (3-2, 3-0).  Danny Lauby II, the #6 seed, sauntered though his 3-0 win (3-1, 3-0, 3-0) over Jarno Bottenberg averaging 91.20.

Then it was Yank vs. Yank

Danny Lauby waltzed into the top 16 with a “Snyder” on Leonard Gates 3-0 (3-1 ,3-0, 3-1).  Lauby had a T24 finish and simply outscored Gates.  This was the first time two USA darters faced each other since 1994 saw Paul Lim face Jimmy Demore. Danny became the first Yank to reach the quarters since Roger Carter in 1997.

Lauby was eliminated by Dutch player Jelle Klaasen 4-1.  Many may remember Klaassen from his time in the PDC as a mid-level player.  He exited the PDC only to find a home in the WDF.

Paula Murphy’s trip to Lakeside was successful – she won her first match against Spain’s Almudena Fajardo 2-1 (3-2, 1-3, 3-1). Level in the deciding set, Murphy took advantage of Fajardo’s scoring failure to advance to the round of sixteen.  Murphy made it to the quarter final beating Anca Zijlstra 2-0 (3-1, 3-2).  Paula’s reward for winning was a meeting with Beau Greaves.

Paula Murphy’s trip to Lakeside came to an end when she faced Greaves, the ODC’s pick to win the whole “kit and caboodle”.  Greaves was dominating with the 2-0 win where Paula Murphy was 100% on doubles.  She never got one.  It was a good run for Murphy to reach the round of eight.  Paula was the first from the US and A to reach the quarter finals since the late Stacy Bromberg.

As the ODC was unable to watch any of the Lakeside event no comment will be forthcoming about the set up or the play. What has caused a dustup is the WDF policy of banning players from Russian and Belarus while welcoming transgender players.  That’s confined to men playing in the women’s draw.  Funny no women claiming be men to play against the men.

From Dartsnieuws.com: “In an era where inclusivity is paramount, the World Darts Federation (WDF) achieved a milestone last weekend with the participation of the first transgender player at the Women’s World Championship.  Victoria Monaghan’s participation caused much disapproval and surprised reactions on social media and among fellow darts players.”

Some may recall that when the WDF banned Russian-born but British citizen Anastasia Dobromyslova the ODC called on women to boycott the WDF Championship.  The ODC’s call was met with the sound of silence including from the players rep with the WDF.

“According to other players, the ladies’ mental health is affected by transgender participation.  According to science, there is quite a bit to be said for that.  Trans women who have transitioned retain some ‘masculine traits'”.

Those traits?  Retaining factory installed male equipment.

Some ladies have said they will no longer compete when transgender players are allowed to enter.  Don’t hold your breath.  The WDF has reportedly been asked to stop transgenders from playing.  To date those pleas have fallen on deaf ears and dumb minds.

The WDF is under the delusional mindset that darts will become an Olympic sport.  Adopting IOC rules will not help their case.  They are selective on which IOC rules they follow…

The IOC has banned Russian athletics but allows them to compete under a “Neutral Flag.”  This stance comes under fire from Dartsnieuws: “Russian darts players have not been welcome at the WDF for almost two years.  It is, of course, utterly ridiculous that innocent athletes who have absolutely nothing to do with the war in Ukraine should bear the brunt of a Russian dictator.”

In the PDC, a player like Anastasia Dobromyslova (but also Boris Koltsov in the past) are allowed to compete under a Neutral Flag.

Dobromyslova, a 3-time women’s world champion, played on the PDC Women’s Series in 2023 and showed glimpses of her old form again with two finals in the autumn. On the WDF Tour, however, Dobromyslova is not welcome.

The same goes for the talented new generation of darts players from Russia.  Not as a Russian, and not as a neutral athlete.

When will they be allowed back onto the circuit?  Their potential careers are being destroyed in this way.  National sports organizations have to pay money to become members of the WDF.  However, a Neutral Flag cannot pay.  Maybe the WDF is not as inclusive as what they want people to believe.

Another “insightful” post…

“No event can be complete without the BDO family jumping in.  It may not be the BDO (family) running things (for now), but the WDF are the nearest thing we have this year.  Just watched the young boy’s final there, wonderful entertainment.  You won’t get to see that standard of play from the PDC (mercenaries).  Both boys averaged over 22 despite being in their teens.  The PDC (mercenaries) can only dream of having that kind of talent coming through.”

If the lads improve, they will be in the PDC.  To quote Mr. B. Bunny: “What a maroon!”

Stay thirsty my friends.



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