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Column #HR424 Geezer Gazette – Volumne II – Issue II

Thursday, September 14, 2023
Column HR424 
Geezer Gazette: Volume II – Issue II


Welcome back to Volume II of the Geezer Gazette – keeping senior darters up-to-date on “What’s the Haps” (as John Kramer likes to say).  


The big news for the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN (age 55+) in Las Vegas on January 19-20, 2024, is that thanks to a generous donation from Ms. Lisa Farrell the Ladies Senior Open Singles will have a $1,000 prize fund.  Ms. Farrell and the Golden Era Dart Players will be the co-sponsors of the event.  NEVER in the history of darts has the payout for the ladies been the same as for the gentlemen.  Now, it’s up to the ladies to support the event.  Seniors do it right, just less often.


Considering that many Seniors will also want to attend the Las Vegas Open there’s good news on the horizon.  The ADO has posted a link for ADO room rates:  https://res.windsurfercrs.com/ibe/details.aspx?propertyid=16539&nights=1&checkin=1/14/2024&group=2401AMERIC_001&lang=en-us.  Or just call the Tuscany on their 800 number and ask for the ADO rate.  “Up to you.”


Russ and Billie Lopez have booked a suite at the Tuscany for the Las Vegas Open.  Last year, Russ partnered with David “Duck” Miller in supplying the room.  The “Duck” supplied refreshments for those (and others) that stopped by for a “Howdy.”  It looks like this year is “same-same.”  Lopez and Miller along with Gail Heard are sponsoring the Lenny Heard Senior Open at CD’s Lounge on Saturday January 20th at 1:00 p.m.  Be there or be square.


Sally Kelly is sponsoring the $1,000 Dave Kelly Calcutta Mixed Doubles at the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN January 19-20, 2024, in Las Vegas.  This donation is in honor of her late husband Dave who epitomized the spirit of the Golden Era with a joyfulness that should never be forgotten.  Ms. Kelly has become a familiar figure (no pun intended) on the USA darting scene.  A popular player, Ms. Kelly has also picked up a sponsor in Dirty Jersey Darts.  According to Ms. Kelly they make amazing shirts.  Good for them and good for Sally.  Maybe they’ll make a shirt for the SENIOR OPEN?


There have been some changes made to the schedule for the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN.  These changes will be reflected in the next flyer, to be released next week.  If you can’t wait, here they are…


Not everyone can own an NFL or NBA team, but you can own a Mixed Doubles Team.  The Calcutta is your chance to be an owner of a Mixed Doubles Team at the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN – it’s in your hands (or wallet).  The Calcutta Mixed Doubles Auction will take place on Saturday night (Jan 20th) just prior to the event itself instead of 9:00 p.m. on Friday evening.  Bidding will take place just prior to the event.  80% of the money raised will be distributed to the top four owners of teams 1-4.  The bidding on each team will start at $40 with a team not bid upon playing for only for the posted prize money.  Great chance for non-players to have a bet.


The format for the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN is unique in darting history – it’s like a good Chinese menu: there’s a little from column “A” and a little from column “B.”  All events will use the PDC and CDC system where groups will be playing on a single board with the board winner moving on.  The entry fee for the Blind Draw is $10.  The entry fee for other events is $20 per person.  100% of ALL entry fees go to Make-A-Wish.

Blind Draw – No age restrictions, will be played No-Count Cricket, best of 3.  If a leg ends level each team’s players will throw three darts each for score.  High score takes the leg or match. 

Singles – Both the Gentleman’s (65+) and Ladies (55+) event will be played 301 d/d, best of 3.  Yes, indeed, it’s a trip back to the future.  

Calcutta Mixed Doubles – The mixed doubles (men 65+ and ladies 55+) will be played best of 3 701.  It is possible to enter the Mixed Doubles as a team or as a single with parings being made by tournament director in order of entry. 

The Finals: All finals will be played best of 5.  

Limited Entries: There is a good chance that entries in all events will be limited due to limited space and the number of playing boards.  Soon, a method of pre-entry will be available.

DARTS AUCTION (Friday night)

Jerry Umberger is the face of the Golden Era Dart Players.  He was one of the first that had a major sponsorship and played on both sides of the Atlantic and he always represented the sport with dignity.  In 1983, he captured the Triple Crown Trophy which was awarded to the player that scored the most singles points in the three Triple Crown events.  The Triple Crown was the brainchild of the late Tom Fleetwood with the three tournaments being the North American Open Dart Tournament (Las Vegas), The Dallas Classic and Darts America in Atlantic City.

Jerry has donated the Triple Crown trophy to be auctioned off at the GOLDEN ERA DARTERS STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN on Friday night, January 20.  All proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish which was the charity that Stacy Bromberg raised donations for during her extraordinary career.


Chuck and Sandy Hudson will be holding a raffle shortly for a some of Sandy’s playing shirts.  All proceeds will be sent to Make-A-Wish.  Thank you!  Amanda Preciado is also planning a fund raiser for Make-A-Wish in the memory of Stacy Bromberg.  


Let it be known that those that formed the GEDP are making not one red cent from the STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN.  They have in fact invested $1,700 dollars and hundreds of hours of time to provide a venue for seniors to play while at the same time raising money for the worthy Make-A-Wish charity.  Take time to thank sponsors Russ Lopez, David Miller, Gayne Heard, Lisa Ferrell and Sally Kelly for their donations.

“See ya later, alligator” (which was never said by John Kramer).


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