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Friday, August 11, 2023
Column HR420 

Skullduggery depends on the eye of the beer holder.  The definitions run the gamut from “underhanded or unscrupulous” to “dishonorable behavior or proceedings” to “mean… dishonesty…  trickery.”  To some, much of this defines the American Darts Organization.

Recently, the Old Dart Coach’s amigo, Mick Smith, asked, “Why is tournament prize money less than it used to be in the 80?”  While true, this can’t be blamed on the ADO – unless one takes into account intelligent planning (or the lack thereof) the missed opportunity to partner with machine darts).  When the machine dart industry asked to partner with the ADO they were told, “We don’t need you.”

The real blame?  No meaningful sponsors, the almost total absence of marketing, Covid and possibly the timeworn line foisted by the ADO on local league players: “You have to play better players to get better” – a “porky” if there ever was one.  League players opted out.

As attendance faltered more events were added to increase prize money – which equaled more entry fees.  Seeding only helped the good players, not the average (who supply the bulk of entry fees).

Machine darts and its handicap system helped the average players.  Some people never learn.  Help those that pay the bills.  It’s not rocket science.

For years, the ADO has used its by-laws as but a mere a suggestion, much as the U.S. government does the Constitution today.  For instance, according to the ADO’s by-laws they are to: develop and publish a national newsletter and develop a seniors’ movement.  There was a national newsletter (The Double Eagle), started in 1978 – it’s now gone.  The ODC contacted a person that would know when it ended but got a Simon and Garfunkel answer: “The Sound of Silence.”

The ADO has apparently done “Jack Squat” to develop a “seniors’ movement.”  In January of this year, the ADO (with former ADO vice president Matt Stoner doing the speaking) put the “kybosh” on a small event for seniors to be scheduled in conjunction with the Las Vegas Open.  They weirdly reasoned that these seniors were trying hurt the ADO, arguing that the organizers “wanted the ADO to guarantee their bar” and claimed “the ODC cost the ADO money”.

Liars to the core.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The ODC once did cost the ADO money – years ago – when he had the audacity to defend himself when sued by the ADO.  How dare he?)

The GOLDEN ERA DART PLAYERS (GEDP) are proud to announce THE STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN in 2024.  If the ADO can’t follow through on a goal, can’t abide by their by-laws, the GEDP will get the job done.

The tournament is scheduled for January 19-20, 2024, in Las Vegas at Cool Dog’s (CD’s) Sports Lounge.  This would coincide with the Las Vegas Open were it not for two minor technicalities: as of this writing, the ADO has not sanctioned the 2024 Las Vegas Open nor have they secured a hotel.

The STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN will benefit Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada.

During her all to short lifetime, Stacy was a champion at the oche and of Make-A-Wish, for which she raised tens of thousands of dollars program.  For those not familiar with Make-A-Wish – they provide “wishes” for terminally ill children.

All entry fees for the $2,700 event will go directly to Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada.  In addition, 100% of all monies raised from the auction/raffle will go to Make-A-Wish.

Where does the prize money come from?  From the generous donations of some very special people.  The GOLDEN ERA DART PLAYERS would like to thank those sponsors.  Those sponsors are:

  • The $1,000 Lenny Heard Gentlemen’s Singles is sponsored with donations from Russ Lopez, David Miller and Gail and Lynette Heard.
  • The $500 Stacy Bromberg Ladies’ Singles is sponsored by the GOLDEN ERA DART PLAYERS.*
  • The $1,000 Dave Kelly Mixed Doubles is sponsored by Ms. Sally Kelly.
  • The $200 Blind Draw is sponsored by CD’s Sports Lounge.

*The GOLDEN ERA DART PLAYERS are looking for another sponsor for the Ladies’ Singles in order to raise the prize money for this event to $1,000.

Although several have been approached, no dart company or manufacture has come forward to sponsor this event.  Two well-known companies have simply refused to respond to requests.  Apparently, that’s what they think of you old geezers, like the ODC.

It with sadness that an early fighter for North American darts has passed away…

Ray Fischer was one of the Philadelphia All-Stars and dominated the early 1970s with a couple of North American Open Championships and played in the first USA versus United Kingdom challenge in New York City 1974.  He, along with a few others, were the Phil Taylors or Michael van Gerwens of their day.

Ray Fischer won the North American Darts Open using wooden darts.  He was a true gentleman in the history of darts in America.

Let’s tip one for Ray and Lenny.

Above is the first Flyer for the STACY BROMBERG SENIOR OPEN.  Donations to Make-A-Wish are encouraged.  Just click here: https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=UKRBFV489CQHJ.

More information to come…


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