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Friday, June 16, 2023
Column HR411 

The first round of the PDC World Cup is done and, with a new format, produced some exciting moments and upsets.

The doubles play led to some “singles play” when players didn’t set up their partners.  Another oddity was missing the big single for a finish.  It’s now a new KO tournament best of 15 with Sunday’s final the best of 19. 

The Draw:

  • (#1) England vs. Latvia
  • Poland vs. Germany
  • (#4) Scotland vs. Philippines
  • France vs. South Africa
  • (#3) Netherlands vs. Belgium
  • Australia vs. Croatia
  • (#2) Wales vs. Denmark
  • Sweden vs. Canada

If the 4-seeded teams (England, Wales, Netherlands and Scotland) have first match jitters there could be upsets “a coming”.  England and Germany should both win in a killer bracket and meet in the quarters where England would have to battle the home crowd.

Let’s call Philippines to upset Scotland as South Africa behind a rejuvenated Devon Peterson plays a major role to oust France.

Also picking the “quarreling” Belgium duo to take out the Netherlands.  If Australia’s Damon Heta shows up and Simon Whitlock maintains his excellent play Croatia goes home.  Look forward to Australia-Belgium quarter.

Love Wales to take it all so they will survive a dangerous Demark.  Taking Canada to outlast Sweden to advance to the quarters.

Results Group A: #5 Belgium wins 4-0 over Finland.  Belgium partners don’t talk or look at each other.  “Following last night’s win at the My Diesel Claim World Cup of Darts, we have sat down to discuss our recent differences.”  “They didn’t sort anything,” said Wayne Mardle.  Finland needed a 4-0 win over China.  Got it.  Belgium needed one leg to move on against China.  Van den Bergh took 68 to advance.  Belgium takes 86 for the 4-3 win. 

Results Group B#6 Germany swamps Hong Kong 4-0.  Hong Kong loses to Japan 4-3 when Tomoya Goto finishes with 1, d1.  #6 Germany overpowers Japan 4-nil as Schindler takes 3 checks including T16.  Looks to draw. 

Results Group C#7 Australia feeds grape Kool-Aid to Guyana and wins 4-0.  Despite horrid finishing (11 missed) Gibraltar beat Guyana 4-1.  Australia rolls 4-0 over Gibraltar.  It’s Whitlock’s show as he scores (3-T80’s) and four finishes including T26 to win the 4th leg.  

Results Group D#8 Northern Ireland loses as Frogs jump 4-1.  Northern Ireland bombs Ukraine 4-0.  Northern Ireland needs Ukraine to win vs. France.  France needed just 2 legs.  Got ’em in first 2 wining 4-0.   

Results Group E: #9 Republic of Ireland sinks Thailand 4-1.  Croatia survives 15 doubles and Thailand’s 2 match darts for 4-3 win.  Croatia beats Republic of Ireland 4-1 and advances.    

Results Group F#10 Austria upset 4-2 by Denmark as 24-year-old Benjamin Reus is on fire (114 average, with 4-T80 plus a final leg win with a 116-check).  Mensur Suljovic is super hitting 4 doubles to spank the USA 4-2.  Leonard Gates played well but couldn’t carry van Dongen.  Austria needs a USA win over Denmark by at least 2.  USA wins 4-3 as Gates takes out T17 and T112 but Denmark moves on via legs won.

Results Group G#11 Poland downs Portugal (4-3) as Krzysztof Ratajski shines.  Portugal loses to Lithuania 4-1.  WOW!  Poland wins 4-1.  New World Cup scoring average of 118.10. Krzysztof Kciuk 103-finish in decider.

Results Group H:  #12 Canada 4-2 over India.  Hungary sends India home for Vindaloo and Garlic Nan 4-0.  Canada vs. Hungary in KO match.  Oh Canada wins 4-1.  Smith checks 93 and Campbell 126 on Bull. 

Results Group I:  #13 Czech Republic downs Singapore (4-2).  Philippines cancels Singapore 4-1.  Philippines need a win against #13 Czech Republic to advance.  Philippines brake for 2-1.  Philippines holds as Christian Perez takes 86 and first bull out.  Perez then takes 4th double for the win to advance.  

Results Group J#14 Spain upset by South Africa 4-2.  Spain must beat Iceland and did 4-2.  South Africa needs just 3 legs against Iceland.  Peterson takes 130 and 68 for legs #2 and #3.   Springbok’s move on to win 4-2.  Peterson tags 3 T80s. 

Results Group K#15 Latvia, down 0-2, takes 4 on the trot against New Zealand and wins 4-2.  New Zealand wins 4-1 despite missing 13 doubles.  Latvia needs a win against Bahrain or a loss by 3.  No way Jose.  Latvia wins 4-2 but Bahrain’s Basem Mahmood is brilliant.  

Results Group L:  #16 Switzerland falls to Italy (4-3) and faces Sweden next.   Sweden beats Switzerland 4-3.  Winner of Sweden vs. Italy to Sweet 16.  Sweden breaks back to level at 2, then trail 3-2, then level at 3.  Sweden wins when Oskar Lukasiak takes 103 for 16 spot.

Rodney Dangerfield: “I came from a big family with 7 brothers and sisters.  I didn’t know what it was to sleep alone until I got married.”

Let the fun begin.

Stay thirsty my friends.


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