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Column #HR156 Las Vegas or BUST – What time’s the Women’s Singles?

Friday, January 15, 2016
Column HR156
Las Vegas or BUST – What time’s the Women’s Singles?

On December 23, 1776, Thomas Payne wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls”.

For many, Payne’s words still resonate today.  It’s neither a left or right issue. It’s a people issue.  There’s a populace that resides on its backside as their constitutional and God-given personal rights are being usurped, ignored and denied with nary a whimper.  The will to stand up for what one believes or take action is a non-starter unless accepted as politically correct.

Recently in New York, a person (identified as Rachel Burros) making the transition to female, however still with their “original factory equipment,” demanded that the Dart Players of New York (DPNY) allow him to enter the women’s events, or be sued.  Mr. Burros did play in the  Long Island Open in a women’s event, reportedly after showing a driver’s license to “someone with the ADO.”  Burros was assured entrance in women’s events at the Las Vegas Open on January 22-24.

Whether Burros was singing the Shania Twain hit “Feel Like a Women” is unknown.  The song is heard in every cabaret show – code for ladyman show – in Thailand. Transgenders or ladymen are referred to in the Thai press as “women of the second category”.

The DPNY canceled the ladies event singing “You’re Still the One,” another Twain hit.

The matter raised the ire of Dart Discussion Group (DDG) regular, Ted Northrop. It’s east to raise the ire of the righteous.

In this given situation (NYDP) it is not clear that the woman even had an opportunity to complain. It appears to be a unilateral decision by Mr. Eugenia… in light of what he perceived to be a legal threat if the individual was not allowed to enter based on being accepted as a female listed on her driver’s license and under ADO rules and BDO rules she is allowed to compete as a woman.  In this given situation… it is not clear that the woman even had an opportunity to complain.  

It is Mr. Eugenia’s event.  He can do what he damn well pleases. It was not a “perceived” legal threat.  It WAS a legal threat.  Mr. Northrup is 100% wrong – there are no printed rules in the ADO, BDO or WDF that define “what is a woman for competition sake.”

The only sports authority with any definition is the International Olympic Committee.

Their rules state that women who have levels of testosterone that are equal to a man will be prohibited from competing in the Olympic Games against other women and a transgender, male to female, must have had two years of hormone therapy and have undergone reconstructed genital surgery.

It is interesting to note that the Las Vegas Open, run by two former ADO executives (Laurett Meddis and Buddy Bartoletta), a few years ago added a caveat to their LV Open flyer…

Random drug testing could occur in any darts event, as required by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

One women darter suggested this addition was to coincide with Olympic rules in the hopes of darts becoming an Olympic event.  “Then why would they not follow Olympic rules in regard to gender?” she posited.

Under Olympic rules, a “chick with a stick “ is still a dude.

Another women darter asks, “Is a man suffering from prostate cancer and receiving the same hormone therapy as a transgender male to female… qualify to play with the women?”

This same lady also states, “If I were playing and this was occurring (a ‘second category’ women playing a women’s event), I would be hiring an attorney.” A case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

One of American’s top women dart players, Ms. Brenda Roush, posted her feelings.

I support women dart players and for me that includes transgender women. I have been very saddened lately to see some very mean spirited and ugly things posted by women dart players about other women dart players.  When we are looking for solutions to further and promote women’s darts, we will often have different opinions about how to do that.  Debating different ideas is a good thing, and there is no need to take things into personal attacks on other people.  Being respectful of others doesn’t hurt your position, it actually helps it.

The term transgender encompasses a wide field. “Transgender is an umbrella term that includes trans men and trans women with binary gender, and may include bigender, pangender, third-gender and cross-dressers.”

Good for Ms. Roush although one might ask, What does “support for women dart players” mean? Does that support extend to women dart players who don’t believe as Ms. Roush does, who espouse a different philosophy?  Would these women be supported if they expressed their desire not to play against transgender people?  How might these women darters be treated if they looked askance at same-sex marriage, supported the rights of the unborn fetus or read the Bible?

History finds that many who wave the Rainbow Flag paint with a 9-inch brush on a one-inch canvas using more than a dab of hypocrisy along with a generous helping of arrogance.

Philosopher Ms. Criss Jami noted, “Hypocrisy versus authenticity among men is not always so black and white, and as is righteousness, humility is often self-proclaimed.”  Relationship author, Ms. Shannon L. Alder, opines that, “The road to arrogance is paved with the love of self.”

Ms. Roush states, “…we are looking for solutions to further and promote women’s darts.” The logical question is, Who is “we”?  At a time where participation in women’s steel tip darts is at an all-time low are “we” suggesting the way to “further and promote women’s darts” is by swelling the ranks with “women of the second category”?

What would be the stance of Ms. Roush if Larry Butler and Darin Young woke up one morning whistling “Feel Like A Women,” wanting to enter the Women’s Singles – and then pair up in the Women’s Doubles?

Toeing the Oche could give a “Sweet Fanny Adams” what decision is made by women who play darts. The events are theirs.  What they do is their decision.  It would be interesting though if a large number of women passed on the Women’s Singles in Las Vegas, took the $25 entry fee downstairs, sat down at a poker machine, ordered a nice white wine and tried their luck.  They’d probably have a better chance of cashing – and the beverage is free.

And there’s the rub. Would Ms. Roush and those of a like mind be respectful and supportive of  those “women darters of the first category” should they pass on the Las Vegas Open in protest against a “chick with a stick” entering?

Would cries of  “You go girl!” ring out through the hall?

Or would it be “Homophobe” and “Bigot”?

One could guess “being respectful” would be put on hold.

You can almost hear Thomas Payne saying, “These are the times that try men’s, women’s and other’s souls.”

Stay thirsty my friends.


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