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Column #HR139 The ODC on the CDC

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Column HR139
The ODC on the CDC

Some think that Toeing the Oche is little more than 1,000-plus words written about a sport that few, if any, care. Adding insult to injury are those who think the Old Dart Coach is an “Air Bag” who can’t be on the downhill side of the hill because he never got to the top of the hill to start with.

The above factual or not, Toeing the Oche IS relevant in today’s world. This column comments on the darting world and those who play.  Need Proof? Toeing the Oche quotes with some regularity a gentleman named Dave Whitcombe, the Sage of Sittingbourne. His latest…

“I’m going to have some tattoos. On me shoulder, maybe down the arm, maybe even ’round me neck. A few tear drops, a couple of hinges, and a swastika. I’ll be a right hard bastard after that lot and no mistake.”

THAT’S relevant.

“Marvelous” Michael van Gerwen owned the first two editions of the Dubai Free Darts Masters. When this year’s event was completed, it was “same old-same old.”  This time out, the “Marvelous One” trailed both Raymond van Barneveld and Adrian Lewis by three legs, coming back to win 10-8 and 11-9. In the final against Phil Taylor, he was down 8-6 and came back with five on the trot for an 11-8 win.

What of Stephan Bunting? In  another slight at the ODC, the PDC has nicknamed him “The Bullet.”  The ODC opted for “Peter Griffin” of Family Guy.  The Bullet crashed out in the opening round, blowing a 9-7 lead then missing three for the match, losing to Adrian Lewis 10-9.

The Championship Darts Circuit kicked off this past weekend in Miamisburg, Ohio.  The event was held over two days with singles only and PDC-type format.  A quick glance at the results reaffirms the fact that darts is an “any given day” sport. One the first day, Larry “The Eagle” Butler got a comeuppance when he got eliminated by a gentleman named Geoff Miller 5-2. Butler, one of the more honest people, posted  afterwards, “Although my conversion from Bullshooter 30 to steel tip resulted in a crash and burn on Saturday, (it was) due in no small part to Geoff Miller’s140s, 180s, and his unwillingness to miss a double.”

Who?  That would be Geoff Miller from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Geoff was part of “Team Pickled Pig” that traveled to Ohio. Miller would make it to the round of 16 before losing to former PDC player Gary Mawson (5-1).  John Part would take Day 1, never being pressed after he won his round of 8 match beating fellow Canadian great Bob Sinnaeve (6-5). Part then took out Darin Young (6-2) and DJ Sayre (6-2) in the final.

Day 2 was a great example of “from hamburger to filet mignon,” at least in the case of Larry Butler. He was in tough company from the round of 8 on when he squeezed by Ralph McCool (5-4). Then came the always good Roger Carter and a 6-5 win. Butler took out David Fatum in the semis before defeating D.J, Sayre in the final.

It’s possible that with more than 64 entries this CDC event will be the Start of Something Big.

Somewhat easy to lose sight of is that three ladies – Cali West, Corrine Stockton, and Robin Curry – put on their big boy shoes and competed against the males.  West had the best run, making it to the round of 16 before losing to Roger Carter. Curry made the second round while Stockton gets “kudos” for being there.  Way to go, ladies.

Alex Spellman posted an “unofficial” points list from the first event.  D.J. Sayre leads all players with 24 points, while John Part trails by two points, with Larry Butler at 19. All are on the ODC’s  Fantasy League team and probably everybody else’s. Word is the Fantasy League standing will be posted by Dartoid himself no later than Monday.

The guys at the CDC and the players now have a chance to keep this momentum going.

Mr. D. Brook of Patong Beach, Thailand emailed in regarding the brouhaha taking place in international soccer. “The FIFA nonsense has degenerated into farce. Does Dictator (Sepp) Blatter remind you of certain individuals in the history of darts?”

The headline blared: “FIFA Rids Itself of Blatter Infection.”

Blatter resigned just days after being re-elected.

Boy, talk about having 32 and three darts – this is a “no-brainer.”  The difference between the FIFA and darts is there’s no money in darts, just power to boost already overinflated egos. The gentlemen in England, with a big assist from the Yanks, revolted against King Olly Croft and the BDO. They jeopardized everything. They struggled, but that effort resulted in the PDC.

Charles E. Weller, a typing instructor,  invented a practice sentence for his students. With apologies to Mr. Weller, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their sport.”

Now is the time for North American darters to take back the sport from a handful of individuals that have only their own best interest at heart. Excluded from this description of the ADO is Steve Brown.

The ADO built its dynasty when it was the only game in town. Now they’re just minor players with machine darts holding all the cards.

The CDC and the 64-plus entrance to the first event is a great start.  Join together at the next CDC event (Ypsilanti, Michigan – June 20-21) and inform the ADO and all “ADO-sanctioned tournaments that, beginning in 2016, you will enter no tournament that charges a singles surcharge for the ADO, WDF or Youth Fund.  Furthermore, refuse to enter the singles at any event that offers WDF or BDO points.

With the CDC as a jumping off point players now have the ability to take control of the sport. The CDC is based on a format that lends itself to TV. With marketing director David Irete and his knowledge of television production, it should “duck soup” for him to find a representative to sell the CDC to a sponsor and TV.

Take 64 players out of any tournament and that tournament has financial problems.  The only card the ADO has left to play is: “We give you a chance to play for your country.”  In 1775, Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

The auto industry is recalling auto “air bags” due to the chemical contained in them. How long before Facebook does the same thing for the same reason?

Stay thirsty my friends.


  • Howie Reed

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