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Column #350 Sponsor a Professional Darts Player!

Friday, February 20, 2009
Column 350
Sponsor a Professional Darts Player!

Much like the little ditties I’ve popped out for the past fifteen years, there are certain darts website forums that are just not relevant. But I won’t mention SEWA.

There is however, one forum, now five-years-old, that has been on the cutting-edge since its founding and which continues to set the standard. That forum, of course, is Andy Fairclough’s Superstars of Darts.

In recent days, creative forum participants have offered up a concept worthy of note and as certain to succeed as it is to make a major mark on the professional darts scene.

While still in the early stages of development with key details still being hammered out, in principle the idea is both simple and exciting. Input – exclusively positive – via posts to those who offered up the concept is coming in at a lightening pace.

The proposal is to create a fund to sponsor an aspiring professional darts player – to cover a player’s expenses to compete on the circuit without worry.

The decision as to who that player will be will be determined by a vote of those who purchase shares at a cost of twenty-five Pounds Sterling each. Almost certainly the player selected, besides, of course, needing to be quality, will be required to be a participating member of the Superstars of Darts forum.

The more shares one purchases the more voting power one will have.

In three short days, almost fifty people have pledged their support, several for significantly more than the minimum investment.

Just yesterday, the organizers received word from the Professional Darts Player’s Association’s (PDPA) Alan Warriner-Little that the PDPA was willing to act as caretakers of the sponsorship funds.

So, if you care about darts – and what is actually relevant today in our sport – I can’t encourage you strongly enough, wherever you are in the world, to click to the Superstars of Darts thread concerning this venture, bring yourself up-to-date, contribute to the discussion and development of the idea, and join with others to help build the fund.

Of course, if you’re not currently a member of the forum but are a competitor who has the potential to make it big on the circuit but are just short of the funds to travel the circuit week in and out you would be well advised to join the forum immediately.

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