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Column #HR455 NOT AGAIN?

Thursday, May 23, 2024
Column HR455

At times when preparing these award-winning efforts, the Old Dart Coach likes to do a little cheating. He’ll come up with a headline, then hope the PDC follows his lead.  That’s a great idea that usually finds the ODC flat on his keister. The original headline was “Yes Again” that would refer to the Lukes ruling the PDC roost. Then came: “For yet another time before half a year has passed the PDC was a replay of the Lukes’ World.”

He seemed on firm ground after Luke “The Elder” swept to a Premier League win with a 6-5 win over Michael van Gerwen. For those keeping score, Humphries extended the Premier League Lukes’ victories to three in a row.

That brilliant headline was derailed when the ODC rode (prone) in a long yellow and red vehicle on his way to a four-day “vacation” at a local resort that provides a bed, below average food, ladies in blue uniforms who constantly awaken “guests” to take a variety of pills after being told to “get some rest.”

The penultimate night of the Premier League had little excitement apart from the battle between Nathan Aspinall and Michael Smith for the final spot in the playoffs this Thursday (tonight) – which sone refer to as “Friday Eve.”  With the top three spots locked in, Aspinall and Smith battled to see who would face Luke Littler in round one.

It also marked probably the last time Peter Wright will be seen in the Premier League.  For the second year in a row, he’s finished bottom of the table. That and some comments about retirement by Wright will end an era of an honestly refreshing player who loves the game as much as fans love him.

Aspinall and Smith, who were seen frolicking in Vegas a few weeks ago, faced off with the winner making the playoffs – thus assuring themselves of an extra £10,000 in playoff money.  The pair had previously met 5 times in Premier League play this year with Smith holding a 3-2 advantage.

Smith and Aspinall both held service to stay even after 6 legs. Then Michael Smith showed his world championship era form, holding to take a 4-3 lead with a nifty 12-darter thanks to a T36 check of T20, T20, d8. The hold of serve is normal but then breaking is sometimes a toe kicking the coffee table occurrence. Not this time – as Smith took out a stylish T32 with 50, 50, d16. Oh yes, he also won the night.

Next up for the Premier League are the playoffs at the O2 in London for the big money.  PDC commentator Chris Mason made a rather silly comment some time ago that he didn’t consider the Premier League as anything special.  The money available would shout “Nay!  Nay!”  The two first round losers pocket £85,000 ($107,951) as the finals pay £275,000 ($349,253) to the winner and £125,000 ($158,751) to the runner-up.  That’s not exactly chump change and not bad for 16 night’s work. The Lukes won 8 of the 16 Premier League nights and added £40,000 to their year’s earrings.  Each won 4.

The two Lukes, both rookies, are favored as they finished one and two in the standings.  If Michael Smith can retain his form from his Aspinall win, he could give Luke Littler all he can handle in the first round. The flea on the dog is Michael van Gerwen who meets Luke Humphries. MvG seems to rise to the occasion more times than not.

Still, the ODC is calling for an all-Luke final with Luke winning. Never wrong – often questioned. Not this time.

The CDC took center stage in the Colonies this week with events #1 and #2. The popularity of the CDC seems to be growing, if judged by the number of entries. The duel events drew more than 100+ entries each.

Leonard Gates and David Cammeron each walked away with wins. Cameron along with fellow Maple Leafer Matt Campbell will represent “Oh Canada” in the upcoming PDC World Cup.  But the real winner over the weekend was the CDC.

The ODC has fond memories of the Oregon Open as he spent many a year making the trip from Northern California to the Rose City (many stories, some even printable).

Congratulations to “Sweet” Sally Kelly as she successfully defended her WDF Oregon Open singles title.  Kelly, besides be a quality darts player, gives back to the game.  She will again be a major sponsor for the Stacy Bromberg Senior Open and Reunion to be held January 17th, 2025, in Las Vegas. Ms. Kelly is making her mark in the darting world.

Paul Lim has been called a legend.  He is.  His career that’s still going strong after over half a century.  While his career has been highlighted by great darts, more importantly has been his personal deportment. If you looked up “class” in the dictionary there would be a picture of Pail Lim.

Paul and his “not brother” Harith Lim will be representing Singapore in this year’s PDC World Cup. They emerged from an Asian Qualifier last weekend in Malaysia.  Nine nations competed for 3 spots. Singapore defeated South Korea (4-3), India (4-1), Malaysia (4-0) and Thailand (5-3) to send the Lims back for yet another World Cup.  Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia will be in Frankfurt for the mid-summer classic.

A quote on Lim from a dart publication reads: “Here are three certainties in life: you die, you have to pay taxes and the duo of Paul and Harith Lim competing on behalf of Singapore at the World Cup of Darts. They qualified for the country’s 10th PDC World Cup.”

The PDC World Cup is scheduled June 27-30 in Frankfurt, Germany. Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton are the defending champs.

The situation of “Feel Like a Women” playing in women’s events will continue to be an ongoing problem.  At its recent ADO Bored meeting the ADO stated that: “The Board confirmed that the ADO will adhere to the WDF policy on transgender athletes.”  Whatever that means.

The reporter Phil Barrs, who reported that “The Queen” Deta Headman faked an illness so as not to play against a tranny Dutch player has been proven wrong.  The Sultan of Sittingbourne posted: “Didn’t realize Phil Barrs made up falsehoods about a Dutch female player as well as Deta Hedman. Nothing worse than a journalist who either lies or makes things up.  I hope his integrity is seen for what it is…”


Bye the bye Barrs’ source for his false story was none other than said Dutch player Noa-Lynn van Leuven!

Stay thirsty my friends.



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