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Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Column HR389

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This first installment in a two-part series by the Old Dart Coach, Howie Reed, exposes the ADO for what it is.  The ADO trashed the efforts of the ODC and the Reunion Committee to stage a proper Golden Age Darter’s Reunion.  They bullied with lies, innuendo and character assassination to achieve their goal.  Darts in America needs to bid the ADO good-bye and good riddance.]

He who dares to not offend cannot be honest – Thomas Payne (American philosopher, political theorist, and revolutionary).

The American Darts Organization with their infantile and destructive behavior has used lies and innuendo to stifle if not smote the first Golden Age Darters’ Reunion.  At all times The Reunion was a work in progress with the aim of creating opportunities to provide a little bit of everything that made the Golden Age experience unique.

November 6 was a pleasant Sunday, as the Old Dart Coach (aka Howie Reed) was watching the Bills and Chiefs on TV.  The phone rang…


Howie Reed, this is Matt Stoner, Vice President of the ADO.  (The pronouncement brought forth the image of a bandy rooster with his chest puffed out asserting dominance in an empty barnyard.)

Stoner: So, you, Howie Reed, are attempting to run a tournament at the only tournament the ADO runs?   

The ODC: Yes, but…

Stoner: I’m asking the question here.  Unless you apologize for your bashing of the ADO and the money you have cost them the ADO will not allow any events in the venue.  We will print a statement.

Never apologize for something you didn’t do.  (Howie Reed – 2022).

Let’s take a break in the action here…

In 40 years of covering darts never has anything written by the ODC about the ADO been proven false.  The ODC cost the ADO money?  The ADO sued the ODC, and he defended himself.  The truth is the ADO cost the ODC money!  But this in no whine zone – just facts.

Within less than an hour of the phone conversation, the ADO published a statement on their Facebook page, and now at their website (slightly but not materially edited below)…

How delighted that so many of the older players planned on attending, as it’s always great to relive the good old days.  We agreed to free up some space and a few tables for them.  We could make some boards available on Saturday night for them to stage a Blind Draw.  Again, we agreed.  Then, we heard that they were planning a full, multi-event tournament – while the Las Vegas Open was in progress.  

The Blind Draw idea was just that – an idea.  A full, multi-event tournament is either a concocted figment of Stoner’s libelous imagination or a Porky.  Sponsorship was offered by Sally Kelly.  The darting event was to be named for her late husband (and great player): The Dave Kelly Memorial Senior Open.  The Blind Draw was envisaged to became singles with women 50+ and men 60+ to be eligible.  There would be no entry fee with plaques for the winners bearing a likeness of Kelly (designed by Doit Miller and fully paid for).  The idea was for every entrant to receive some sort of memento.  Two singles to be held late on Saturday night can hardly be described as a multi-event tournament.

Stoner: Next, we heard that Reunion “representatives” (it was the ODC) had contacted the Tuscany hotel in order to acquire an extra meeting room or two.  We wouldn’t have any issues with that, except that they claimed to be from “the ADO”, and obviously expected the ADO to foot the bill!

Bald-faced lies!

Again, the “representatives” and “they” was the ODC.  He would rather be called a demoRAT than be associated with the ADO.

The ODC called to rent a meeting room for Friday night.  Informed it required a $5,800 bar guarantee, the ODC asked how much it would be to just rent a meeting room (we would use the ADO bar).  A call back from reservation person, Marcius (spelling may be wrong), was promised but never came.  The accusation by Stoner that the Reunion wanted the ADO to pay for anything is constructed from whole cloth.

Now for the big “finish” from Stoner and, hence, the Reunion (emphasis added)…

There is no way we can allow an independent group (to) jeopardize the smooth running of an established world-ranked tournament!  Furthermore, we certainly will not allow them to procure ADO members’ funds for their own use.  Therefore, it is with great regret that we have to withdraw our initial offer of room, tables and dartboards for the use of the Reunion.

Wow!  That’s a lot of alfalfa piled up there after a trip through a bull’s digestive system.  To even attempt to respond would be akin to eating a Tomahawk steak one bite at a time.  Nevertheless…

…jeopardize the smooth running of an established world-ranked tournament…  

Seriously?  There were about 60 boards at the tournament in 2022 with 72 mixed trips teams.  After the first full round only 32 boards were necessary.  How on Earth would the Reunion, using 7 or 8 boards, jeopardize smooth running?

…will not allow them to procure ADO members’ funds for their own use.  

Bull-doody on steroids!

At NO time did the Reunion ask for a single dime of ADO money for anything.  It would be juvenile to sing “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”  But fun.

With the Las Vegas Open venue removed from the equation the ODC contacted Senior Open sponsor Sally Kelly about her sponsorship.  “I’m with you”, she wrote.

The ODC found a Las Vegas dart bar (CD’s) for Friday, January 20, to combine all the contemplated Reunion activities on one night.  Within days of notifying the Reunion Committee, Sally Kelly informed the ODC that she was withdrawing her sponsorship.

A few days later came the following from Sally Kelly:  I had a conversation with Matt Stoner last weekend.  Our original intent was to all gather and see each other again.  Matt supports that and will have tables blocked off for us.  He also said he would make sure we could get a group pic in front of the finals board if we like.  

Be still, my beating heart.

That prompted an email by the ODC to the Committee he formed letting them know he was leaving the group…

I end my association with the Darters of the Golden Age.  I’m disgusted with the Committee members that failed to come forward to defend me against (the) scurrilous public statement by the ADO.  This character assassination (was) launched while I was trying to help Seniors.  Each of you had your own reason for your non-action.  You didn’t want to get involved.  I love the statement: “Howie can’t get along with the ADO…”.  I haven’t talked to anyone in the ADO for 30 years.  The ADO was the problem.  You’ve stolen my reputation and now by bowing to the ADO you’ve stolen my idea.   

To this day, only one member of the Committee has communicated with the ODC.

Is the Reunion dead?  To be determined Friday and in the days and weeks to come.

From a full program of potential events the Reunion has become a disorganized “let’s meet at 6:00 and talk” non-event afterthought for a few old players – and yet another ADO-inspired slap in the face to darters, this time to those that paved the way.

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow, in true Paul Harvey fashion, “The Rest of the Story.”

Stay thirsty my friends.


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