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Column #HR345 “The WDF is the ADO’s boss!”

Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Column HR345
“The WDF is the ADO’s boss.”


Those words are found on the ADO website in an opus by Director of Operations Steve Brown.  It presents supposition that the reader is asked to accept as incontrovertible truths.  Goebbels school of propaganda on display.

“The Oregon Open will not only be run according to ADO rules, but to WDF rules also.  This seems to confuse a lot of people.  Many ask why we should be having to abide by rules of a different body?  The thing that many don’t get is that the WDF is the ADO’s boss!”  That statement – setting out the ADO as subservient to the WDF – should shock all American darters and cause the ADO founders to spin in their graves.

Steve Brown is a good guy, a hard worker and dedicated.   But if he believes this, he doesn’t understand his responsibility to American players.

The Portland Area Dart Association faced a problem with dwindling numbers for the Oregon Open.  The idea – a “solution” – arose (possibly planted by an uninformed someone) that WDF ranking points would increase attendance.

It was taken as the gospel as if written on a table from on high.

There is no evidence that WDF points increase attendance for tournaments in the USA.  Did attendance increase?  “No, not over all.  There were a few more big-time players.  That’s all.  Locals don’t come around much either.  The Oregon Open is probably about done for.” 

The Oregon Open has a special place in the ODC’s heart.  It was his first travel tournament – held at Portland’s Masonic Hall and the Paramount Heathman Hotel, the ODC had high expectations.

Freddy DuBois brought a bus load of darters and reserved one hotel room just for beer.

The ODC’s first blind draw matched him with unknown lady named Linda.  At the board she asked, “Are you Howie Reed?”  “Yes.”  “Oh, you have to bring your own darts?”

The next year, pure coincidence, the ODC again drew Linda.  “I bought my own darts,” she proudly announced.  After three of her practice darts, he asked, “Why?”

The next year, the ODC declined to enter the blind draw.  He still drew Linda.  The late tournament director Roger Crystal denied shenanigans with a smile.

Brown continues, “WDF stands for “World Darts Federation.”  The term “World” is an indicator of the fact that the WDF is actually the world’s official governing body for steel-tip darts.”  Talk about drinking the Grape Kool-Aid at Jonestown.  This is fiction, not fact.

There’s no “official governing body” for steel-tip either in the world or in the USA.  This “fact” is made of nothing more than the “cloth” from a sow’s posterior.

No sensible argument can be made that the WDF is more powerful than the PDC.  In the USA the CDC and USSDA are on the rise as they nip at the ADO’s heels.

Ask any dart player who’s the world champion?  The answer will be Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor or Peter Wright nary a mention of Neil Duff.

Brown’s logic is questionable, at best.  “The American Darts Organization is the official governing body for steel-tip darts in the US – as recognized by the WDF, of whom the ADO is a member.”  The WDF bestows upon itself the title “world official governing body” then anoints the ADO as the “official governing body in the USA.”  Sure.

Steve Brown’s responsibility is to help rebuild the ADO after lockdowns and lack of leadership have decimated the ranks.  He and the ADO owe no allegiance to the WDF, nor should they shill on their behalf.

Darts fans have memories that bring smiles.  For instance, the comeback of Ronnie Baxter against the ODC in New Orleans.  Baxter smiles.

Add another to the ODC’s list.  The final night of full Premier League play, we saw Joe Cullen vs. Peter Wright for 4th place. Head to head for £10,000, a place in the finals on June 13 in Berlin and £275,000 to the winner.  Wright had been secure in the top four throughout the season only to be regulated to 5th after losing to Cullen 6-1 in week 15.

The always resplendent John McDonald introduced Wright, rolling the “R” with the ease of a ladyboy rolling a drunk on Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand.  The scenario was scripted by the Dart God, who takes pleasure in promising a pony but delivering, well, never mind…

Cullen threw first.  The players held thru 8 legs, level at 4.  Along the way, Wright would avert losses when Cullen missed a bull on a 126 (getting ½ bull) by whacking out 116, then held in 11 darts making it level again.

The ninth leg was the decider as Wright needed to hold all his throws, then break to win.  Cullen’s hold effort was strong with T20, T80, 96 – leaving 105 after 9.  Wright applied pressure with T40, T80, T45 – leaving 36 after 9.  But Cullen broke Wright’s effort to hold and his spirit with the 105-check (19, t18, d16 – done with the cool of an ex-mother-n law’s stare.

The 10th leg produced two of the best approach shots of the match.  Wright, throwing first, used 133 to leave 24 after Cullen tallied 134 to leave 49.  A 17 and d16 sends Cullen to the playoffs where he’ll face Jonny Clayton.  James Wade and Michael van Gerwen will meet in the other semi in Berlin.

This weekend, June 3-4, the PDC makes their annual visit to the Colonies for the US Darts Masters where eight PDC players will face 8 from Norte America…

On Saturday afternoon, the North Americans will vie for their championship.   Danny Baggish will try to repeat his victory over Jeff Smith of 2019.  Canada’s David Cameron is coming in with a head of steam after his 6-2 victory over Phil Taylor in the Senior Masters.  Cameron was 33-1 to win collecting £10,000 for the win,

North America Team

Jeff Smith, Matt Campbell, David Cameron, Danny Baggish, Jules van Dongen Leonard Gates, Doug Boehm and Danny Lauby Jr.

PDC Team

Peter Wright, Gerwyn Price, Michael van Gerwen, Fallon Sherrock, James Wade, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson and Jonny Clayton.

As the PDC is invading New York, England’s longest serving Queen will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee marking her service to the people of the United Kingdom – 70 years on the throne.

Those of us that eat at Taco Bell know the experience.

Stay thirsty my friends.



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