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Column #HR311 Japan lights up the stage.  Seeds don’t, but advance.

Friday, September 10, 2021
Column HR311
Japan lights up the stage.  Seeds don’t, but advance.

Another GREAT day with the World Cup – and beer!

One of the stupider statements came from announcer Stuart Pike.  “Darts is becoming popular in Japan.”  Machine darts is BIG in Japan, steel darts not so much.  The Japanese duo were both machine players. 

Japan – 5, Russia – 1 

WOW.  Yoshihisa Baba hit a double to take the first leg, then 3 more along the way including the final one.  The Japanese pair danced to victory.  Tour card holder, Russia’s Boris Koltsov, was okay but okay wasn’t good enough.  His partner had a face that would brighten a room by leaving.   

South Africa – 5, Spain – 4

Forget Houdini – South Africa escaped when the Spanish pair of Noguera & Jose Justicia missed 10 darts to go up 3-0.  “Dancing” Devon wasn’t dancing until then, as Spain had a boot in his backside.  Peterson’s partner, Carl Gabriel, hit the winning double.  Spain’s Noguera had one match dart.  He stepped away from the line, took a drink of water, talked to his partner and missed.  Hello “Choke City!”

Portugal – 5, Republic of Ireland – 4 

Jose de Sousa, the Special One, wasn’t too special to start, neither was his partner Jose Marques.  Down 3-1, Portugal used 14 and 15 darts to draw level at 3.  The Republic of Ireland wilted after a good start and never recovered.  A disappointing trip for RI William O’Conner.

Austria – 5, Philippines – 1 

Mensur Suljovic, in new-look glasses, powered Austria to the win, coming from 1-nil down with 4 winning doubles.  Austria started slow as did the Philippines.  Austria got better.  The Philippine didn’t.  Rowby-John helped with scoring.

#5 Northern Ireland – 5, Hong Kong – 4 

With the match level at 3, Hong Kong broke Northern Ireland’s serve for the first time.  With the darts at 4-5, Hong Kong missed a bundle of match darts to give Northern Ireland a chance.  They took it then held for the 5-4 win.

#8 Germany – 5, Canada – 3 

Both teams had slow starts as they traded legs to level at 3.  Then Germany’s Gabriel Clemens caught fire.  He left his partner Max Hopp 48, which Hopp took out “off the board” – 8, 2 x 16.  At 4-4, Hopp took out double tops.

#1 England – 5, Brazil – 2 

England proved that their #1 seed was a mirage.  They would have to improve to be ordinary.  Up 4-3 Dave Chisnall tossed T40 to leave 40 which Wade took out in Wade fashion 20 and 2 x 10.

#4 Belgium – 5, Greece – 2  

The Chocolate & Diamond guys didn’t sparkle – regardless they advanced.  Austria is next.  

Saturday Preview

The format goes from best of 5 doubles to singes, best of 7.  If there’s a tie it’ll be one doubles match, best of 7.

First Session action starts at 8 a.m. EDT (5 a.m. PDT).

Aussie darting star and champion eater Wayne Weening posted, in anticipation of the matchup tomorrow between Australia and the USA: “I’m going to record it, then run it backwards for a tie.” He likes happy endings.   

#2 Wales vs. Lithuania.  Wales is the pick.  Gerwyn Price & Jonny Clayton are both in top form. 

#3Netherlands vs. Singapore.  The boys from the Lions State know that they escaped with a 5-4 win over Gibraltar.  Harith wrote afterwards: “The amount of Hokkien we spoke up there to pump & motivate each other was unbelievable!  We didn’t wanna lose, it was for SINGAPORE!  The people were chanting ‘Singa Singapore, Singapore, Singa Singapore & there’s only 1, Paul Lim!  If it was so easy, anyone could have done it, don’t need the 2 of us!  Thank you for the belief & all the support, it was awesome!”   The crowd would help if the Lims could score and hit a double.  Netherlands is the best so far.  They’ll win. 

#6 Scotland vs. Poland.  Upset alert.  Poland with Krzysztof Ratajski is the wise guy’s pick.  ODC is wise calling for the upset. 

USA vs. Australia: USA makes the second round every other year.  If Danny Lauby plays like he did in round one, they’ll be there again.  USA to advance   

Second Session: 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT)  

#1England vs. South Africa:  The Dancin’ Spring Boks have a chance for the upset with England looking ordinary against Brazil. 

#5 Northern Ireland vs. Portugal:  Take the guys in green, who came to the oche dressed like bums.  Both need to call weight watcher or get pregnancy advice.  They advance. 

#4 Belgium vs. Austria: Could be a wing-dinger.  Belgium will be tested but will advance.

#8 Germany vs. Japan: This one depends on which team holds their bottle.  Japan will prevail if they don’t regress from round 1.  Max Hopp must improve for a German win.  Taking Germany.

Stay thirsty my friends.



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