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Column #HR 276 Peter Wright’s critics should STFU!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Column HR276
Peter Wright’s critics should STFU!

Back when the Old Dart Coach was still waiting to add the word “Old” to his nom de plume he was asked by a lady, “How do you write a column?”  He gave some lager-fueled answer which seemed to satisfy her – a first for the Coach.

Now, as time has passed a more cogent response seems appropriate.  Usually a column begins with an idea, a news story or the editor yelling “Jones (another nom de plume), I need 1,000 words STAT.”  Those columns usually start with nothing and end up in the same place.

There’s a term used when an individual is shamed into admitting a mistake. The person is said to “eat crow.” Today’s column was preceded by one in which the Old Dart Coach confessed to eating crow (medium-well and prepared rotisserie style). It was Hannibal Lector who inspired the addition of fava beans and a cheap Chianti.

In that column the ODC guessed that the PDC dropped the tungsten dart when it failed to invite Japan’s “Miracle” Mikuru Suzuki to their World Championship. In fact, like the recent impeachment trial of the U.S President, he had no facts.

He implied, incorrectly, that Suzuki was the first choice of the PDC and assumed that either she or her sponsor told the PDC to “take a hike” leading to Fallon Sherrock getting the invitation instead. The ODC was wrong hence the resulting and well-deserved crow dinner with the aforementioned fava beans and Chianti accompaniment.

Mikuru Suzuki was indeed included in the 2019-2020 PDC World Championship. She would be a first-round loser to 46-year old James Richardson 3 sets to 2. For her stage play she would receive £7,500 which is a good day’s work.  Suzuki had four darts to take the first set but didn’t convert. She wasted a 151-check. From that point, Richardson went up 2-nil.

Taking 6 of the next 7 legs, Suzuki would level the match at 2.  In the decider, Suzuki missed 2 darts to go two legs up when a 101-check by Richardson forced a “sudden win” leg.  As Suzuki sat on 36 Richardson hit double tops for the win. Commented Suzuki, I was really unlucky but next time I think I will win. Everybody was cheering me on and that made me really happy.

Suzuki went on to win the BDO “Our” World Championship for the second year in a row.

Fallon Sherrock, as we know, advanced to the third round pulling in a cool £25,000. In addition, she was invited to all 6 World Series events and one Premier League event.  Ms. Sherrock played her way into next month’s 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open in Minehead as she bested a field of 204 players. One of her victims was Mikuru Suzuki’s PDC bully James Richardson. Sherrock would take down Stuart White 5-1 in the finals.

In the UK Open Sherrock will be joined by four-time women’s world champion Lisa Ashton (by virtue of her ground-breaking success at PDC Qualifying School last month). Actually, the ground didn’t break but it damn sure moved a bit.

The PDC headline screamed, “Van Gerwen Avenges Wright Defeat.”  So, Michael van Gerwen defeated Peter “Snake Bite” Wright 7-5 on night one of the Premier League. Let that sink in.

Peter Wright won the PDC World Championship by beating Michael van Gerwen 7 sets to 3. For those who love averages van Gerwen averaged 102.88 to Wright’s 102.79. Same, same. It’s the checkout percentages that tell the story – Wright’s 53.33% to MvG’s 40%. They both had 45 opportunities. Wright picked up the Sid Waddell Trophy and £500,000.

Then van Gerwen won night uno of the Premier league and that’s his revenge?

Shirley, you jest!

Maybe now the Peter Wright critics will “STFU” by giving him credit for being the quality dart player he is.

Previously, when Wright would win the critics would find a way to disparage the victory. “Well van Gerwen wasn’t there.”  If his world title didn’t shut them up maybe his follow up win the Ladbrokes Masters will.  On the way to winning Wright demolished Dave Chisnall 10-0 and a now regaining form Gary Anderson 11-7.

Anderson took the first Players Championship of the year with an 8-4 win of Canadian Jeff Smith.  Smith reached the finals with a 6-5 over Peter Wright.

Wright annexed the Masters after Michael Smith squandered three match darts. Wright hit d8 for the title and £60,000.  The Snake’s bite is serious.

Also serious is the inoperable cancer which has stricken Timmy Nicoll. Via a note from his family Timmy, “sent thanks to all those who went to long-time friend Gractia Manning’s Go Fund Me page at to make donations. They are greatly needed for my wife and children. They will be put to good use.”

Mulvaney’s Sport Pub (560 N. Broad St., Fairborn, Ohio) is holding a benefit shoot and raffle on February 29 for Timmy. The entry fee for the darts is $10 dollars with $5 going directly to the Nicoll family.  In addition, there’ll be a $2 mystery out with the caveat being you must be present to win.

Russ Lopez, who assists with this column, has made dart donations for the raffle. He and the ODC encourage others to donate dart related articles. They can be mailed to 780 Ogden Road, Willington, Ohio 45177.

Darters stick together, pitching in when a member of their society is in serious trouble. Timmy Nicoll is both a Dart Brokers and L-Style flight player. Each entity is supporting Timmy’s family through dart and barrel promotions.  Buy a “Stache” L-Style flight with a portion of the proceeds going to the Timmy Nicoll family. For donations of cash, again, be sure to go longtime friend Gractia Manning’s Go Fund Me page.

The comedy show that’s the BDO continues to entertain the darting world much like Benny Hill did many years ago.  Their BDO “Our” World Championship ended on January 12.  The following statement was found, ...the prize money for the BDO World Championships will be paid out on the 30th at the end of this month.

Must mean January, as February, has just 29 days (even in leap year).

Stay thirsty my friends.


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