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Column #544 – It’s ADO Election Time!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017
Column 544
It’s ADO Election Time!!!

Which means nothing.

With just 8 days remaining for those dozen or so people deemed “qualified” by ADO rules to serve as either president or CFO of our nation’s laughing stock of a darts “governing body” to declare their candidacy and then be considered and voted upon by the other dozen or so people deemed “qualified” by ADO rules to vote…

…interest is non-existent.

Nobody gives a shit.

Despite repeated promises to restore credibility and trust, to put the players first, the ADO continues to operate behind closed doors.  The organization is now just 3 months shy of hitting the 15 year mark since it last filed a proper financial report.  It’s been roughly 10 years since the ADO lost it status with the IRS.

“Laughing stock” grossly understates the situation.  It’s truly mindboggling.

Any league that continues to pay dues to the ADO – to fuel its outrageous behavior – is complicit in the harm the organization brings to our sport in America.  Key league board members, tournament directors, team captains and rank and file players should immediately declare their candidacy for ADO president and CFO and then vote to replace those in power.


ADO rules declare 99.9% of these people “not qualified”!

Any elite player who attends ADO-sanctioned tournaments rather than speak out and lead the charge to stop this continued embarrassment can and should do better.  Fair enough – attend and draw your “paychecks” but stand up already, declare your candidacy and vote.


ADO rules declare 99.9% of these people “not qualified too”!

So there your go.  Same old story.  Another turn of the page.

It’s ADO election time.

Which means nothing.

Interest is non-existent.

Nobody gives a shit.

And nobody should.

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