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Column #572 Shoe for Dart, again!

Darts Shoes

Thursday, May 9, 2019
Column 572
Shoe for Dart, again!

Ronnie “Rocket” Baxter, who once demolished me repeatedly one evening at CD’s Lounge in Las Vegas, was recently asked in a Facebook post what type of shoe is best for darts.

His answer: trainers. In American lingo that’s tennis shoes.

This may or may not be correct. Seeing how Baxter is a two-time BDO world championship runner up (1999 and 2000), World Masters runner up (1997), two-time PDC world championship quarter finalist 2002 and 2010), World Matchplay runner-up (1998) and a WHOLE lot more who am I to argue?

On the other hand, the following was once published by Dartoid’s World. It’s an important and in-depth discussion about shoes and darts (and more) and possibly the definitive answer to the question…


Hallo. I just regestered now and this is forst post (so kind please be) it may seem a goofy but it serieus and am wondering what kind of shoe you wear for dart? Where I live in Mesa most of time I practice in the flip-flop (or am barefot) I wear the flip-flop during league to and is comfortable and I like. But (!) I told real shoe are made to be worn in tournament now and I don’t think that just fair. I know that dart have “bad” reputachion a problem about but I really thinks it really about smoke and drunking not clothes at least not the shoe! I wouldn’t feel comfertable in Nike shoe or the fancy shoe. And also, it would be disadvanteous thing to me since the shoe would cause me throw dart from different height than practice. Doesn’t make the sense and not fair to make me or dart player anywheres to wear shoe. I don’t see why? I not spending my money go tournament and losing because I told to wear shoe. What do you do about shoe?


Hola Jose! Welcome to (the Website That Shall Not Be Named).

I think that’s a great question! Personally, I also prefer open-toed sandals or flip-flops. I like the comfortable feeling and with the looseness I can actually adjust my stance slightly without moving my ‘shoe’. Also, I know at least one guy here at (the Website That Shall Not Be Named) that has a carpeted area, and a no-shoes in the house-rule so people play in socks or barefoot – it’s quite comfortable to have your feet in a nice snuggly shag carpet! So, I’m sure many folks practice this way…

Obviously, at a tourney, you should wear some kind of footwear, and I can understand if for safety, they make footwear required – ruling out being barefoot. But I see no reason why a flip-flop style or open toed sandal – like Teva’s – should be banned. I have no idea about the exact ADO rules or such, but lots of others here do! They’ll tell us!


Jose – welcome.

This is a good question and one that we have discussed before a long time ago. I may have even been the one that initiated it, but I remember who turned me onto the best dart shoe I have ever worn. Yes – we all like to wear sneakers, trainers, flip-flops and slippers for that matter, but when playing in tournaments and such, there may be a dress code imposed that shoes be worn.


The ones I recommend are called TredSafe. They are very comfortable – in fact, they are called restaurant worker shoes and are designed for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet. They come in 3 or 4 different styles (only in black, I think). And the best part is, they are about $25.00 – $30.00 and available at WalMart. Check them out.


If this isn’t a trolling, I’d be amazed….


Hello Jose’, welcome to (The Website That Shall Not Be Named).

This is a subject that I personally feel is one of the major steppingstones to getting our sport noticed as not just a bar game. The appearance is the first thing “non-players” see when they walk in a room or a dart hall. I feel that players should be dressed in a resort casual or even business casual manner. This is something that was brought to light to me about a month ago.

A gentleman in our area made a comment that, “whenever you come to play, you are always dressed like you’re ready for business.” This kind of got me thinking… what would you rather see if you were a supporter or sponsor or organizer of darts: a room full of guys wearing shorts, tank tops and sandals or a room of people wearing slacks, collared shirts and dress shoes?

The ADO has a dress code as well as the major European promoters. It adds an air of respectability to the sport. I for one am a great supporter of this measure. Personally, I wear a pair of Michael Toschi “Lorenzo” Oxfords when I play now. They are comfy and have a great angle on the outstep of the shoe. This is great for me where I actually position my foot sideways on the oche. That with a sturdy wooden heal and a smooth leather sole they are the best that I have found for all day shooting. In my humble opinion sandals belong at the beach, not the oche.


Que Pasa Jose. I used to wear work boots but changed to sneakers, since my fiancé/wife hates boots. I wear shoes for the simple fact that I have seen a dart bounce back and hit a guy in the foot who was wearing sandals. I also tell my step kids and their friends that if they are going to play, they have to wear shoes unless they are behind the oche.

I prefer soft leather loafers with comfort soles. Something I could wear all day long and be comfortable in and that looks decent. But then I try to wear collared shirts at tournaments too.


I myself prefer boat shoes for league night… and for tournament play I’ve found Dr Scholl’s black dress shoes to be the most comfortable shoe I ever wore for all day play.


Agreed – Dr. Scholl’s are also one I use (in addition to the TredSafes mentioned earlier).


Dr. Scholls – comfortable and not expensive…


For most tournaments I have black Docker shoes that look nice but are very comfortable. For local events, small tournaments or league I just wear deck shoes or tennis shoes.

At the US Open this year, I complied and wore my dress shoes, as I didn’t have anything else that would have met the PDC dress code. After arriving at 7 a.m., watching all the chairs disappear around 10 a.m., then standing, playing and walking until after midnight, my poor puppies and legs were mush. AND, as it would happen, my right knee has never been the same… I call it Mohegan Knee. I think the shoes and the standing did a major number on me. So, yes, the shoes make a difference.


I hope your wrong about the trolling, but you might be right on. I’m off to search for TredSafe shoes.


No reply, no profile and what appears to be incredibly intentional bad English. I can sniff a troll two threads away.


Forgive my ignorance but what is a troll? What purpose does it serve for the poster? This is the one forum I use on a regular basis (I think I’ve made less than ten posts on Stars of Darts in two years) so I’m completely ignorant to these things.


I occasionally play in sandals/slippers in the comfort of my own home. I don’t like it much because I like the whole shoe to move with my foot. That and I fell off a flip-flop last Christmas and had a sore ankle for months. I like my Airwalk trainers, which are black and very understated.


What purpose does trolling serve? I have no idea, but a troll is someone who posts in such a way to elicit responses just for the sake of argument or instigation. Had this person just stuck to the “what type of shoe” I wouldn’t consider it to be trolling, but the comment about not seeing why he should have to wear shoes at all and paying money to lose blah blah… that’s trolling.

If you go onto the Stars of Darts site and start a BDO/PDC bashing… your trolling. Start a thread about why someone should defect to the PDC… trolling. The person who started this thread could be legitimate, but he says he’s in Mesa and the IP address is Malaysia. No profile, etc.


“Trolling” – wow, you guys are really into this.


You’re so paranoid about someone sabotaging our sacred forums, that you’ll call them out publicly? It seems to me that this hideous cretin (I like this better than ‘troll’) brought up a subject that many find very interesting (at least 10, in fact) and yet some of you keep coming back to read the responses and posting mean things about the new member instead of letting people talk about the subject.

Don’t get me wrong, I would totally defend your right to do so. I believe in (also for lack of a better term) freedom of speech in a public forum, but hey man, we know how you feel. You’re kind of flogging a dead horse. Let people talk about shoes (or lack thereof) if they like.


Do you always greet new users with such open arms. Man, you’re all heart. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re a fine fella, but you should let this go. If you don’t like the post, move on to another or come up with one to steal people away from the new guy, so no one will read his abomination of the English language. I truly believe that (the Website That Shall Not Be Named) will survive this “troll.”


I assure you, I’m not trying to get an argument going here. I’m just posting my opinion like everyone else. To stay on target, I prefer tennis shoes (cross-training, actually), but I do occasionally wear heavy, black, dress-type Sketchers. In my garage, I’ll wear whatever I happen to have on my feet.

Trolling is obviously a fishing term and I’m glad all the replies (except mine) have stuck to the topic of their shoe preference and not risen to the bait on the rest of the post. Like I said I could be wrong and if the guy is legitimate, I’d welcome him with open arms. I’d even apologize for the horrible things I said about him.


Well, of all places, I found my shoes in a golf shop. I kid you not and it seems that golfers know a thing or two about walking comfort. Best shoes I have ever owned. I wear them whenever I play. Black shoes, non-sneaker, were required for the Las Vegas Open and so I went out and found the shoes in a local Las Vegas mall. I don’t recall the name, but they are the most comfortable things I have ever had on my feet.


Hallo again. Does there exist some kind of code for lady shoe too? How about the panties? Have they to be black? I are hoping. Thank you.

May 2019 Double Out Shot: Isabeli Fontana

May 2019 Double Out Shot: Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Fontana

Column #571 Darts in Hiroshima, Japan

Monday, April 29, 2019
Column 571
Darts in Hiroshima, Japan

“I’m a travelin’ man, I’ve made a lot of stops all over the world,” cooed Ricky Nelson in 1961. The song was a massive hit, rising to the top of the charts. Teenage girls swooned. Not widely known is that the tune was written for Sam Cooke, but his manager was not impressed. We all make mistakes.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel, to see a lot of places – Congo, Mongolia, Easter Island, the Okavango Delta – but for some reason girls tend to slap me rather than swoon.

I am often asked where in the world, what experience has been most memorable. It’s long been impossible for me to answer. No longer…

I can now state, unequivocally, that no place I have ever visited (or can envision ever visiting) – except the USS Arizona Memorial, 9/11 Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the Hanoi Hilton and the beaches of Normandy – comes close to the profound impact of walking about Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. And nothing in the Park comes close to the shadows…

As one author described it…

The shadows at Hiroshima are a haunting reminder of the brutality of the bombing that occurred on August 6, 1945, when the US B-29 bomber, Enola Gay, detonated a nuclear weapon on the city, destroying much of the architecture and killing – in many cases, vaporizing – more than 70,000 people instantly. 

The intense heat of the atomic explosion caused what are called nuclear shadows. The blast changed the colors of surfaces like steps, walls, and pavement because of the UV radiation that was emitted. When things that were soon to be vaporized blocked whatever was behind them, they didn’t allow this UV color change to happen.  As a result, outlines of people and objects incinerated in the bombing left haunting shadow imprints behind on such surfaces. 

Hiroshima shadow locations are found throughout the city and are the only “remnants” left of many of the human beings. Those vaporized in the blast left imprints behind – now ensuring the legacy of Hiroshima cannot be forgotten.

There’s so much more, so much gone. 70,000 people, most civilians, died instantly – another 70,000 died from radiation poisoning (the numbers are similar for Nagasaki). There’s a tree that two years after the blast somehow sprouted back to life. The domed Genbaku building, formerly the Products Exhibition Hall, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only structure that was left standing near the bomb’s hypocenter.

I came to throw darts but was unable for hours to mentally pull myself away from the Memorial Park. Today and no doubt forever I am unable to get the shadows out of my head.

Although it felt wrong, I ended up a Bar Bee (4-11 Horikawacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima Asahi Beer Building, Hall 7F) about a half mile from Peace Memorial Park. I needed a drink.

Bar Bee is a national chain, found in many of the major cities and darts (electronic) is among its claims to fame. There is also pool, ping pong and karaoke if you’re not athletic enough to play darts.

Darts is what Bar Bee is known for. There’s a cover: about $5. The cost for a game is 100 Yen (about 90 cents). What happened to quarters? Still, it’s reasonable. The last time I was in Japan a toothbrush cost me $13.

Bar Bee has six electronic boards. There’s neon everywhere. Darts accessories are available for purchase. Shiny silver tables and chairs are situated with a great view of the playing area.

The drink menu is bilingual, and the selection of beer, wine, and liquor is huge. There are more than 20 variations of whiskey. The food menu is only in Japanese but there are photos, so I was able to order something that wasn’t alive.

In short and as another visitor once wrote, “the Bee is a bullseye.”

I am compelled to add that there is one other place I’ve visited – with Stacy Bromberg and Horizon Darts’ Terry Maness – which to this day sometimes still jolts me awake at night. Deep in the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu is a spot where children (the best looking among those who lived there) were prepared for sacrifice. Off to the side is a large stone slab, table-like, where the sacrifices were performed, and blood was drained and then another area where the bodies were set out to “dry” before being dropped off a cliff into a river far below.

Many families disfigured their children so they would not be selected to die.

I cannot fathom the thoughts of these children as they awaited their fate in the holding area.

It’s haunting stuff, all of this, but it brings into sharp perspective the mental health value of escaping life’s trials and tribulations by focusing on nothing but a dartboard, at least for an evening – and the pointlessness of fretting about a missed double (sometimes).

From the Field,


Column #570 Darts near the River Kwai

Monday, April 8, 2019
Column 570
Darts near the River Kwai

If you’re a whistler there are handful of tunes you no doubt have in your repertoire.

While the “top” lists of anything are subjective if you’re a whistler you will agree “The Fishin’ Hole” and “Colonel Bogey March” belong near the apex of any list. More commonly known as the theme song to the Andy Griffith Show and the soundtrack to the Bridge on the River Kwai the tunes are classics, just like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and “Dock of the Bay” – all immediately recognizable even to people who can’t whistle a note.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” My mother once told me if my dad died to pack her in a box and mail her to Crosby. Or maybe it was Frank Sinatra.

I’m a whistler from way back. I can whistle all these tunes, virtually any tune, pitch perfect. For many years, I was even better at the hard hat two-note whistle and getting slapped by members of the female persuasion – just ask Rachel Jacobs from Flint, Michigan. These days the Pound Me Too (is that politically incorrect?) movement frowns on this.

Recently, I had business near Kanchanaburi, Thailand, at a location literally on the banks of the legendary River Kwai. I just had to stop and walk along the famous Burma (now Myanmar) Railway span that connects the tracks between Rangoon (now Yangon) and the former Siam. Of course, I also needed to check out the darts scene in the area.

I was disappointed on both counts.

As to the first, the bridge is fake. The real bridge, the bridge from the movie which the British Film Institute once rated as the 11th best British film of the 20th Century, was constructed for the movie in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) not Thailand. The movie was also shot there. Most of the plot and characters were fictional.

Still, it’s a great flick. It won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture and grossed $12 million in the US in 1958, more than any other film (Peyton Place was second). (For reference, the top grossing movie of all time in the US at almost $937 million is Star Wars – The Force Awakens from 2015. Supposedly John Part has watched this film 306 times, so he deserves some credit for its place on the list.)

Still, to see the not real bridge and softly whistle the “Colonel Bogey March” while milling among hundreds of other probably disappointed tourists was an experience I am pleased to have had, and recommend. And several times the simple whistle that once got me slapped to the floor in high school came in handy. Rachel Jacobs was ahead of her time. Not even Joe Biden would have been safe.

Darts in Kanchanaburi? They suck.

An evening’s bar crawl was unsuccessful, at least it was to the extent I can remember. There is however a little resort nestled in the leafy country outside of Kanchanaburi City called the Thai Garden Inn (74/11 Moo 4, T. Thamakham, A. Muang) that advertises the availability of a board. It sounds like a nice place, a jungle respite with several bungalows and a pool. But I didn’t venture there to be disappointed further, opting instead to bang a couple of holes in my hotel room wall to hang the board I carry with me.

My next stops? Fukushima and then Hiroshima. I know the darts scene is better in Japan and as it happens I also know Kyu Sakomoto’s “Sukiyaki,” another famous whistle song, the top hit on the Billboard 100 in 1961. I don’t understand a word but am pretty sure it’s about darts.

You know it too. Just listen…


From the Field,


April 2019 Double Out Shot: Lucy Mecklenburgh

April 2019 Double Out Shot: Lucy Mecklenburgh

April 2019 Double Out Shot: Lucy Mecklenburgh

March 2019 Double Out Shot: Charlotte McKinney

March Double Out

Column #569 Valentines are Fucked (an inappropriate guest column by Jerry Masterson, age 8, that has nothing to do with darts)

Thursday, February 14, 2019
Column 569
Valentines are Fucked (an inappropriate guest column by Jerry Masterson, age 8, that has nothing to do with darts)

Valentines are fucked!  And while this sentence may be similar in theme to my previous column, “Kissing Girls is Fucked!” – they are both non-debatable points.

I will now relate a story…

There is a boy in my class, Terry Williams.  Big kid, probably retarded.  One day in the cafeteria he goes up to Sandy Kennington and says, “Sandy, do you know how to scare a bee?”  And Sandy says, “No… how?”  So, Terry pinches each of her titties and yells, “BOO BEE!”

Funny, right?  Well, it ain’t that funny because not only was Terry suspended for three weeks, but Sandy’s family filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the school district for “sexual harassment.”  It was in all the papers, and for all I know, Terry’s name is now on some “sexual predator” list.

Now you may be saying, “What the fuck!?”  But wait.  I told you so I could tell you this…

Yesterday Mrs. Meyerson tells everybody we’re doing something special for “Valentine’s Day.”  We’re decorating lunch sacks, hanging them on the wall, and on Friday we’re going to exchange Valentines… with the entire class! Okay, all together now…


What is this, some kind of vice squad sting operation?  After what happened to Terry Williams, I’m supposed to give Shirley Roundtree some bullshit Pikachu Valentine that says, “Be Mine?”

Yeah, right.  I do that, and before I know it, Law & Order: SVU is knocking down my door arresting me on charges of “sexual harassment” and some pencil-dick lawyer is soaking my parents of their life savings!

But WAIT!  That’s not all!

Because see… I’m supposed to give Valentines to the BOYS, too!!  Ohhhhh, that’s just fucking great!  So not only am I written up in the papers as a goddamn sexual predator, but now I’m GAY too?

This is just fucking perfect!  Hey!  Look at me everybody!  I’m a big fat eight-year-old sexual predator… and I’m gay.

Look, I don’t know who this “St. Valentine” fruit loop is, but I do know one thing… HE IS FUCKED.  (And this is a non-debatable point).

From the Field,